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ACL Manager is the award winning Joomla extension that will save you a lot of time managing and understanding the Joomla ACL system. Set the permissions easily via the clickable permission grid that provides a great single page overview of all ACL settings across your website.

Discover & fix issues with your Joomla assets (permissions) table you may not even be aware of and even configure the backend access to 3rd party components without basic Joomla ACL support.

★ Clickable permission grid ★
The powerful clickable permission grid allows you to easily manage Joomla permissions of your website. The overview with clear icons helps you to understand the Joomla ACL system easily.

★ Understand Joomla ACL ★
Dozens of permission screens, nested User Groups, inherited permissions... It can be very confusing. Use ACL Manager and you will quickly understand the concept and power of Joomla ACL!

★ Fix issues with your assets table ★
The Joomla assets tables is often messed up by Joomla 1.5 to 2.5 migrations or 3rd party extensions. Easily detect and fix these asset issues in a few clicks via the diagnostic tool of ACL Manager.

★ Basic ACL support for any component ★
With ACL Manager you can set basic ACL permissions for any component. Even when the component does not support Joomla ACL by default. This allows you to set custom backend access to components for your users.

★ Enhanced Joomla ACL ★
A selection of powerful additional ACL features on top of the Joomla ACL system like: Permissions per Module, Show Editable Modules only, Show Editable Articles only and Permissions for the Category Manager.

★ Manage User Group permissions ★
Easily manage User Group permissions via the single page overview with all possible core & 3rd party permissions. The sidebar shows additional information about the group, like all assigned Users.

★ User permission overview ★
User in multiple User Groups with combined permissions of the assigned User Groups? No problem for the ACL Manager! See exactly which actions the selected User can & can't perform on the site.

★ Huge Time Saver ★
Managing the permissions settings for your entire website via a single screen, extended with practical information about the selected User or User Group will save you many hours. ACL Manager is a real time saver!

★ Reset Permissions ★
Easy reset Joomla! permissions for User Groups. Revert the default Joomla! permissions or clear all current permissions.

★ Available in 28 languages ★
ACL Manager is available in Afrikaans, Amharic, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, Farsi, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai & Ukrainian.

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Reviews: 4
I use this for all my client's websites to create the perfect backend user experience. It works beautifully!
Reviews: 1
This is an must have for your Joomla website. The user management can be quit overwhelming to (new) users. This component gives you a great overview of your ACL settings. Also it fixes possible problems in your ACL after installing components or upgrading from previous versions of Joomla.
Reviews: 10
Just being with the default Joomla! 2.5 ACL support is not enough! Just because a lot of JED advertised Joomla! 2.5 READY components have not implemented ACL support, yet and this can be a big nightmare if you need to 'access denied' to an especific 'User Group' some of those NOT YET well upgraded components...
ACL Manager not only gives a good interface through where edit your 'access permissions'...
NOW is adding ACL support by itself even to those wrongly updated components without ACL support integrated.

Even the help and quick answers received from Sander Potjer and his article: deserves an additional 5 stars rating!!

Thanks a lot for all of that and keep-up the good work! :-)
Reviews: 3
I develop a great deal of Joomla sites and I always need to give my clients backend access for one reason or another, but I never want to give them FULL backend access. I have messed around and wasted tons of time with other backend access components and after reading the reviews, I decided to try ACL Manager: HELLO! Finally a backend access component that was easy to use and that made sense!!! I even emailed Support to ask where the "How To Manual" was, but I figured out how to use it in about a minute anyway! In fact, it only took Support 2 minutes to reply to my email! Love this component and Love their Support! Well Done!!
Reviews: 6
This is without a doubt the type of core component that should be included in Joomla! However, this component is absolutely fantastic and works like a charm to keep people away from admin tasks that they shouldn't see.

This is absolutely worth the money you pay for it if you want to have control over who sees what in the backend.

If you are a programmer that needs this kinbd of functionality in the backend then this is the only piece of software you should try. WELL DONE to the developers!
Reviews: 1
Joomla ACL is tough to figure out... for me, difficulties with rearranging custom ACL were resolved with one click. This extension is an absolute essential.
Congratulations Sander.
It's Absolutely Brilliant!
Reviews: 8
Installed on a Joomla 2.5.1 site
I needed to set up back end access for a client and didn't want them to have access beyond the specific module they needed. After spending a couple of hours to understand the maze of Joomla's ACL, I searched and found ACL Manager. I installed v1.2.0.
I had my client's access set up in about 20 minutes. This version of ACL Manager even allowed me to lock them out of extensions that don't support Joomla ACL.
I had a question for the developer, submitted a ticket and got a prompt response. ACL Manager is a brilliant idea, well executed and supported.
Reviews: 3
For most of my website-users 'less is more'. Understanding the backend works best with only the information needed presented. ACL-manager is a great component to help me realize that.
Reviews: 4
Only 5 stars? It should be 10!

Not only does ACL Manager make managing the sometimes complex Joomla! ACL a breeze, the developer (Sander) is amazingly fast and fantastic with his support.

We use Zoo / Widgetkit frequently, and there was an issue with the components not showing up in ACL Manager for basic access control (Yootheme has not built any part of the Joomla! ACL into their component on the administration side, besides access levels per category / item, which is terrible) and Sander replied within 20 minutes of a support ticket asking how to work it out.

So this component is great for three reasons:

1. It gives you a great view of Joomla! ACL and management of ACL

2. It now allows access control on components that don't even support it out of the box!

3. Sander is a swell guy with a keen sense for customer satisfaction.

If you're looking for a great component and satisfaction with that component, then I strongly suggest this one.

Cheers mate!
Reviews: 3
at first it was not one of the best, it was just a shortcut ,,, but now it give access level to all 3d party component, like ohanah event and all component and works fine, the only reason i give 4 of 5 is this component do not support access level for single module, like it do for each single article, however hope it will support such this soon.
Owner's reply

Hi allamq,

Thank you for your review. ACL Manager is using the Joomla core ACL system for the permissions. This means you can set the permissions for the parts that Joomla added ACL. At the moment Joomla only supports permissions for the component "Module Manager", not for each of the modules, so you can't set the permissions for it in ACL Manager.

I am looking into the possibilities to add permission support for modules. Maybe via ACL Manager (not using the Joomla core method) or by contributing code to the Joomla project so you can set the permission per module.

Regards, Sander

Reviews: 3
ACL Manager helped me a great deal in understanding the new ACL. When I had trouble, Sander the developer quickly found and solved the problems due to the migration process. Now, with the 1.2 version, it is even more powerful in making ACL to work with those extensions not yet updated with ACL. Thanks for a most useful extension.
Reviews: 4
Helps a great deal being able to see everything at a glance from enabled, disabled and inherited. Being able to manage it all from one place as well makes life so much easier rather than going to each extension and turning things on and off. Thanks for the great work!
Reviews: 6
This extension makes managing access to ANY item in your Joomla site simple. It is one of the most intuitive extensions I've ever seen published in the JED. Even if you don't have an understanding of access control levels, once you install this extension the concept becomes much clearer. Thank you Sander for your hard work and offering this product for such an affordable price. 10 Euros very well spent!
Reviews: 3
I missed a permission overwiew in Joomla 1.6/1.7 and for me ACL was not easy to understand and needed a lot of reading and experimenting. By chance I found ACL Manager and immediately bought it. It is an excellent extension and very helpful in managing user and group permissions. I can recommend it to everybody not only those having problems with the concept of permissions and access levels. Very smooth installation and very easy to use.
Reviews: 1
Very good extension, does what it says on the tin and well worth the cost to save time and energy. Excellent support, component initially had an error, but was fixed in next to no time by the developer. Well done!
Reviews: 1
Checkout at website and installation of the component went very smooth! Lot's of languages are available and it works like a charm. This was exactly what I needed in Joomla 1.7! Keep up the good work Sander!
Reviews: 3
Am going to keep this short and sweet. There is no better way to understand Joomla ACL with out this component. A MUST have!

Reviews: 40
I can't live without it. Enough said! Thanks for a brilliant piece of coding.
Reviews: 9
We develop dozens of Joomla website and we were thrilled that 1.6/1.7 had built in ACL. The problem we ran in to was trying to explain to our clients how the ACL works. The built in ACL works well but it does take extensive knowledge of how Joomla works to really understand what needs to change and where it needs to change.

Luckily, I happened to stumble across a banner for ACL Manager that caught my eye. What I found when I clicked that banner was nothing short of amazing. This is how ACL should have been done!!! The screens are VERY easy to understand and manage. Simply pick the object you want to see the permissions for and everything is displayed in one clean and intuitive display. Managing the permissions for a site is not a breeze for every the lest technical of our clients. This has earn a spot in our default installation package.

Great work, this is a first class and well don extension. Definitely should be included in the core.
Reviews: 1
After struggling for hours trying work with the Access Control of Joomla 1.7, I cames across the ACL Manager, and it quickly made life easier.

I wanted one user to be able to edit and publish just one article on my site, and the ACL Manager allowed me to quickly see how this could be done.

Its hard to imagine how the overview of the whole access control process can be made visually any clearer. I was also impressed how smoothly and cleanly the features integrated with Joomla.

Sander's level support is exellent. Response was rapid, and I found Sander very willing and generous with his time.
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