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JLSecure My Site Plugin

JLSecure My Site is simple plugin which add key & value requirement to the administrator url.
This will prevent unauthorised visitors to access the admin panel without correct permission.
For example, if you configure the plugin to use key=foo & value=bar, the url for your administrator panel must be:

* You must set this key & value after installation and enable the plug-in just after this initialization.
* The *VALUE* MUST CONTAIN *ONLY* letters and/or numbers: A-Z, a-z, 0-9 (NO SIGNS).
* After logout from administrator panel, you must re-enter the key&value url to re-enter the administrator panel.
* The key & value settings could be change occasionally.
* If you enabled the plugin without any changing of default values try to login with the next link:

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Reviews: 2
Works great in older versions of Joomla, just does not work in the newer ones.
Owner's reply


Please contact our support and we will do our best to solve this issue.

JomLand support team

Reviews: 3
A must-have excellent plugin. Thank you very much !
Reviews: 1
not work in joomla version 3.2.1,

default admin page still can be access, although i have publish and active the plugin.
Owner's reply


Please contact our support and we will do our best to solve this issue.

JomLand support team

Reviews: 3
Easy to install and works like a charm
Reviews: 34
after several log attacks, this plugin has protected my website
Thank you very much
Reviews: 2
Work perfectly and is very easy to install. i recommend use this plugin Kudos!
Reviews: 1
This plugin, besides being free, assures an effective protection against a hostile intervention to the administration panel of a Joomla site. Any Web site should use this plugin. In spite of its extreme easy to install and use, if we meet a problem, the support of this plugin is exemplary and practically immediate.
Thank you so much to the development team.
Reviews: 4
I congratulate you for the excellent plugin and it is easier to use than I invite users to read this comment to a trust to install it very useful and easy and even better than other pay
Reviews: 3
It's very simple and very powerfull plugin. It help me a lot.
Reviews: 2
This is exactly what I am looking for, thanks a lot for giving away the plug-in for free.
Reviews: 2
Thanks to this extension my website is safe from administrator hacks like it was before. Very recommended.
Reviews: 1
it redirect direct to the original site and the hacker see its Joomla site and hack further!
It must be have an option for to redirect to an individual site, like or others! With such option the hackers will bee confused and give up!
Reviews: 2
How could a Joomla site not have this plugin. Everyone knows a Joomla install is as easy as /administrator for the backend. This added level of security is amazing. All of my sites will have this.
Reviews: 4
Good simple solution
Reviews: 12
Easy to install and configure, works like a charm. Has stopped those rampant password hackers dead in their tracks. Thank you very much
Reviews: 8
Kudos to developer! Great plugin, just install it and give your key and value words and login to your Joomla admin with no fuss... Love it!
Reviews: 7
Joomla! makes up 2.6% of ALL the websites in the world and when someone can "see" you have a Joomla! website it is not difficult to access the admin login page. JL Secure My Site is a great first line of defense against would-be hackers or innocent individuals snooping around to confirm that your website is running on Joomla! Well, now it gets a little tougher. Highly recommended plug-in. Very easy to install. I recommend installing via the URL. This is a FREE plugin so when you go to go to the free stuff section and simply copy the link address of the download and insert it into your admin backend Extension/Extensions Manager - Install from URL. The go to the Extensions/Plugin Manager and put in your KEY and VALUE, enable it and you are set!
Reviews: 8
This is a must have plug-in! I've been using this plug-in for more than two years now and my site is well secured!! Thanks guys.
Reviews: 8
Brilliant. Working in 45 second. Now your admin login page not available for public access.
Reviews: 3
As title says, a simple but very effective security measure for the admin login page/address.

Always had a solution like this in mind, but not being a coder myself, I lived without it.
Until I found this very handy plugin :-)

As a secuity measure, IMO it should be part of the J!core.
Hackers cant brute your admin login on address anymore :-)

Thanks to devs for making this a free plug!
Thumbs up.
Owner's reply

Thanks for wonderful reply.
We'll talk to the J!Core team to move this plugin to be part of CMS.

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