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Access manager ComponentPlugin

Set access to as many accesslevels/usergroups as you like (in Joomla you can only select 1 accesslevel). So no more double content.

Access-Manager can set frontend viewing rights to multiple accesslevels / usergroups.

Access-Manager manages access to:
- viewing of content (extending Joomla's viewing access)
- editting of content (extending Joomla ACL)

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Reviews: 33
I understand the free version has a lot of restrictions as to what it actually will work for, but even with the stuff it said it would (such as articles), the multiple select options for Access Levels never appeared. Even when I manually applied settings using the Access Manager component directly, nothing happened. Just can't get it to work!
Owner's reply

Please if you don't understand, read this FAQ: 'Where do I start? I don't understand how to start configuring this.' at . If you still can not get it working, use the forum to get support.

Reviews: 1
It sould be good, but most of the function is limited. It's still more demo.
Owner's reply

You are wrong. This extension is free.

Reviews: 2
Ive used a number of components and have to say they work as expected and as they say it should. Its awesome, but what impressed me the most, was the support. Fast, responsive and probably the best received to date for a joomla component.

Keep it up!!!
Reviews: 1
WOW! This extension is just brilliant. It's super simple to install. It's very powerful and yet very intuitive to use. I wanted to do something a bit different with it and guess what? I actually got fast prompt support from the developer and the issues I had got fixed straight away. Don't consider another extension if you need to control access to articles for different users, this is the one you want.
Reviews: 2
Had used Front-End-Access with 1.5. Now using Access Manager x 4 months with 2.5. Have had zero problems. Does what it says it will do. Using it to control access to our companies intranet site. Great job. For what it does, well worth the modest investment.
Reviews: 5
We use it on a huge web site for different backend access levels. It got a small bug and the support by the developer was excellent. We got a working version within a few days.
Reviews: 3
I was really impressed from the options i've found inside, this is exactly what i need and even the cost for the pro version is fair, BUT, after installation i've discovered that i'd need to shut off any caching 'device' on my site(!), not just the cache plugin (which you should disable anyway, unless your site is super static), but also the global config site cache, and in my case my rockettheme template cache (gantry), and probably jreview's caching devices too.

It's a shame, cause this is a real diamond except for that issue.

I understand that it has to do with the fact the Access-Manager is computing the restriction as a top layer, but I'm guessing that you guys will be able to solve it in the future, and when you do, i'd be glad to purchase your pro version for any of my sites.

Best of luck, keep up the good work
Owner's reply

This issue is solved now. Althou not tested with each and every template out there. If your template has its own (non-Joomla) cache-system, after each change in right, empty the template's cache.

Reviews: 14
Wow! After days of fighting with Joomla's built-in ACL not working right with Akeeba Subscriptions, I remembered Carsten's extensions so though I'd give this one a shot.
Man, what a lifesaver! It integrates perfectly with Akeeba Subs, sets the permissions perfectly and restricts access, just like it's supposed to.
I simply could not be any happier now.

If you need good ACL control beyond what Joomla's can do, and if you want to avoid some headaches, you better grab this jewel! It's just fantastic in every way.

Thank you so much for your hard work, Carsten! I'll be going Pro with Access Manager soon. You rock, buddy!
Reviews: 3
Great extantion!
Easy to use... And has good flexibility for me! Would recommend!
Thank you!
Reviews: 41
After relying so much on two of this other extensions Frontend-user-access and Admin-user-access on a 1.5 site, I was delighted to see this released. You may not appreciate you need this with the ACL in J!2.5, but as Carsten states, in core Joomla you can NOT assign an article to more then 1 access level. With Access Manager, you can!