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Access manager (pro) ComponentPlugin

Set access to as many accesslevels/usergroups as you like (in Joomla you can only select 1 accesslevel). So no more double content workarounds.

Access-Manager can set frontend viewing rights to multiple accesslevels / usergroups.

Access-Manager manages access to:
# viewing of content (extending Joomla's viewing access)
++ articles
++ categories
++ modules
++ components
++ menu-items/pages
++ contacts
++ weblinks
++ parts of content
++ admin menu items

# editting of content (extending Joomla ACL)
++ modules
++ components
++ menuitems
++ plugins

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Reviews: 1
Makes ACL simple, but you will have to study the program a little bit to get a grip on it. If you know ACL well then this will be a good addition to your tools/extensions. Documentation could use some work but luckily the forum is well moderated, good support.
Reviews: 41
We all know there are certain extensions that you simply can't do without and are a standard install on every site build. There are several of NoNumber's extensions (e.g. Advanced Module Manager) that I bet are on most people's list (and if not, why not?!) and I think Access Manager should be on there too. I've got some sympathy for the first reviewer as until you really need this extension, you don't understand why you need this extension! Read Carsten's explanation, however, as it details why this is such an important extension sitting on top of the native ACL. I use this in combination with the superb ACL Manager and also Carsten's Admin Menu Manager (Pro) to have fine control over my backend admin menu too (not just what is visible but totally rearranging the menu how you want it - invaluable). It's worth buying the Pro versions in my opinion - you get updates forever and you can use the extensions on as many sites as you wish.

No - I'm not related to Carsten (!) but I'm a huge, huge fan of his work - it makes life for site builders SO much easier!

Reviews: 1
We upgraded to the pro version so that we could have control over menu items (not possible with core Joomla permissions or the free version). We installed it and it worked really. Exactly what we needed.

We had one problem with another module not behaving when I enabled Access Manager, but I contacted Carsten and he solved the problem within 24 hrs, GREAT support.
Reviews: 6
i voted fair, only because it seems questionable.
In the backend of Joomla i can pick any user and assign them to a group level. It can even be a Special group that i created.
This special group can have access to multiple levels
For example i can create a group called "Special Access"
and set this group to match the access of
Registered , Author, Manager.
All at the same time
or any other configuration i choose. Then just assign specific users to this group so why do we need this tool?
Owner's reply

Please read this FAQ:

1. so you can set rights on groups instead of levels.
2. so you can reverse rights (selection has NO access)

3. Because in Joomla you can still only assign access to only ONE accesslevel per article/module/menu-item/etc. not multiple. You can create custom accesslevels, sure, but its a nightmare for schools and universities where the users are students and the groups are the courses they take. If there are 20 courses and each student takes on avarage 5 courses you need to make access-levels for EACH COMBINATION of groups. 1-2, 1-3, 1-4 etc. 2-3, 2-4, 2-5 etc. 1-2-3, 1-2-4, 1-2-5 etc. You get the picture, that is 100+ accesslevels, that is totally unworkable. And you would still need double content, which is a nightmare for administrators and users.
In Access-Manager you can set access to as many groups (or levels) as you like. So in the above case you would need only 20 groups.

4. To do ACL stuff that is not in the Joomla core (yet).

5. Access-Manager can set custom actions if the user has no access.

6. Joomla usergroups ALWAYS inherit rights, which can be a pain in the rear, in Access-Manager groups don't inherit, so you are in control.