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AntiCopy Plugin

This award winning plugin restricts framing whole site, printing web page and copying page contents by disabling the right click, highlight and copy functions using javascript.

It supports cross browser. Antiselect and Anticopy functions are not perfect for Opera. Because Opera doesn't support important javascript events: oncopy, onselect etc.

1. Restrict framing
2. Restrict printing
3. Trying to prevent Printscreen
4. Ban Right Click
5. Disable selecting and copying
6. Custom popup message when right click or copy
7. Restrict by User Group
8. Multilingual ready.

Note: Almost all anticopy methods stops novices only!

Release History
1.0. Initial release.
1.1. Usergroup option has been added in J2.5 version only.
1.2. Code optimization.
1.3. Joomla event has been changed.
1.4. Anti framing tool has been added. Usergroup bug has been fixed in J2.5 version only.
1.5. "Except Opera" option has been added in anti select and copy function.
1.6. Anti drag functionality has been added in anti select function for image and link. And a tag, it disables image toolbar of IE, has been added in anti copy function.
1.7. "Disallow for Images" option has been added in anti right click function. And new functionalities (Anti Print and Printscreen) has been added.
1.7.1. Usergroup bug has been fixed in J2.5 and J3.0 version only.
1.8.0. Multilingual.
1.8.1. Tag search is improved. And default value of parameter for Anti PrintScreen changed to disabled.
1.8.2. Minor bug at usergroup option has been fixed in J3.x version only.

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Reviews: 5
Just installed and tested this extension and it works really well.

Quick and easy to set up - remember to select Guest as the restricted group for those who say it does not work.

My theme is based off the Yoothemes 6.x framework (using Master as a base theme) and it does work. Another reviewer said it does not but that must be another extension that is causing the issue.

The only problem I see with this is that I was still able to printscreen with this enabled. It's nothing important as I did not need that functionality but something worth noting.
Reviews: 3
Simple and do its work, in the limits. Many are limited to copy, not all.
Good job.
Reviews: 4
I congratulate you for the excellent plugin and easy to use and protect data invite them to install to trust very useful and simple.
Reviews: 1
Hey! i like this Plg.& thanks you so much for Great Work for Joomla Users!!
Reviews: 1
Your application worked fine in browsers chrome, safari and firefox. Not tested in Opera. However, in IE9 opened a window every time the page carried, started downloading a file"Lock" and appearance of the site has been compromised.

I need to use it on a community site, nonprofit, where images of children are not shown and would like to make it available to the general public.

Thank you for your attention!

Julio Junta
Reviews: 7
This works, but if you enable this plug-in to block just the Public, and then view the results as a Super-User, you will think it is not working when it is.
Reviews: 2
I really hate to leave bad reviews but in this case I have made an exception. Before leaving this review I sent the developer an email and tried to contact them via their website and got no response.

We used this plugin with Joomla 1.5 and YooTheme templates for 1.5 with no problems. However now that we have started using it with Joomla 2.5 and the Warp 5.5/6 YooTheme templates it totally breaks the site. Someone else had posted a similar issue but am unclear what template they used.

We have tried it with every Yootheme warp 5.5/6 template so it appears the issues is with the warp version and/or Joomla 2.5 version.

This was a great pluggin and I sure wish the developer would have responded. It would be great to have this issue resolved.
Reviews: 17
I use this plugin don’t have any problem, works great. Thank you Galaa, If all goes well I will donate. Thank you
Reviews: 1
I use it for a long time and through all the versions of Joomla and never failed me. Tryed others but they didn't work for me, unfortunately. In this one, on the contrary, I can always rely on.
True, when I installed the latest version on Joomla 2.5, I got an error of not recognized xml file, but I solved the problem by installing through tmp directory and everything were just fine. Work like a charm. As usual. Great, great extention! I highly recommend it. Thank you very much, my sincere gratitude to the author.
Reviews: 3
Installed on 2.5.6. When 'copy and select' was 'disabled', half of the content on my site disappeared and ended up in different places. Useless without this function. Had to uninstall.
Reviews: 4
Its free, and saves work, working on joomla 2.5.2. First you need to enable the plugin and configure the groups you want to restrict.

Should be great if you add imagen protection on drag.

I give 5 stars because it is free and the effort.
Reviews: 9
After installing and publishing the plugin, I initially thought it wasn't working. You have to configure the settings for the plugin. Great flexibility!
Reviews: 1
I hate to contradict in a review but I have been using this with 2.5.4 and it works a treat. Neat little plug in, thank you.
Reviews: 1
At first it did not work but then I noticed an ontion on the right to "Restrict User groups" I selected Public and then when I logged out of my author login the right click block worked..
Reviews: 2
An excellent plugin, working absolutely great for 2.5.4 version. Fine job.
Reviews: 5
This plugin is not working in Joomla Version 2.5.4 so can understand why is showing it can.. but keep up the good work on it :-)
Reviews: 1
hey, great plug at all..
i am using it perfectly working.

I suggest is there any possible to disallow view source and save page as option?

Reviews: 1
A great FREE extension. Installed and worked like a charm. thank you
Reviews: 15
This works straight out of the box. Don't forget to go into plugin and highlight 'Public' in the restricted user groups otherwise it wont work as you need to choose a group!
Reviews: 6
i installed it on a 2.5 site, but in my case, it doesn't work a tall...
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