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AntiCopy Plugin

This award winning plugin restricts framing whole site, printing web page and copying page contents by disabling the right click, highlight and copy functions using javascript.

It supports cross browser. Antiselect and Anticopy functions are not perfect for Opera. Because Opera doesn't support important javascript events: oncopy, onselect etc.

1. Restrict framing
2. Restrict printing
3. Trying to prevent Printscreen
4. Ban Right Click
5. Disable selecting and copying
6. Custom popup message when right click or copy
7. Restrict by User Group
8. Multilingual ready.

Note: Almost all anticopy methods stops novices only!

Release History
1.0. Initial release.
1.1. Usergroup option has been added in J2.5 version only.
1.2. Code optimization.
1.3. Joomla event has been changed.
1.4. Anti framing tool has been added. Usergroup bug has been fixed in J2.5 version only.
1.5. "Except Opera" option has been added in anti select and copy function.
1.6. Anti drag functionality has been added in anti select function for image and link. And a tag, it disables image toolbar of IE, has been added in anti copy function.
1.7. "Disallow for Images" option has been added in anti right click function. And new functionalities (Anti Print and Printscreen) has been added.
1.7.1. Usergroup bug has been fixed in J2.5 and J3.0 version only.
1.8.0. Multilingual.
1.8.1. Tag search is improved. And default value of parameter for Anti PrintScreen changed to disabled.
1.8.2. Minor bug at usergroup option has been fixed in J3.x version only.

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Reviews: 5
Works like a charm, really! I so wanted to give it 5/5. BUT in Opera you can't type in any field or text box.
Reviews: 1
nice plugin,
a good improvment could the possibility to choose on which pages the plugin can be disable (ex:Forum) to allow copy/paste for example.
Reviews: 1
This plugin is really great, but there are still some issues with Opera (tested with 11.60 - Build 1185): Cannot type any data into forms. Tested with Joomla! forms (registration) and external components (chronoforms).
Hope you guys get it solved.
Thanks in advance.
Reviews: 20
Simple and works.Thank you!
Reviews: 2
The plugin is not compatible with Opera. It just can't handle copy event in the browser.

The only feature that works in the latest version of Opera is blocking of right click.

Please, fix this issu
Reviews: 17
I don't have a perfect word for this extension! THANK YOU! Keep good working.
Reviews: 15
I only rated it as good because there are still ways to copy the source code and easily retrieve paths to images or scripts. But still it should thwart at least 99 percent of the web surfer who pays a visit to your site. Nice job!
Reviews: 1
This is a piece of art but there is one thing though what about using the view-source and copying the content?

Anyhow, Great Job :)
Reviews: 46
Works perfect on Joomla 1.6.4
Will help to stop people stealing images.
The copywrite message feature is great.
Thanks to the Developer for this wonderful extension
Great Extension, should be in Joomla core
Reviews: 1
It does the job well.
It's very easy to install and use. Highly recommended.

I wish it has parameter to choose where we want to apply this anticopy, for example to a certain article or page.
Reviews: 1
Hi it will be great if you add one more option to this PLUGIN . Select Category in which this plugin will be enabled


i want this plugin to work in category dailynews

but didn't want this plugin to be enabled in category sportsnews

Thanks for great plugin
Reviews: 20
We all know there are no perfect methods for web content protection. But I´ve tried all the plugins and methods, and I have to say it is the best I´ve found. The most complete, also effective. Thanks to the developers ;)
Reviews: 4
Nice Job, Love it ..Keep up the Good Work !
Reviews: 1
I switched from Simple Content Protection, because there is no more support for Joomla 1.6.
And now i am happy for this, because its working much better. Testet it with Firefox and Chrome. Its working very quick and is easy to use.

I also createt a print.css with display:none, because otherwise users would be able to print it to pdf and copy the text. So it should be very secure for default-users.

Advanced users are able to copy the text by disabling javascript, but i don't think, there is a good solution against that.

At all, great work, i like it! ;)
Reviews: 1
I tested this Plugin with IE and Firefox ant it work very fine. Good work team! Tnx
Reviews: 2
Works great!
I have been looking for something like this for a while now.

Easy to work with, no problems at all.
Reviews: 2
It's working great on my 1.6.3 and really simple to install for a noob like me.
I want to protect my content and It doing great the job.

Reviews: 4
Works, no problems at all. Thank you!
Reviews: 114
Thanks for making this Plugin free to use. It does exactly what you have said and works perfectly. Thanks for all the effort you put in to making this work so easily.
Reviews: 1
Easy to install, works perfect!
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