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  • This extension requires registration to download.
J!Extranet is an open-source component for the Joomla! CMS that gives you ability to setup a fully featured client area (extranet).

J!Extranet mission is to create a secure download area and to allow access only to specified users.

With J!Extranet you can organize and manage the delivery of protected files to your users without any hassle.

Main features of J!Extranet:

- Individual access rights to folders for each user. Each user can have different access rights to different folders.
- Increased files security - the user doesn't have access to the direct link to file, each file is served securely through extranet download links.
- Unlimited files and folders - each folder created inside J!Extranet can contain an unlimited number of subfolders or files
- Server synchronization - you can automatically add multiple files to J!Extranet just by uploading them to your server using a ftp client or another convenient method (ssh,sftp,etc). J!Extranet also allows cron jobs to synchronize your files from server with the files from database.
- User and files logs - you can view your users download activity and/or your files access activity
- User notifications - whenever a new file is added to an extranet folder, a specified list of users will be notified via email/message
- Highly customizable -the options section has a variety of advanced features that will give your more control over the look and feel of J!Extranet

For a list of full features and a complete demo please visit J!Extranet home page:

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Reviews: 3
This extension makes exactly all it's supposed to do.
Easy to configure, full of possibilities and Ionut is really awesome.
Asking for a feature who was not present ... and Ionut make it in a couple of minutes ...
Never seen such reactivity...especially on a Sunday ^_^
Reviews: 2
I don't often write reviews but this one deserves it. It was easy to install and configure. It does every thing you need to share documents. Made my life easier :-)
Reviews: 7
Very rare I write reviews, and when its a commercial app, I never write. But this app more than the app the service offered by Ionut Lupu is excellent. I purchased this component two years back and meanwhile the company was split and today when I wanted to reinstall a old site, I had lost the copy, I emailed the developer and he said I have buy again, but after he understood my problem, he said he will send me a archived version, and in few seconds he sent me the better version than I had initially paid. this kind of service is good for joomla and good for community. Excellent service and support. Long live Joomla and its partners.
Reviews: 1
After a long search I found this extension to create a private Area for my customers! It's very useful, easy to use and nice look.
For my error (I don't have read the tutorial with attention) I opened the ticket and I received answer within the hour (both on the forum and in private). Great support! Super!
Very useful the possibility to effectuate directly the login with Extranet.

Good work!

Reviews: 1
Fantastic component to any joomla installation. I've used it to host my clients invoices securely (saving me having to email them) and it serves that purpose beautifully. Also allows me to host client design work, just like a secure FTP yet I have all the control.

Things I would like to see added, are maybe some theme capability, blue kinda clashes with my design, and maybe options to remove some of the buttons in the client view. Ive disabled some of the more advanced features, and would like to remove the buttons to them.

But none the less, totally worth the money and a must have for any business with a joomla site!
Reviews: 3
Purchased the extension and am very pleased! Installed in less than 10 min. I needed a secured area for downloading pdf manuals for my customers only; not for all visitors. This extension does that wonderfully because it lets you choose who can download what! Had one additional request and got a reply from Ionut the same evening ! Thank you !
Reviews: 1
I was looking to create a ftp site with multiple login to allow various users to upload and upload files. JExtranet does the trick with a charm. Downloaded and installed the plugin within minutes.

I had some unique requirement and posted two different tickets on a Saturday and I received answer within the hour for each of them. Great support and product for the price. They have provided me with clear answers. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
This application works exactly as described and the support is stellar. We had an issue, wrote to Ionut and had a reply AND a fix in a few hours! Actually, it was outside the usual scope, yet Ionut was still willing to help--and fast. This helped us make an irritated client satisfied again. Thanks!
Reviews: 3
This extension perfectly replaced a homegrown client portal. Granular user permissions to a folder level. But be aware of a got'cha. The newest version 3.0 has many more features than 2.5. But this is not an upgradable extension per the developer. And because this extension stores files inside the database and not in a folder, if you want to upgrade to take advantage of Joomla 1.6 framework enhancements, you're basically stuck with starting over. And when you have 200+ files totaling 1.5 GB and 40 users, that's no small task. Bottom line. Run 3.0 on Joomla 1.6. Otherwise this extension performs wonderfully.
Reviews: 2
This extension is good, and was exactly what I was after. Unfortunately though there are no easy options to remove the "powered by" messages, and after paying for software I don't see what I should advertise it. Others have asked for the option to disable this, so can it please be put into the next release.
Owner's reply


We still don't have this option since we are working on version 3.0 where it will be removed.

Until then, we offered our support to each client who wanted to remove ""powered by" message.

So, it's not really true that "there are no easy options to remove", it's really simple, you just have to ask.


Reviews: 3
I have installed loads of different methods for managing users and group access to parts of the site, so far I have maybe spent $300 or more on them, and yes they work, they just never work either simply or well

I came accross this, demo looks a little basic but promising, so after much thinking I purchased it.

Was pleased with the initial results, it had every feature I needed badly

Unfortunately I have since found I can not display specific modules that are defined in Joomla to be only visible when specific users login whilst inside the Extranet, and sadly this renders the system useless for my needs.

Support were fast however were not able to offer the option of displaying modules around the main component, which is a real shame since I had always assumed a component would simply allow thi

Their suggestion was good but way more complex than I had hoped and did not allow the fluidity I wanted on the site.

Sorry, good extension but it requires modification to allow module displays, otherwise it simply does not fit my design, and I am sure others will have similar issues.

Sadly yet more wasted money.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review but some things aren't true. Our component allows diplaying modules around the main component, it just not allows making them private (to be visible only to J!Extranet users) how you wanted.

This was possible like I explained if you will embed the module inside the component but this didn't fit your demands.

So it's not any problem with our component, it's just the problem that you wanted something different.

Reviews: 13
This was needed...

add press kit area and media kit area to your extension description in the JED.

My only gripe is I had to edit 3 pages to remove the powered by stuff on a tool I paid for... I make sites that look good and that requires removing as many powered by tags as possible. Make that an option in settings.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback! We will add this feature in the future version.

Reviews: 6
Joomla was really missing the features provided by this extension! I've lost many hours with others with other extentions, over complicated. This is exactly what was needed! I'll buy it for my next web site as the demo works perfectly.
Reviews: 2
After a long searching and testing for some good extensions (but non perfectly fitting my purpouses) I found Extranet. It does few things but very usefull.
Many extensions for download doesn't give the idea of a real private area, without accessing and viewing other files and containers in the download repository. Extranet simply do this. You can register to the Extranet and after approve by administrator you can get your private area assigned from backend and see and download just your files. Nothing of other users.
Important notice about the excellent and very quick and helpful support.
I suggested them some improvement about multilanguage support and add the option to register user from backand only also.
The extension is not free, but I think if you get a very good support it's correct to pay a cheap price.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!

We will for sure add new features in the second version, we are working on this to realease as soon as possible.

The multilanguage support for the front-end as well as the option to register user from the back-end it will be between these new features.

Reviews: 13
Nice component for Joomla! have some nice features with ACL but to name its real J!Extranent long way. First you have to work to add some options like in others extranet/intranet applications.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your words, we appreciate your interest!
You must keep in mind that is the first version and, depending on people's needs and based on their feedback, new options will be added in the future versions.

Also, in this price are included all the future updates, new versions, and support.