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Lazy Velo Spoiler Plugin

This Lazy Velo Spoiler is evalution of pb_spoiler, based on ddaccordion script ( Short description of our plugin: there are jQuery and MooTools version, have unique option for dynamic load images of opening spoilers. And main question: why 'Velo'? Ok, it's easy - just becose of FUN! :) Terms of Use: The text of the article, you should insert the following structure: {spoiler title=Title opened=1} Hidden text {/spoiler} which opened - state of the spoiler when the page loads, 1 - open, 0 - closed.

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Reviews: 1
The support is brilliant anf too fast. And the plugin work "de puta madre" perfect!!
Reviews: 1
Thanks for good extension. Great work if use in English, but when i use another language such as Thai in title , the plug-in don't work.
Owner's reply

Yes, the titles may only Latin or Cyrillic characters

Reviews: 3
Thanks a lot! Works excellent!
Reviews: 5
Very useful extension, i use it on 2 my sites, thanks!
Reviews: 11
No review yet? This is a good plugin with a lot of options and even better as the version mentioned here because the version is at this time 1.08 and provides more styling options. It is working verry good and the loading of images on opening a spoiler now works better than in the first release. Also other plugins are working inside the spoiler. Try it to see it, this pugin deserves it.