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LoginToRead Plugin

just want show content to register? when guest click link to k2 Item or article page ,just show login form by lightbox,after user login,immediately see the content.

No need to open another login page

Report Extension



Reviews: 1
Thank you for this awesome plugin. I recommend you guys use this plugin.
Reviews: 5
I wanted a simple content restriction with a preview without having to do separate articles.
Even though I do not run K2 this plug in works like a charm. Just do a separator and the plug in does the rest.
Simple fast and easy. Thank you.
Reviews: 2
So simple and efficient. My thanks you goes to China.
Reviews: 2
This a good extension. Unfortunately, there is no tool to edit the intro text from the standard "Login To Read" . How does one modify that.
Owner's reply

I have already told you how to edit it in email,is that not you ? just edit languages file in admin language folder.not site language folder

Reviews: 2
Just saw the demo website and the pop-up appears fine. But when I clicked the cancel button of the modal pop-up, I was still able to view the restricted content. Instead it should have redirected me to some other page or the actual login page of the user component. Please fix this issue.
Owner's reply

thanks for your advice,I will add a link in the content

Reviews: 7
I used this to direct registered content to the login page, and added a custom html module to show above the login page to provide the user with instructions. Many thanks to the developer.
Reviews: 1
I installed this component with high expectation, but I found out that it simply does not work in Joomla 3.1.5.
The default is set up with all categories, so I expected when I click on any article that it brings me to a login form. I also tried to set up specific categories, but same result - i.e. no result.
Owner's reply

It's working fine with Joomla3.X,you can check the demo .it's under the Joomla3.2,if you have problem with config.pls mail me.

Reviews: 1
It's very helpful to grant different authorization to my site users. I have just tried in on my local demo site, and it works well. Nice work!
Reviews: 2
I was searching this. Easy to install, easy to use! Its Perfect Plugin. After Install You must choose which sections you want the user to login before accessing it.
Reviews: 8
I installed it on a Joomla 2.5 site. It's simple and works as described.
I'm using it to restrict a particular article to logged-in users. But I didn't want users to have to log in separately.
I like it because it automatically presents the user with a log in pop up as soon as they access the menu item.
Reviews: 4
I am glad to have this on a site of mine where I had an image gallery for clients that had to be restricted, and it works better than the paid versions without any added features. The simplest plugin for anybody who needs just a login to read any content that requires only registered users to view.
Reviews: 8
This is neat little plug-in that allows you to require user login to access Articles in standard Categories and items in K2.

The login is a modal window and the only thin lacking is an easy way to incorporate some intro text.

At the moment, you need to edit a long string variable in the extensions PHP file.
Reviews: 1
Just need a very simple plugin to overcome the login redirection issue. This plugin did exactly what it said. It is great and simple to use.

If you can add an English copy instruction to the download page, people don't understand Chinese will feel more comfortable about using it. Just a suggestion thought.