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UserExtranet Component

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User Extranet is a Joomla! extranet component that gives the possibility to create a private client area. Create protected files and folders and allow access for your Joomla! users to a private and secure downloads area. Set permissions that a certain group or individual Joomla! user has to a file or folder. Features like alerts, messaging, staff, ftp synchronization, advanced reports will give you more power over your extranet.

User Extranet is intuitive and well designed making it easy to use. Full-featured but no need to be an high level trained person to choose the right settings for your extranet. Actually no need to do nothing else than install and run. So simple since the optimal configuration is already set for you.

Create protected files and folders and allow access for your Joomla! users to a private and secure downloads area. Options like move, copy, delete, add multiple files, FTP synchronization, folder alerts were implemented to save your time and make things easier for you.

When files you want to add are too large to upload via extranet backend, pass your server limitations by uploading files directly to FTP and update folders content with one single click.

Users will be automatically notified when a new file or subfolder is added to a certain folder. Set alerts for each folder apart and choose which are the extranet users will be alerted.

Decide which are the folders a user or a usergroup can access in the secure download area and the actions can be made on the files inside these folders ( view, edit description, download, delete, add new file ).

Categorizing users is useful when you send mass messages, add multiple users to staff, set folders access and so on.

Absolute control over your staff. Few clicks requires to add or remove one or more extranet administrators. For each staff member you can decide which are the extranet sections he can access in backend and which are the actions he can take on each section of your Joomla! extranet. Staff feature is optional and you can easily disable it from Options.

Detailed reports of all extranet downloads. View files were downloaded, download location ( Administrator or Site ), user and download date. Filters helps you to view downloads in a certain period of time and/or for one particular user, file or folder.

Communicate with your users or staff sending messages can be read on Messages section or email. Mass messaging feature is also available.

Check the full list of features here:

Report Extension




Reviews: 5
This is a superb extension. Does everything almost right out of the box, and it is extremely easy to configure.
Support of Popa is always great, and I learned that is probably the most important thing you need to consider when purchasing a component.
Reviews: 2
I'm working on a site where I need to deliver specific content to individual users. This extension allows me to do that easily, intuitively and in the most straightforward way imaginable. It really is the easiest extension I have ever used - and I've used a few.

There was a major problem during installation (caused by some third party softwear as it turned out, not UserExtranet) which meant that the compenent didn't show at all - and this was on Sunday evening! And my deadline was today (Tuesday)! I don't know if Popa at Beesto pulled an all nighter, but when I got to my desk on Monday morning, the problem was solved and the extension was good to go.

Super Extension - top class support.