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Core Design Access Text Plugin

An easy way to control display of text to just the site users that you want to have see it! This plugin works by allowing you to place tags around text that you want to display to the specified users, with an option for showing an alternate message to all other users. Choose from "user" based access (to specify access by username), or "level" based access (to restrict viewing to a specific Joomla permission level such as "registered", "author", "manager", etc). This is a simple option for controlling access to parts of pages, without having to set up a complex Group Access component.

Report Extension



Reviews: 13
Just what I needed and free! I wanted to hide certain elements of the page from users in certain groups e.g. hiding a subscribe button from non-registered users. Simply insert the shortcode into the article and Bob's your uncle. Thanks.
Reviews: 4
On the surface, this plugin works as described and was easy to implement. But there's a hidden issue. When you create restricted user-only content on your site with this plugin, that content is available to non-logged-in users through the Search function. In other words, if someone who is not logged in does a search, the restricted content will appear in the search results. The developer explains in the forums that it's because Joomla search doesn't read the plugins in the content. I feel like this is an important piece of information that should be made clear to anyone considering using the plugin. In my case, I've already used it in many places on my Joomla 2.5 site and didn't discover this issue until after the fact. Now I have to find another way to manager all the member only content.

If you don't care about the search results issue, this is a great plugin. But if you do, be forewarned.
Reviews: 8
Does what it says and is very easy. You can select access "level" or even "user" based settings, which is excellent. Was looking for something like this. Thanks.
Reviews: 12
Works like a charm
a big thank you to the developper
Reviews: 1
This plugin don't work with Joomla! 1.6, but in Joomla! 1.5 work almost perfectly.
Reviews: 1
Great plug-in! Easy to use and works great!!

Just 2 notes for the developer:
1 - You could add simple instructions in the Module panel, so people won't have to search for the documentation;

2 - I couldn't get the “user mode” with “multiple users” functionality to work. Was it my problem or is this a bug?
(I've used ":" to separate usernames and "||" to separate content...)

Anyway Thank You for this great Plugin!
Reviews: 2
True: Easy to install. Works as described. Easy to use, does a simple job in a simple manner.

True: No scam here. This extension *is* free and 100% functional.

True: It *is* documented, namely on the author's website. The instructions are clear and easy to follow.

Also true: The makers deserve a Thank You for sharing their work.
Reviews: 1
I like the idea of this plugin apart from the fact that there is no documentation when you install it or on the website.
Reviews: 1
This plugin was easy to install and worked exactly as described! As a Joomla newbie, I am always nervous when installing anything, but this was a breeze to implement. Unlike a previous reviewer, I found no fees, no registration, no hassles. -->Just make sure you check out the tutorial on the web site for instructions on how to make it work as there are no instructions within the download.
Reviews: 7
This plugin does exactly what I needed it to do. Very simple to install and use. Version 1.0.1 is totally free as advertised. The developers web site does require registration but it is also free and it provides access to at least 11 free extensions as well as a number of active forums for getting support. I believe a previous negative review claiming "bait and switch" is mistaken - the author must have misunderstood the registration options on the developers web site.
Reviews: 2
These dishonest developers have a J1.5 plugin that is 100% non functional. Version 1.0.0 Then they require you to pay a monthly fee to get the working copy of 1.0.1 version. The instructions on their website are for the paid version of 1.0.1 and not the 1.0.0 Completely different syntax. Dishonest developers likes these gives us all a bad name. Avoid this pluigin. These losers should have just been honest and listed it as commercial.
Reviews: 1
I also found this plugin to work as described. Using Joomla 1.5.7, athough I could not make it display the 'Message to other users' who should not see the text. see below:

{accesstext mode="user" user="Mark:Lena"}
Message to other users.||Message user Mark and Lena.

This link also helps with initial set up as there was no example to begin with that I could find:

It also worked around {mp4} tags as we are using it to restrict access to certain movies.
Thank you.
Reviews: 1
This is exactly what i was looking for!
I dont know why all the other plugins dont allow access restriction to multiple users, but i'm happy this one does!

One thing that could be changed though is to include a little tutorial included in the plugin installation.. cause i had to search a little bit on the net before finding that.. but once you know the basics, it is very easy and efficient.

Reviews: 2
I'm working on a small project for a client. He wanted to have private articles as reports for his clients and this plugin worked great!

Clean and simple solution!

Reviews: 1
Gotta love this, simple to use, and allows great flexibility for personalizing content to just one user, or to just one permission level.
Reviews: 3
I've just test this plugin and I found it very simple and useful, I recommend you to use it. works fine with joomla 1.5.0.