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Do you sell goods or display content which children should not be able to purchase or view? Do you own an adult website in a country which by law requires you to verify the age of your visitors?

Whatever your requirements are, this module can verify your visitors age and let them either browse your site or redirect them to the page you choose depending on the users age.

Pro Age Check is an extension that can be set to ask your visitors about their birthday. It then calculates the visitor's age, and if they are not old enough, they will get redirected to some other page/site of your choosing.

You can set the age limit in the module backend and use the plug-in to add the form to any page you want. The form can be translated or changed to meet your demands.

For your verified website users, Pro Age Check has the ability to set a cookie and let them browse your site without showing the verification page again. A permanent redirect option is also available if you don't want to let returning unverified users to access your website.

!NEW - Set a different minimum age for a group of countries;

!NEW - Option to detect validated registered users and permanently hide the form;

!NEW - Use the plugin to protect articles using an inline age form;

!NEW - A new option was added to let you select if you want to use the Pro Age Check for :

a) Joomla registration form
b) Community Builder registration form
c) JomSocial registration form

All of the above WITHOUT the need to alter any code!

Product has been tested and works with Joomla! 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.7 / 2.5 / 3.0

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Reviews: 2
The extension does what it says. And the support is awesome.
Great work Projoom.
Reviews: 2
Thanks to David for his quick support even on a Sunday afternoon.
the only thing lacking on their website was a support forum.
Owner's reply

Thank you! I'm glad I could assist.
We consider e-mail communication the fasted method to offer support since each message gets equal priority as opposed to forums where things might get off topic.
Again, thank you for using our products!

Reviews: 1
I find it tiresome having to choose each time 3 options of 3 dropdowns. Poor popup design.
Owner's reply

We believe it's easier to select a dropdown rather than type some "funny" data in a form. After all, it's an age check, not a 100 questions survey.

Regarding the design and other aspects, you could have asked or suggested what you think will look better for your design. We helped a lot of people customizing the design.
While this product was built for functionality, changing the look its very easy with basic skills.

We're sorry to see you've spent more time giving us a poor rating instead of helping to improve the product.

Reviews: 1
Works in less than 3 minutes.

I wanted to make a lot of changes and the support of projoom helped me a lot. The support is great and very fast too.

Keep up the good work and we hope to see more features at next versions
Reviews: 2
Although out of the box the Plugin didn't work on my 1.5 website the support and advice from the developer was absolutely brilliant. Lets see how it works when i migrate to 1.7.
Reviews: 1
The developer was extremely helpful at helping me set up the age verification window on my Community Builder registration form. The extension can now do age verification on Joomla registration and Community Builder registration. What a wonderful tool and service!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your positive feedback!

Based on your request and the great idea of having the extension check the registration form, we were able to add
support for multiple Joomla products.

We hope our effort will encourage others to share their suggestions and ideas with us and build a better product together.

Reviews: 2
Works instantly! I purchased another module that did not work instantly. While waiting to hear from the other vendor, I ended up buying this one and it is a no brainer! Installed quickly, with lots of support and had it working in one minute! I do agree a spot for a business name and logo or editable field would be great where you could add text and pictures of what ever you want. But all in all it's a winner!
Reviews: 1
I'm really happy with the module pro age check.

I am beginner in joomla and thanks to this module I have set up a custom module to the color of my site.

The support really helped me as I have rarely seen a medium as effective!

I joined this forum (I am French) only to tell you not to hesitate one second if you want a professional module to verify the age of visitors.

thank you again for Projoom team!
Reviews: 1
Great product. Support is fantastic and fast. We had a minor issue and suggestion. They incorporated the suggestion within hours.
Reviews: 1
this extension is very easy to use, if i'm under age, it doesn't just stop my access but redirects me to a site of my election which is very good if you have more sites.

It uses a cookie so i don't have to declare my age everytime, it remembers me, so if i'm allow to enter the site it always let me in if i'm not allowed it always redirect me, using my birth date just once.

besides this the projoom team has excelent customer service. i had a problem with my payment method, so i write to the support mail. they solve it within minutes, so i can use this fine extension.
Reviews: 1
Hi for all, I'm from Hungary. This is a very usefull modul. The install is easy. The support is more than usefull.
Reviews: 2
This component and plug-in were very easy to install. It worked on the first try. I have no complaints. They only thing I might suggest is that the birth year go back further than 1940 but I can easily fix that myself.

I recommend this product.
Reviews: 2
There is no Terms of Service check box or link when using this module or plugin. I run a beer distribution site and there's not convenient way to display this on my splash page. Not very convenient when trying to keep all legal issues at bay.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback. Due to our wide customer base, we can not always predict the needs of our customers.
However, we are constantly changing and adding new features as requested by our customers to fit their requirements.
In order to further assist you now and in the future, please provide us a detailed description of the feature you would like us to implement, and we will happily look into integrating a solution into our product(s) for you as soon as possible.

Reviews: 16
This splendid extension for Age Checking access does exactly what it says and is very easy to configure. No docs needed for that.
Most people will be able to use it exactly like it is.

I wanted to cuztomize the warning message. (This is the message that the visitor gets before being redirected if they don't have the right age for access). Within less than an hour the ProJoom Team gave me thorough instructions about how to do this even though I've paid nothing for Pro Age Check! That's what I call great support :-)

Thank you, ProJoom Team :-)
Reviews: 2
Thank you for this simple module. It is required for the website I'm developing and just perfect!
Reviews: 1
I like it very much, though it has no multilingual support and therefore I must lay off the use of this plugin untill it becomes multilingual. What I also noticed is, that one can't edit the look of the question box (particulary the black line covering only the top and left of the box annoys me, the rest is ok).

Anyway, very good work :)
Reviews: 2
I have to say this add on is just what i was looking for and i installed it just 5mins ago and works 100% and i like how if the wrong age is enterd they go to the site that i enterd and the best thing is if they try and come back to try agine they just keep gon back to the same site i enterd.. the fun with cookys lol

anyway thanks for this all credit to the owner
Reviews: 1
This extension works just as advertised. I am pleased with it. However, I was disappointed to find that I am unable to contact the developer. As mentioned in a previous review, there seems to be no way to alter the files.
I would like to suggest to the developer two things that would make this perfect. Allow an editable area for a company logo and another area for a legal disclaimer to be posted.
I will continue to use this extension. I hope a future version will include those two items.

Reviews: 7

I use Nova Age and it's fantastic! Thanks a lot for this great component!

I think a suggestion...and it's that on the next version add some cookie track that allows to memorize if the user is adult or children because its more practicaly.

Sorry for my bad english,

See you and best regards!
Reviews: 1
This Module isn't too bad, the only bad thing about it i've found so far is:

To get past the age Check, just click the 'Nova Age Check' link at the bottom of the Age box, this makes the box dissapear and the page display, then just click Stop to stop the page loading! easy access!

Other than that, easy install, Pretty good!
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