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Email as Username Plugin

Make Usernames in Joomla a thing of the past!

Now with 40 day 100% Moneyback Guarantee

The EmailAsUsername plugin is a completely automated system plugin that uses Joomla friendly techniques to remove all traces of the username field in the front end of Joomla.

REMOVES The username field FROM ALL Supported extensions!

Users only need their email and password to login

Get more visits / returning users / orders / user content by installing this ground breaking plugin.

The plugin works with Joomla to silently generate usernames in the background, and completely remove all traces of the username from the following Joomla extensions:

Virtuemart - ecommerce (One page checkout also supported)
Redshop - ecommerce
HikaShop - ecommerce
JoomShopping - ecommerce
JomSocial - social networking
K2 - powerful content management
Ajax Register - registration component
Ajax Registration - registration component
Alpha Registration - registration component
YooLogin - Login module
Core Design Login - Login Module
Your Extension - Dont see your extention here? Ask us about it, we can often build in support for your favourite extention for FREE!


* 40 Day 100% Moneyback Guarantee
* TWO plugins (One system, One Authentication)
* Simple installation - Just upload and enable
* New optimized code
* Installation service available

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Reviews: 2
I downloaded the extension believing it would work with Joomla 1.7 & K2 however I had to contact the developer when I couldn't get it to work. Within a few hours I received a response and within a couple of days the patch was done and a new version was released.

This now works perfectly for me with Joomla 1.7 & K2. Great little extension and excellent customer service!
Reviews: 4
This is the best way to get rid of usernames on your Joomla site, thereby simplifying the registration and login process. The usernames are silently filled in with the user's email address, and template overrides eliminate the username field for the core login component and module, as well as third party login and registration extensions (like JomSocial, SAMIlogin, etc.)

You will need to understand or learn the basics of template overrides in Joomla 1.5+ but installation and customization are not difficult. The only drawback is a common one: the developer's site is cluttered, hard to navigate, and short on well-written documentation, but what you need is in there.
Reviews: 5
The plugin works just fine, it does what it says flawlessly. I just had a little problem but Dylan fixed it for me incredibly fast. 100% recommended.
Reviews: 10
These are the two must have plugins. Thank you so much for your wonderful support. great value and communication. Highly recommended..A++++++++
Reviews: 2
Buy it, install it and you're on your way. Couldn't be easier. Goodbye to usernames!
Reviews: 1
Great support, and great value for money. It works perfcetly with Virtuemart 1.19 and is just what I was looking for. Thanks again. Irene
Reviews: 1
From what I've experienced, this is a great little plugin. It does what it says. If there's an issue, Dylan is quick to help with a solution. This is the one you want!
Reviews: 2
This plugin is simple to install, and works right out of box. This should be a joomla core feature
Reviews: 5
This module help me to save so much time also great value for the price. Simple to install perfectly works. Thanks developers.
Reviews: 3
I can only repeat what others have said previously!
I had been using this plugin on a Virtuemart site oput of the box!
This time I was using YOOlogin module with emailasusername plugin in header (horizontal position), and there was an issue with the input label. French string 'send' was displayed instead of Courriel (email).
Dylan helped me to solve this issue successfully, and with great patience.
I recommend this very useful plugin.
Reviews: 1
When it comes to logging in with email this is the only plugin you will ever need. It works out of the box and if you would experience any problem the support is excellent thanks to Dylan.
Reviews: 2
Email as Username does what it's supposed to do, and does it perfectly. It's a great extension, and the support is as good as it gets.
Reviews: 1
I feel that using email instead of username will be the future login way for all websites. An excellent plugin, with excellent support.
Reviews: 1
I purchased bronze membership, download the product, then install to my site. No sweat during the installation, got it perfectly running w/in minutes! Except that I found out that the facebook connect on Jomsocial 2.0.6 wasn't patched yet, so I post on there forum and Dylan work on it right away!

I salute you man! Two thumbs up for this superb product! ;)
Reviews: 1
Hello m8,

i test it and it works perfectly, but didint installed it in my main site because i use Sami Login module and i didn't saw it in the list. Can you please add it ? :) keep up the good work!
Owner's reply

Thankyou for your review.
Sami login support, and JomSocial 2.2.0 now built into version 2.6.37, which is now available for download.

Reviews: 1
This is an excellent extension, that is well supported, and well worth the price. I purchased a silver support package and the support was very fast indeed. Dylan is patient and helpful and was able to help me get it working exactly as I wanted.
The only reason this doesn't get five stars is that does seem to me, that it warrants it's own administration component. Apart from that, top marks.
Reviews: 2
I have 2 websites running the email as username. I couldn't figure out why each time I install something the template override gets overridden each time you install a new extension. After many days of debugging, yes, organicdevelopment is absolutely right. And I must say that the cause is the system plugin. The issue has not been resolved in the latest version or in the last 13 months as claimed.
Owner's reply

I think theres some confusion here about what has been fixed. The issue where overrides where being loaded on page loads, has most certainly been fixed, and I apologise if I didnt make this clear in my original reply.
The issue of it reloading the template files when an extension is installed, is so that it can support new extensions as they are installed, without having to disable and re-enable the plugin.
The same applies if the sites default language is changed.
Its a shame I didnt receive a support request from you, and I would have happily helped with any problem you were experiencing.
Non the less, I will author a version (2.6.35), which disables the functionality you are seeing by default, and within your subscription period so that you can benefit from it.
If you have any questions, then please contact me either via our forum, or at, as you can see from our 46 other 5 star reviews, I will get back to you, and quickly.

Reviews: 3
The idea of using email as username and saving the user of filling out an extra field is first of all just great. I bought the bronze membership and installed the template right away in virtuemart 1.1.7. Unfortunately there was a template problem. I posted the problem in the forum and within just a couple of hours I got a reply and a solution. Unfortunately it didn't work and I then emailed my template and they got it working right away.

Great component and if you run into trouble they got an amazing and fast support
Reviews: 1

I cannot recommend this plugin enough. It is easy to download and install and works with no real configuration needed. If you are serious about your site and the members that use it then this is a necessity. Cannot comment on Support as none was needed. Big thanks to the developer.
Reviews: 2
I needed the ability to have users use their email address for login rather than having to remember their username. I ran into a bug with the plugin for Joomla 1.6 however I posted the issue on the forum and received an answer back the same day. That was yesterday. The bug was fixed this evening. Fantastic support and customer service, not to mention plugin!
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