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Email as Username Plugin

Make Usernames in Joomla a thing of the past!

Now with 40 day 100% Moneyback Guarantee

The EmailAsUsername plugin is a completely automated system plugin that uses Joomla friendly techniques to remove all traces of the username field in the front end of Joomla.

Users only need their email and password to login

Get more visits / returning users / orders / user content by installing this ground breaking plugin.

The plugin works with Joomla to silently generate usernames in the background, and completely remove all traces of the username from the following Joomla extensions:

Virtuemart - ecommerce (One page checkout also supported)
Redshop - ecommerce
HikaShop - ecommerce
JoomShopping - ecommerce
JomSocial - social networking
K2 - powerful content management
Ajax Register - registration component
Ajax Registration - registration component
Alpha Registration - registration component
YooLogin - Login module
Core Design Login - Login Module
Your Extension - Dont see your extention here? Ask us about it, we can often build in support for your favourite extention for FREE!


* 40 Day 100% Moneyback Guarantee
* TWO plugins (One system, One Authentication)
* Simple installation - Just upload and enable
* New optimized code
* Installation service available
* 100% SEF Compatible

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Reviews: 1
Great Plugin

excelent customer service

You can't go wrong with this one!

5 Stars ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Thanks a lot Dylan

Fiebrelatina team !
Reviews: 3
I have always frowned on the practice of usernames - and its amazing how many usernames one accumulates over time. E-Mails however are always remembered, and - in my opinion - the best mechanism for logins.

I found this extension simple to install and fully functional. I did not have any need for support on this extension, however coincidentally, Dylan - the developer - responded to one of my posts on the Joomla Forum for a completely unrelated issue. This was before he even knew I was a customer.

He provide clear and well documented instructions. I can only imagine the level of support he would provide for his own extensions.
Reviews: 1
An excellent plugin, with excellent support. Thanks to Dylan for getting back to me in a matter of minutes! There was a slight issue because I had customized my virtuemart registration page. Dylan solved it, and with minimum fuss and down time.
Reviews: 1
Can't understand why Joomla didn't take the opportunity of releasing a new version (1.6) to update their register and login procedures to drop username.

Using this extension is just what was needed, it works well and is very simple to install.

Should be core Joomla... until then, more than happy to register and use this on all my developments.
Reviews: 1
Hi All

I thought id just share our experiences with this extension.

Whilst the extension does what it says on the tin, lets you use your email address as a username, it also comes with a system plugin that will ruin your life!

The system plugin adds template overrides for various components login pages, this includes joomla, jomsocial, k2, virtuemart etc. It does this in order to change the label on the username field to read email address. Whilst this is a great idea in principle as it is automated, it doesnt explain the extent of what this plugin does on the developers website.

We had an issue where random template overrides and language files kept being renamed to filename-timestamp-backup.php seeminly by random. This has been happening for several months and we've been tearing our hair out as to why, and our client has been getting severely pissed off! We eventually tracked it down today by examining log files against the timestamp that a file was changed. We tracked it back to com_installer and thought the issue was in there somewhere, after an hour of debugging we discovered a system plugin was causing the problem. We then quickly discovered that this plugin uses a system plugin to override the login page of various components. This plugin executes when you install something, and as a user you have no idea that its doing anything as there is no output, the files just change.

I have several problems with this kind of thing:

1. A system plugin is loaded every page load, and in this case is only ever executed fully when you post to com_installer to install a module, this is totally wasteful and should be replaced with a dedicated component to "patch" the relevant files and should be initiated by the user. Loading it every page load for something trivial like this just adds to your page load time!

2. Using a plugin to override files is such a BAD idea, not only for the reason above, but also because the user has no control over what is overwritten or knowledge of it.

3. Even if you decide to use this plugin, it ALWAYS overwrites your template overrides even if they ALREADY EXIST! WHAT IS THE POINT IN THAT!!!!

4. The user should be given the option to install the plugin (or component as it should be) OR given the template overrides in a zip file and choose whether to install them manually. The implications of what the plugin (or component) do should be explained clearly.

Anything that changes files on the filesystem that are not part of the component/plugin they are designed for should have clear warning about what is going to happen, doing it silently is such BAD practice.

I urge anyone wishing to use this extension NOT to install the system plugin that comes with it and to manually change your template overrides.


Oli Griffiths
Owner's reply

Hi Oli,
Thanks for your feedback. You make some good points. It clear however, that you are using an old version, and problems you have seen have been resolved for some time now
(13 months).
Also, its a shame I never received a support request from you... Non the less, to address the points you have made :

1) Yes, it does load every page load, ANY System plugin that is enabled on your Joomla site, will load, irrispective of whether its needed or not. This is not a limitation of the EmailAsUsername plugin.

2) Version 1 did ship with the template overrides in a separate file, however after a survey, we found that a vast majority of users (94%) wanted the plugin to copy in the files itself, when it was enabled and disabled.

Given that this is our FIRST one star review stands testament to this.

3)Again, this has been fixed for sometime now. For people wishing to customise the overrides, there is a comprehsive how-to on our site knowledge base that deals with this very issue. Its available for anyone to look at. There is also a sticky forum post.

4)How the plugin works is explained in the how-to I mentioned in point 3. It gives examples of how you can customise the output to your liking.

Im so sorry you have suffered with this. Its a shame you didnt contact me for some help, I could have saved us both some heart ache.

Reviews: 6
This plug-in does exactly what is advertised, and does it well. We were using a registration component that wasn't supported by it and the developer built it into the plug-in so it would work for us. I've never had such great support by an extension developer before. You can't go wrong with this one!
Reviews: 3
This is a must have plugin. I wanted to have a email in sted of username field. Why to remmember a username and email and password? I had to use this extension, I liked option to have email and password field like Facebook have, for login.

Many thanks to Dylan for support, he had time to solve my problem about conflicts with some other extension on my site.

Best regards!
Reviews: 3
This extension is by itself obviously very good, it does exactly as it says on the tin and is an essential modification I believe.

However I wanted to make a special mention to Dylan for the support he provided - my site was non standard and had a few complications, but he went over and beyond the call of duty in working overtime to get my problems fixed. I know Dylan will help me in the future. Many thanks Dylan!
Reviews: 4
I rarely write reviews, but the support I received from Dylan basically required me to do so this time.

The plugin works great and saves our users an unnecessary step. With our particular site, we had some barriers to overcome and Dylan worked patiently and QUICKLY to make it happen.

Reviews: 1
I´m absolutely satisfied with the functionality.

Dylan is a great patient Developoer and he solves every problem. I´m going to buy his product every time again.

Great work. Thanks for this plugin :-)
Reviews: 1
Must-have plugin, every cent worth!!!

This plugin is not only good, but it is amazing! If you install it, it will work immediately.

This is a REAL must-have for everyone. Facebook, Google and mostly every platform use the email address as the login name. And I do not know anyone who likes usernames. I forget them too, but I know my email address by heart even when I would awake from a coma.

The support is also excellent!

Reviews: 8
Great product, easy installation. This should be a core function of Joomla and Virtuemart. Keep up the great support!
Reviews: 1
This plugin is exceptional. This is my second time using it and I can't be happier. Kudos to Dylan for his wonderful component and timely support.

This plugin works as expected as soon as you install it and activate it.
Reviews: 2
Ease to install and use. In few minutes the plugin is running in a Virtuemart login.
Reviews: 2
I'm trying and i like it!

Solved many of my problems, it is simple to install and works like a charm!
Reviews: 1
What a great deal! This extension is perfect for making my site have a more ecom feel for end users. The extension works perfectly and install is a cinch. I was up and running with in less than 5 minutes. I had one question for the developer and literally got a response within 30 minutes with a solution. I'd also like to mention it works perfectly with VirtueMart and no manual hacking is required. I'd give it 10 stars if I could!!! Rock on! \m/
Reviews: 1
Product works perfect.

Dylan was very helpful when it came to support, went out of his way really to accomodate my needs.

This should really be a core function of Joomla

Great Product, Great Support!
Reviews: 4
there's not a lot to say:
the extension works perfect.

i had just some desin-issues:
the support was so fast and kind that
the problem was resolved very fast...

worth any penny!!!
Reviews: 5
Great extension that works perfectly, and better support, quick and efficient.

Thanks a lot
Reviews: 2
Good plug and good support 5stars :-)
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