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Email as Username Plugin

Make Usernames in Joomla a thing of the past!

Now with 40 day 100% Moneyback Guarantee

The EmailAsUsername plugin is a completely automated system plugin that uses Joomla friendly techniques to remove all traces of the username field in the front end of Joomla.

Users only need their email and password to login

Get more visits / returning users / orders / user content by installing this ground breaking plugin.

The plugin works with Joomla to silently generate usernames in the background, and completely remove all traces of the username from the following Joomla extensions:

Virtuemart - ecommerce (One page checkout also supported)
Redshop - ecommerce
HikaShop - ecommerce
JoomShopping - ecommerce
JomSocial - social networking
K2 - powerful content management
Ajax Register - registration component
Ajax Registration - registration component
Alpha Registration - registration component
YooLogin - Login module
Core Design Login - Login Module
Your Extension - Dont see your extention here? Ask us about it, we can often build in support for your favourite extention for FREE!


* 40 Day 100% Moneyback Guarantee
* TWO plugins (One system, One Authentication)
* Simple installation - Just upload and enable
* New optimized code
* Installation service available
* 100% SEF Compatible

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Reviews: 1
We installed this plugin on Jomsocial 1.8 and it works brilliant without any customization. Awesome Product.
Reviews: 1
The extension is a must-have, and the develop gives the best support that I have ever had with an extension. He was right on top of my email, responding within 20 minutes! And he worked diligently on my customization issue until I was 100% satisfied. I would highly recommend this can't go wrong with the support. Probably worth twice as much as he charges given the support!
Reviews: 1
Thank you for a great plugin and a very fast and excellent service!
I'm absolutely satisfied!
Reviews: 1

This is an excellent plugin. Nobody wants to create multiple usernames and remember them for different sites. With this plugin, the users can easily use their email address to login and register. It worked very easily with my k2 login module and has support for other login modules too. Great plugin.

Reviews: 2
I stayed up for two nights trying to find a way to enable user to login via email instead of a username. I end up breaking Joomla Core codes and reinstalling Joomla for a record 26 times. I then came accross this plugin. I didn't expect what I received from this extension. The support is SPLENDID. It is now running on my virtuemart enabled site. Thanks Dylan for such a good plugin. I will now sleep. Money's worth.
Reviews: 1
This plugin is so simple yet so effective - using email for user names is virtually mandatory on any site - no-one will remember yet another user name! Installation and configuration is simple and everything worked first time. I had some questions about integrating into my custom templates which Dylan answered almost immediately. All in all a great plugin with excellent support!
Reviews: 1
Works like a charm. Excellent plugin
Reviews: 2
I was previously using v1.x of this plugin, which in my honest opinion was not as great as it claimed to be since it required file & database editing (minor as it was). Even so, it still got the job done. But now with the new v2.x, I am literally blown away by the simplicity and EFFECTIVENESS of this plugin! I'm convinced the JWeb would be a much better place with this plugin, and recommend it to Joomla users everywhere! It's a steal for the price!

Many thanks from my side - Well done.
Reviews: 1
A necessary simplification for users.

Excellent & very professional support.
Reviews: 1
works great and support is quick and informative
Reviews: 6
Works fine right out of the box. And good support.

Reviews: 5
We got this plugin and installed it and were having some problems using it with the jomSocial. because we were using our custom template for jom social,

i emailed Dylan regarding this problem and have him getting back to me within 6 hours (i think that's because of time difference).

anyways, after he got back to me... the problem was solved in like 2 hours form them and that's all for free. he got into our website and fixed it... that's really amazing.

Thanks so much Dylan, your plugin rocks.
Reviews: 1
I had a few problems installing the plugin to begin with, and so asked for help, which came almost immediately. Once Dylan had taken a look, the source of the problem was a customization I made to the user component. He went on to fix that AND get the plugin working smoothly. Bravo! Great customer service is still alive and well
Reviews: 1
Installed plugin with AjaxReg Pro and there was an issue with redirection and registration. Sent a mail - within 2 minutes i had a response! Dylan was a great help and the plugin works as desired without conflict...perfect! 5 stars
Reviews: 2
All these years I have wondered why has Joomla got this Username thingy instead of email. And to top it, why didnt anyone do something about it. Thanks to Dylan, we now have a great plugin that simply works if you follow the simple steps. I wonder why hasn't anyone done this before him.

Dylan's Plugin is a must have for every Joomla site. This is my very first review and I am glad that I am writing this for him. His plugin (both for Joomla and VM registration) worked out of the box on 3 of my sites and on the one it did not work initially, he took time off to sort the problem out (it was a problem with my Joomla files).

Thanks for a great job, Dylan. You are a very helpful person.
Reviews: 1
I am more than happy to pay for products like this that work right off the bat, and have fast and friendly support. And not only that, I was also pointed in the right direction for another component I was looking at integrating this with. Good stuff!

Reviews: 9
This plugin delivers just what it says and integrates very well with VirtueMart (VM).

My client, though, wanted to ensure "Guest" checkout. Throughout the holidays, the developer worked tirelessly with me to add this additional functionality....discovering a core VM bug affecting IE in the process, which he, of course, fixed as well.

The developer is incredibly dedicated and passionate and was a true pleasure to deal with.

To receive such a high level of service for such a reasonably priced plugin was a treat!

Reviews: 1
Had a couple of issues with the original email. Support got on it immediately and sent me the package.

Then I had some confusion about installing and he sent me step by step instructions that made it painless.

Really awesome, and a great tool.

Reviews: 1
Great plug-in, really easy to use. Works fine with both JomSocial and Virtuemart.

Moreover, fantastic support from creator: fast and useful.
Reviews: 1
This is a simple plugin thats easy to install and backed up with first class support. And for £6 its a bargain to boot.
I'd reccomend this plugin to anyone who wants to setup any main stream website or ecommerce site
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