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Multi usergroup registration Plugin

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
JoomAPP was joomlas first multi usergroup registration plugin. We offer more options than others!

Take full advantage of the Joomla ACL and let your members register themself into (multiple) pre-selected Joomla group(s). Perfect for teacher/student situations. Very easy to set-up!. Over 1500 plugins sold already!

Why this simple plugin is a great solution?
* Joomla has no support of frontend usergroup registration.
* Frontend usergroup change possible
* Create menu/module/content for different usergroups

- CSS styling Registration Form
- Usergroup selection during registration (radio, checkbox, multiselect etc.)

* Select which usergroups to appear
* Select which usergroups may change themselves into others
* Load jquery yes/no

Working in (allmost) ALL template frameworks, please see our website for the list.


Version 1.5.5 (31-10-2013)
fix: AccessLevel table in popup now (with lots of groups it was not visible)
fix: bug on group change

Version 1.5.3 (16-09-2013)
fix: backend tab removed on user profile
req: manually add user to other groups now possible

Version 1.5.2 (04-09-2013)
fix: Super User cannot lose it's group
fix: PHP version fixes

Version 1.5 (02-09-2013)
fix: After succesfull 'save' the bullets/checkboxes are not selected
fix: update JQuery to latest versions
fix: auto (de-) selection if jquery is already loaded by template
fix: plugin Joomla 3.0 ready
req: Support for multiple template frameworks (yootheme, gantry, T3, joomlashine, Vertex, Helix)
req: Users in subgroups can change self between the available groups but not others
req: show/ hide specific user groups from registration field
req: setting to order groups DESC / ASC in frontend

Version 1.3 (17-09-2012)
+ Multiple/ Single groups registration!
+ Custom redirect field to any menu after member login
+ Switch to load jquery yes/no to prevent double loading
+ Switch to set visibility of available groups when editing account after registration yes/no
+ Switch to let members change their group after registration yes/no
+ Switch to set group select allways on top yes/no
+ Seperate Language strings files
+ Unique CSS ID per field

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Reviews: 3
Excellent, must have. fills the gap of a much wanted functionality. Easy to use and small.
Reviews: 1
I have been looking for a stable and good way to allow users to select themselves into multiple user groups at registration. This does exactly that. This will allow me to simplify the coding of my site. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
This add-on is great, I use it to the nursery where parents can choose to register the appropriate group of your baby's nursery.

I recommend and I wish you success for developers.
Reviews: 2
The Plugin is good, easy to install and configure. The technical support is fast and friendly.

Highly recommended!
Reviews: 3
Extra-Ordinary Support! I used the extension for my students to register for their classes. It works great.
Reviews: 12
I had a site that needed something beyond the default user registration provided in a Joomla! install. I needed the users to register into their chosen user group.
This plugin does it perfectly. I had a small issue that I reported to the developer, Jasper. This was fixed in no time flat! Great support. I can only summarize by saying this is a perfect addition to Joomla!
Reviews: 5
It was easy to setup and within minutes. Works well. Well done.
Reviews: 1
Plugin does what is says.
Easy installation through background and after enabling it just works.
I recommend this plugin if you just want a easy way to have users in different groups.