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Ninja Access Plugin

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
Ninja Access - allows you to hide or show portions of content depending on the access level of the viewer.

It is useful for selectively hiding content from different users, such as hiding ads from administrators and subscribers.

It can also be used for hiding valuable content from un-registered users while still allowing access to those with a specific groupid.

Now compatible with Ninja RSS, hiding text that is in the RSS Feeds.

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Reviews: 8
Simple and very useful plugin. Great job!
Reviews: 1
I'm very pleased with the product, it's powerful, does what it promises but most of all the support team is just very professional and helpful They were able to adapt the plugin to my website even working on my code. Great job and keep on!
Reviews: 1
But that comes with some caveats. It doesn't do groups, but that's fine, since you can manage groups with free ACL group implementations like noixACL. This is an advertised feature, but something that I feel needs repeated because I missed it the first time too.

Second thing, the big thing... it doesn't work with custom made groups when Joomla! is in 1.0 compatibility mode. This is a little obvious but that could have saved me about 10 minutes of frustration, especially after having paid for gold level access for another Ninja addon that has yet to be installed.
Owner's reply

Hi cdeguzman,

Thanks for the reply.

Perhaps we should highlight it more on this page that it doesn't do the group creating itself.

But we thought it was clear on our site that this extension is designed specifically to supplement other ACL extensions, and is not an ACL extension in itself. (it's written in a big red box). Obviously we need to look at it and make it a bit more obvious.


As for not working in compatibility mode, is the ACL provider the extension using compatibility mode?

Odd that it does that.

Reviews: 2
These guys truly ROCK. The Ninjoomla Team is one of the finest I've seen around. The extensions just plain work, the support is awesome, and as far as commercial member site go, this is one of the best. Many of the Extension member sites I just join, download what I need and then drop the subscription, but with these guys I keep coming back for more. Ninja Access is one of my favorite extensions for building membership sites and restricting content without hassle.