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Frontend-User-Access (pro) ComponentModulePlugin

With Frontend-User-Access you can set frontend access restrictions to:

* menu items (comes with menu-module)
* components
* modules
* articles (specific articles)
* articles by category
* articles by section
* part of articles and templates

Try the free trial version.

You can make as many usergroups as you need and assign users to them. There are 2 predefined usergroups which are very userfull:

* 'not logged in'
* 'logged in but not assigned to any usergroup'

You can configure for each restriction-type (components, modules, sections etc.) to reverse the access, so any box ticked becomes a restriction instead of an access-right.

With the user plugin you can auto-assign new users to usergroups (pro).

Users can be assigned to multple groups.

Frontend-User-Access is NOT A HACK.

translated into 50 languages.

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Reviews: 5
If you are looking for flexible component which perfectly controls/limits access of users to certain areas or display of any joomla module, component, menu item...etc you have found perfect component. I'm using FUA more than 6 months and it is like helping hand - missing part of joomla. Initally I had some difficulties to integrate it to my website's template, but this was solved very quickly thanks to developer's approach. I purchased many commercial joomla components, but I have never had such support as from Carsten. Carsten exchanged with me several e-mails in few minutes and fixed my issue and also improved FUA for other customers with same site template. Other big value is integration with membership (AEC) components and sharing info about user levels. I can only recommend this component - it has all what is needed for user access control. Thank you!
Reviews: 2
All the positive reviews about Frontend-User-Access - "FUA" (I bought the Pro version) are exactly correct.

The software is powerful and does what it says. The developer is one of the most customer-friendly and proactive I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

I had some configuration issues as well as a conflict with another (relatively less well known but essential to me) extension: within HOURS the FUA developer had jumped into my site at my invitation, spotted the problem, released a bugfix version, installed it on my site and tested it.

He then went back to my site at my request and helped me configure the FUA functionality exactly around my needs.

This is great, rare, high-quality software and support. I recommend it most highly. Don't hesitate — if it looks like it will do what you want, get it now.
Reviews: 2
I received support over the weekend, when I had a questions and a conflict with my template and my purchased extension. Even though the developer was on holiday he responded very quickly and resolved the issue in two emails. The tools are great and work well. This sort of support is NOT very common and much appreciated! Highly recommended!
Reviews: 2
FUA pro does exactly what it says it will do and even I as a very green newbie in website development and joomla usage could install and get the extension to work within minutes. One glitch which had to do with my level of joomla knowledge was fixed with one e-mail! Recommend to everyone who needs to protect certain areas of their site!!!
Reviews: 11
I tried the free version to see what it offers. Easy to understand, intuitive navigation and lots of features to hide stuff. This is what I was looking for. Looks like it is really a stand alone extension that you can unistall any time without messing up site or content. I will get pro even though 60 EURO is not that cheap. But a 1 time payment thats probably worth it. Only thing missing right now are button plugins for JCK Editor and TinyMCE with specific noedit code for specific authors. Nice extension!
Reviews: 3
I have tried different ACL components for Joomla, Djf ACL, Noix, Community ACL... FUA is not the most powerfull but it works, it´s easy to use and have a lot of options.

I bought Community ACL and the install procces is hardest, and it was toooo slow. (i have more than 200 users and 200 menu options).

I just think FUA could have a better design on backoffice.
Reviews: 1
This product was the perfect solution for my customer. It allows easy and intuitive integration of customizable front-end user access control. The ultimate flexibility of this extension surpasses the standard ACL provided with Joomla 1.6.

In terms of support, the verdict is the same. I had an issue integrating it with one of my customer themes, but the developer responded within' 24 hours of my request and didn't cease assistance until our problem was resolved. Two days after my concern was raised, the developer provided a customized solution to my issue which resulted in a problem-solved and a very happy customer.

Thank you.
Reviews: 1
This extension performs as claimed and offers complete access control, including the creation of user groups and the ability to limit access by sections, categories and articles. Access can be given to a specific user if need be.

I've been using Joomla! and various extensions for several years and have deployed sites for clubs, churches and commercial sites.

The extension installed easily and was fairly intuitive to use once I got the general concepts in my head. I read the documentation on the extension site and all the FAQ's, but it would really have helped to have a .pdf "How-To" file to give a new user a general orientation on concepts and tutorial on set up. Nonetheless, I highly recommend this extension.
Reviews: 4
Is a wonderful and very useful extension, but discovered that there is an incompatibility with the module menu by Artisteer, because he can not restrict access to the module menu.
Owner's reply

Read this FAQ:

Reviews: 1
Installing, understanding and configuring FUA pro was easier than getting in here and writing this review. Very good explanations during the configuration process, everything very logical and without fuss.

FUA is the first extension of this kind that works properly and I very much appreciate the reverse function. Best of all, my client leaned to use it within minutes, with no technical background.

Thanks Carsten for a valuable contribution to the Joomla community!
Reviews: 1
Wow, this frount end user access tool is powerful and well thought out. For $80 USD and three or four hours of my time I got exactly what I needed to use my site to help a friend coordinate 150 resources across the world. These resources will be required to serially focus evaluating one of 50 or more processes and reporting back the result. This tool lets me create groups, assign multiple groups to people and lots more.
I'm new to Joomla this year and appreciate that the entire extension works like a natural extension of Joomla.
I didn't even download the demo, it seemed from the reviews that the product was exactly what I wanted and it was. Thank you for this exellent extension.
Reviews: 1
I bought the extension 1 month ago. Really It's amazing for the control access on frontend. Is very easy and friendly to use. The best is the support, very quickly and responsable. I'm very happy.
Reviews: 3
This extension has saved me weeks worth of work. I have been through almost every user access component without any luck - The Pro version the best money you will spend if you need to restrict user groups to Modules.
Reviews: 4
Very good, it have a real good support, fast, have updates real fast too and it works like it says. So, i bought it and i'm very happy by these time and really recommend it. it's easily to use!!
Reviews: 2
The component installs flawlessly and does what it promises. Personally I ran into an issue and reported it to the support forum.
Carsten answered very quickly and managed to get the bugfixes out in no time. Great support! An example to the community.
Reviews: 3
The fact that the new version of FUA allows users to be members of group(s) means that this is the definitive FUA solution. This was the only flaw in an already great plugin.

So going from membership of group to groups is a great step forward...

Highly recommended
Reviews: 2
After testing the free version I decided to purchase pro in order to be able to use menu hiding which is not supported in the free version.

After I had problems with mod_frontenduseraccessmeu and menu entries of type alias I posted in the support forum and after 24 hours the bug was fixed! Great support!

That was definitely worth purchasing!

I only rated 4 stars because FUA does not allow users to be included in multiple groups. If this restriction will be eliminated FUA would fit perfectly my needs.
Reviews: 3
I started with the free version to test, and everything went smoothly. After buying the Pro version I had a few issues it get sorted - and it was all down to my specific menu system. A quick email to Carsten and it was all fixed with a few moments.

I needed to hide menu items per user - and this is perfect. Definitely worth purchasing!
Reviews: 1
I started with the free version of this application and found it to not be of much use. However, it does show everything you could do with the PRO version, so I risked the $77 USD and bought the extension.

NOW, I am no Joomla genius - but I am no slouch either. I found the application to be a bit tough to figure out at first and with not much documentation I had little choice but to slog through it and figure out what did what by trial and error. Once I got the hang of it though, it does exactly what it says it does.

The best part about this extension is its creator, Carsten. I emailed Carsten for help and HE ACTUALLY REPLIED. Not once, but several times until my issue (use with Rocket Theme Gantry Templates) was resolved. For me, this is unheard of in the extension world. Extension builders, take note - SUPPORT YOUR PRODUCTS.

My report - good extension, excellent support. Great job.
Reviews: 1
This extension is a MUST! I had a few initial problems getting it to work with my Joomla template and contacted Carsten for assistance. He responded within a few hours and was able to provide me with a solution! A great product and awesome service! Thanks so much! I recommend this product & will keep an eye out for new and existing products from Pages-and-Items!
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