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Frontend-User-Access (pro) ComponentModulePlugin

With Frontend-User-Access you can set frontend access restrictions to:

* menu items (comes with menu-module)
* components
* modules
* articles (specific articles)
* articles by category
* articles by section
* part of articles and templates

Try the free trial version.

You can make as many usergroups as you need and assign users to them. There are 2 predefined usergroups which are very userfull:

* 'not logged in'
* 'logged in but not assigned to any usergroup'

You can configure for each restriction-type (components, modules, sections etc.) to reverse the access, so any box ticked becomes a restriction instead of an access-right.

With the user plugin you can auto-assign new users to usergroups (pro).

Users can be assigned to multple groups.

Frontend-User-Access is NOT A HACK.

translated into 50 languages.

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Reviews: 1
The easiest way to create custom user groups and to enforce access restrictions based on these groups and a combination of content type (article, category, section). It is also easy to learn and use, simple and may be unique.

Reviews: 5
My customer demanded selective access to content for different logged in users and with this easy to set up and easy to use extension every piece falls in place in the great Joomla-puzzle.

After my purchase I realized that not only is this a must have extension but the developer behind it are extremely competent and more than willing to help you.

Looking forward to more extensions from this developer, I will purchase them all.
Reviews: 1
looking for detailed frontend user access control: this extension is the one you're looking for (and worth paying for it)
- easy to install
- rather intuitive to use
- great support via forum and mail
nice work!
Reviews: 1
This is a professional access control system for joomla.
The group and user management is reliable and well implemented, really not a Hack.
I’m using it for activating menus for different user groups, where a user from one group doesn’t have access to menus from another group.
Excellent support: I’m using a third party template / menu system from yootheme and had some problems with module overwriting; support was implementing the specific menu system on the same day.
This was the most important thing missing in Joomla 1.5.
Reviews: 1
I don't buy many extensions, but the site we were doing had some unique requirements so I bought this extension. I had some trouble getting it to work exactly the way I wanted, so Carsten logged into the site and set it up, then explained how he did it. Well worth the money and superior service. I highly recommend. Thanks again Carsten.
Reviews: 5
This is one of the best extensions I've ever bought!

If you need to have certain modules hidden for specific users, then this is exactly what you need.

The installation is simple, the configuration is easy (how to guides are available if needed), the support is awesome and the outcome is great

I had a problem when trying it on at first and I contacted the developper. In a few minutes/hours I had a response and in less than 24 hours, he had created a patch correcting what didnt work for me. What a service.

I seriously recommand this extension if you want to hide modules. I haven't tried all of the possibilities but still, it does everything I need for now and I hear there are some other functionnalities coming up this fall.

You have to pay to have all the functionnalities, but at 100$ Canadian dollars ( app. 59 euros), it's way more than worth it!
Reviews: 1
I have to say, the idea of this extension is absolutly what I have been waiting for. This could work great to create user groups for a photography site. But installing the trial version of this was very confusing, and I consider myself pretty tech savvy.
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