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Component Content Control Plugin

This Joomla plugin allows you to specify the pages of components that are visible to guests versus those pages of the component that require the user to login first.

This is useful if you have a component - such as myblog, and you want certain blog pages to be viewable by guests, however, you want other blog pages to be viewable only by logged-in users.

Many components only allow you to specify if all or none of the pages are viewable by guests vs registered users. In many cases, you want to pick and choose which pages are public vs private. You can do this with Component Content Control.

Version 1.61 - For use on Joomla 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5 websites only.

Use V1.52 on Joomla 1.5 websites.

NOW you can control multiple components and easily set up your components that you want to be mostly private or mostly public.

For example, you might use MyBlog and have a blog that you want to be mostly private, but have some blog pages that you want to be public. Then just enter "com_myblog" in the "Mostly Private Components" parameter, and enter in the Public Tags (url fragments) of the blog pages that you want to be public.

At the same time, you might have another component that you want to be mostly public, with private access required for a few pages. Then just enter that component name (eg: com_poll, etc) in the "Mostly Public Components" parameter, and enter in the Private Tags (url fragments) of the pages that you want to be private.

Read the comcontrol_plugin_readme file at for more details.
V1.52a fixes an "empty delimiter" warning sometimes seen.

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Reviews: 1
It's impressively easy to use and works just like it should.
However, it is a bit too simple maybe. I am really looking forward to the moment the multi-component version will arrive! Untill that time I will be using this plugin with pleasure.
Reviews: 10
Very nice ACL through this.

I do not wish just to stop at 'Public' or 'Registered view'. Since joomla can have other categories UNDER 'Registered', I want few things to be available for specific sub-category of 'registered' lot. e.g. I have 'Registered-New', 'Registered-Approved' members. New entry creation button of component I am using have no ACL to prevent creation of new entry for New members. I want to achieve it through this.
Reviews: 1
By far one of the best components i had to install on my joomla website. Now i can restrict access to certain categories. Well done for this tremendous job you have done.
Reviews: 1
I've been using joomla for +10 years now, and this is the first comment I left for any extension here. This is a perfect solution for Virtuemart to completely show some categories and hide anothers, so now I can have complete control on what display/show to registered/unregistered users, done in literaly 2 minutes, thank you!
Reviews: 1
Pretty Good, I really appreciate this plugin.
Reviews: 8
I've been developing with Joomla for more than 6 years. This is the first time EVER I've given a 5 star rating.
This tiny little plugin, does precisely as it says, with such little effort. From what I can tell, it's not limited to any list of components either. Simply type in the name of your component, and it does the rest.
Brilliant, and thank you
Reviews: 20
This is the kind of extensions I love. I needed to restrict one of two books I have with FlippingBook component. This plugin did the job with ease. Thanks so much!
Reviews: 2
Takes hardly a minute to install and have it running and does what it says without any excessive setup - as simple as writing in the component's name!
I love when things work just out-of-the box and without too much tweaking afterward!
Great job developer(s)!
Reviews: 7
My Big THumbsup! for this amazing extension.. It works perfectly as describes.

looking for multiple components adaptability

Reviews: 3
Thank you very much, works perfectly, and above all meets what I wanted, I hope and is a project to continue.

Reviews: 1
I've tried a dozens of Joomla security and frontend access control control modules, plugins and components, but for this plugin I don't have enough words to tell how is worth, so I give him excelent x 2.
With regards,
Reviews: 3
2 Minutes and it was up and running and the content is under our control and re direction to the default log in page, simply amazing..
Reviews: 4
Very good work. Simple and efficient. Does what it says with no problems. I have used it for controlling access to Virtuemart pages and was great.
Georgios Kolomvos, Patras, Greece.
Reviews: 9
Very good work, Roger! Nice code, clean and to the point. You should consider striping the parameters from the plugin and combining this with a component to create a true acl system, with groups and permissions to access every component. It's a start.
Reviews: 4
Having tried many ACL type components, which did not work with JArtforms, I was delighted to find this little GEM and ecstatic that it worked easily and without issue.
Simple install & clear docs.

Multiple components would be great.

Many thanks.

Owner's reply

Hi - thanks for the kind words! Now with V1.51, it supports multiple components.

Reviews: 3
Excellent work! This is exactly what I needed to restrict EventList event details to registered users only.
Reviews: 1
but no way to set several components!!!
too bad!!!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review! I've been thinking of modifying it to work with more than one component. I'll post an update here when there is a multi-component version available.