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Frontend-User-Access (lite) ComponentModulePlugin

With Frontend-User-Access you can set frontend access restrictions to:

* components
* articles (specific articles)
* part of articles and templates
and much more

You can make as many usergroups as you need and assign users to them. There are 2 predefined usergroups which are very userfull:

* 'not logged in'
* 'logged in but not assigned to any usergroup'

Users can be assigned to multiple groups.

You can configure for each restriction-type (components, articles etc.) to reverse the access, so any box ticked becomes a restriction instead of an access-right.

Frontend-User-Access is NOT A HACK.

translated into 50 languages.

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Reviews: 3
Hello is Gavin from Australia,

I tried this extension, and is amazing, the base idea is to personalize each access to my website, thanks for the extension!!

The support is quick and prepared, five stars !!

I suggest to everyone to look also at the pro version, have fun!
Reviews: 2
This component was exactly the functionality our client was looking for in their project. Simple to use, simple to setup! I suggest buying the pro version...
Reviews: 3
I don't normally write a review, but I had to because this plugin is AWESOME. Did exactly what I wanted. I'm buying the pro version!
Reviews: 1
FUA has made our site much more powerful and useful than before. We have granular control over every user's access throughout the site. Front End User Access and Admin User Access are indispensable!
Reviews: 2
Needed a simple way to allow a handful of "registered" clients to login and see their private info.

Thanks to Carsten, after getting my act together with the config difficulty I had, my free FUA, is now working fine on my site.

End result: site works correctly, and clients can login, click a "registered-only" menu button, see their own unique page.

Nice product. Solved the login-access issue.
Reviews: 1
I use Frontend-User-Access since a few days and I recommand it very warmly. I'm realy not a Joomla / computer expert but it's easy to install and to use. The french version helped me and for the rest I got a great support (thanks Carsten). Don't hesitat. Use it !
Reviews: 2
Very usefull to manage access level to any content, module, component ...
Really a must-have to manage your Joomla sites

I wrote a new plugin to manage access to module in articles. It will be soon published by the original author (because it's his code)

Thanks to Carsten !
Reviews: 1
Although FUA can control user access to just about anything on your front end the most groovy part is the two default groups "logged in" and "logged out". I looked everywhere and as far as I know this the only extension that can control access based on these two groups. Still you could look around for something free but take it from me the pro version is worth the $$ in time and head banging saved. He supports many menu modules including his own. I had an issue with my exmenus not working with FUA loaded and Carsten had a fix pronto.

Paying for an extension is many times a pig in a poke but I am telling you in this case the pig is worth every dime.
Reviews: 1
As someone else mentioned earlier, the free version is very limited and not very useful. The functionality of restricting specific articles can be achieved easily without this add-on. For category/section/menu/modules functionality you will need the pro version.

I'll give it 3* with the assumption that the pro version (paid for) does all of the above.
Reviews: 1
Excellent product, simple and straight forward. Will probably upgrade to the pro version soon. One light hiccup, quickly solved by author.
Reviews: 1
this is a great job....
this is what i'm looking for....
and i need to know, if i use this free version, is there any limitation days of used?

thank you
Owner's reply

no limitations to days used. For support please use the forum.

Reviews: 1
This extension did everything I needed. I offer a set of online courses. This allowed me to do it all from one site, sharing resources and some common pages while keeping the students from one course from seeing material exclusive to another. Also allowed me to move students into an advanced group after they had completed basic material. I had to buy the Pro version to cope with the number of Articles I wanted to control, but well worth the price. Well done!
Reviews: 1
This one does exactly what it says. I had a special issue in conjunction with yootheme-templates, though.
Creator of Frontend-User-Access helped me out and provided me with a fix (kind of within a day).
I bought the pro version. Needed the category hide/display feature. Works great!
(hidden categorys / section will still be displayed within site search.. so I excluded those categorys with the search plugin hack)
Reviews: 1
nice component but with bad management of the article counts in the frontpage : it counts undisplayed articles !!!
Reviews: 2
I was really amazed that this actually works so perfect. I have 3 license packages on my site and each package has its own set of articles, so a licensee should only get access to those articles and update pages he is entitled to. Yet, he can see menus to pages that are not meant for him.
For the time being, that is great because it might convince him at some point to upgrade to a higher license. However, there will be a point when there is too much content on the site and then I will need the pro version of this wonderful plugin, so that I can hide menus per user group. As you can create as many user groups as you like, you can have many different access levels which do not depend on the traditional member groups like authors, editors etc...
What I find really brilliant is that you do not need to create a new user list, you have access to all the existing registered users and you can assign them to a custom user group. Piece of cake!
Reviews: 1
its a nice component. However the free version can only protect article(s).

Componenet, menus, categories is only for PRo version or Trial Version.

So if you don't buy it. it is not that useful.
Owner's reply

the free version also restricts access to components.

Reviews: 5
My customer demanded selective access to content for different logged in users and with this easy to set up and easy to use extension every piece falls in place in the great Joomla-puzzle.

I bought the pro-version and realized not only is this a must have extension but the developer behind it are extremely competent and more than willing to help you.

Looking forward to more extensions from this developer, I will purchase them all.
Reviews: 6
A very clear and concise extension.
The best of its kind!
It took only 5 minutes to make it work.

Perhaps the free version you can also "menu-item/page access" to add.

Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 13
It helps if you need to restrict particular content (in my case a help desk) to certain users(e.g.:Software customers). Would be nice if we could customize the "No permission" message.

Otherwise good job.
Owner's reply

please read this FAQ:

Reviews: 1
It looks well done, but you can't use the access control to Section/Categories until you pay for the 'pro' version.

This is mis-leading, no where on the site does it say this until you have already installed and start working on locking your stuff down.

So what does the free version offer exactly?
Owner's reply

just read this FAQ:

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