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Frontend-User-Access (lite) ComponentModulePlugin

With Frontend-User-Access you can set frontend access restrictions to:

* components
* articles (specific articles)
* part of articles and templates
and much more

You can make as many usergroups as you need and assign users to them. There are 2 predefined usergroups which are very userfull:

* 'not logged in'
* 'logged in but not assigned to any usergroup'

Users can be assigned to multiple groups.

You can configure for each restriction-type (components, articles etc.) to reverse the access, so any box ticked becomes a restriction instead of an access-right.

Frontend-User-Access is NOT A HACK.

translated into 50 languages.

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Reviews: 2
I tried this extension. Really easy to configure and customize. But when I look for results in frontend, I was disappointed. I wanted my client from frontend to be able to work with digifolio and jportfolio (portfolio components). But, only thing that this component can do is to forbid access to those portfolio components. Why, o why would I configure some component and lose much time to make it work and then-boom, forbid anyone to look at it from frontend. I am definetely confused or I just misunderstood the purpose of this Frontend-user component. When I saw this component I have to say I was thrilled so much that I have danced for 5 minutes. It was just too good to be true. Now I have to give my client backend control and I am really sad because of that.
Reviews: 1
Excellent Component. Thanks a ton :). Please seed to make it popular
Reviews: 2
An excellent piece of software for joomla. You advanced to version 1.6
Reviews: 3
Just the thing that is missing in Joomla 1.5. It can be configured within 10min and just works.

Thanks a lot!
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