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Xi Registration Redirector Plugin

Many Joomla Component have there own user registration system. When there are more than one registration system on one website, it create a chaos for users and admins.

JoomlaXi Registration Redirector is a plugin to solve above issue. Using this plugin you can redirect user to one of registration system of your choice.

Supported Registration System :
1 : JomSocial
2 : VirtueMart
3 : Community Builder
4 : Core Joomla Registration
5 : Custom URL

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Reviews: 12
Thank you for this excellent plugin. I am running Joomla 1.7 and JomSocial. I was baffled why the JomSocial registration process was working sometimes, and not at other times. JomSocial recommended I try this plugin, and I'm very happy I did.

Note: I see where ddt4ever might have had his problem. The first time I installed, I somehow downloaded an older version of the plugin. CRASHED my site completely. Luckily, I always backup before installs. Of course, this was not the plugin's fault...just my own silly error. So, I restored, found the correct version for 1.7 and installed with no problems.

Now it works perfectly :)
Reviews: 2
Did exactly what it says, now when someone needs to register it takes them to Jomsoical's registration and not Joomla's registration.
Reviews: 2
This plugin crashed my whole site. Do not install. I had a beautiful site built, everything work flawlessly until I did the unthinkable. I actually for the first time downloaded a plugin and installed it with out backing up my database and home directory. I never ever do this, but I did! Now im paying for it because of this plugin. I now have fatal error.
Reviews: 2
Easy to use and works perfectly. It's nice when you can use templates own register buttons, without any hacks. Using this on one site with JomSocial and other site with Community Builder.
Reviews: 1
Thank you for nice extension...