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Redirect on Login ComponentPlugin

Editor's Note
  • Limits functionality to user and user-groups. See:
Redirect users on login per accesslevel / usersgroup.

Can also block users from logging in.

Redirect to specific urls, or the current page. Handy for redirecting to submit an article. Or to portal-page per accesslevel.

Includes an option to ignore the set redirects when user logs in after trying to open a restricted page.

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Reviews: 1
I just wanted to redirect usere to their usergroups starting menue. It was easy tu setup.
Reviews: 2
Very versatile and very useful, just what I needed
Reviews: 4
I used this extension for a school site. It has a section for parents of which teachers edit part (class pages). Also the school secretary can make minor edits on the front end. I wanted parents going to the parents section, teachers going directly to their class pages, and the secretary going to the home page. This extension did the job perfectly, easily and in a very short time. Congratulations on very useful extension.
Reviews: 1
This excellent extension solves a problem which needs solving and does it brilliantly. What really makes this extension special is the support from the developer. Really great experience. The support was exceptional and outstanding. All your redirect problems are solved right here. Many thanks.
Reviews: 2
This extension solved my problem with the Joomla v2.5.9 login redirecting everyone to the Profile page. Everyone is now redirected to the main page with an absolute link as they should be.

I haven't found any other workarounds that did the job.
Reviews: 10
The plugin is easy to use, fields is well commented. Now I can redirect my users by AccessLevel, it's awesome! Thank you
Reviews: 3
I just needed to redirect to the current page after login from a module. It seems like an obvious feature but I didn't see a way to do it in Joomla 2.5. This took me about 1 minute to install and configure and it works with both the joomla login module and the k2 tools login module.
Reviews: 10
With the addition of ACL and language support in recent versions of Joomla, it can be a challenge if you want an easy and flexible control over where users are directed to after logging in.

This extension features a standard Joomla installation process and can be setup in a matter of minutes and if you opt to use the Dynamic Redirects, they even provide examples to get you going.

I had a site with multiple user groups with users covering 4 different languages, all with their own sets of menus based on their group and language.
Simple copy and paste of the example code only required changing of the appropriate menu link IDs.
Assigned these Dynamic Redirects to individual users and to usergroups and hey presto, all redirect taken care of.

Well worth the money compared to how long this could have taken using bodgy hacks or over rides.

Go try the free version.
Reviews: 2
Just a few clicks, and it was up and running. Soooooo easy to install.

And it works! Yay!!!

Reviews: 2
I had been struggling with trying to get the mod_login to redirect to my Jomsocial Frontpage (further complicated by having Akeebasubs). I had tried settings in the module itself, in Jomsocial configs, the Jomsocial redirect module and another third party redirect that crashed my site.
I finally decided to give this one a go and wished I had tried it first. It installed easily, set up was a breeze and - wonder of wonders - it redirected users straight off.
I am a Joomla novice and it is extensions like this that save my sanity! Thanks a thousand!
Reviews: 3
I was looking for this component, it's easy to configure and very useful.
Reviews: 8
There wasn't any screenshots or demos on the devs website, but I was having issues with a similar extension on Friday and my site was due to go live on Monday. So I decided to roll the dice. (after a akeeba backup :-))

Well in under 10 clicks I had a user group redirected to their specific community menu. There are 46 more communities but with such an easy UI this extension will make it painless.

Reviews: 14
Very simple to install, lots of options, very easy to understand though.

If you need a solution to redirect groups of users or users themselves to a certain place on your site, this is by far the best and stable extension. Also, the contact with the developer, is very responsive and polite.

In my opinion, this extension can be installed and configured by beginners Joomla users with no difficult, in less than 3 minutes I had Redirect-On-Login installed and working smoothly in my site - and I am not an advanced user.

I used this extension for a magazine site, so that users would see news related to their states when they login. It worked so well that I deciced to buy the commercial version, which also is very affordable.

It's 100% recommended.
Reviews: 3
This component does exactly what I was looking for. I was able to download it, install it, and configure a redirect that worked the first time, and all within minutes. I'll be buying the Pro version.
Reviews: 1
Works as advertised. Not issues at all.
Reviews: 4
Smooth and robust. It deserves to be added in the next Joomla core component.
Reviews: 3
Great plugin!! Works with Community Builder
Reviews: 1
Can't believe that this isn't a default feature in 1.6. Had problems at first but the developer kept on emailing me with suggestions until fixed. Fantastic. thanks