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Login Failed Log Plugin

This Small Plug-in collect logs about each failed login attempt of your Joomla site’s administrator and sends an email about each of those to the super administrator of the site with the username, password, ip address and error. Don’t forget to publish the plugin after installing.

Version 1.5.2
+ Added an option to enter custom email address.
+ Added and option to select multiple user(s).
+ Collect only the administrator logs and no the frontend.

Version 1.5.3
+ Added option to either select frontend or backend for collecting logs
+ Specefies the login originating source in the email
+ Added 1.6 Compatibility
+ Added Joomla 1.7/2.5 compatibility
+ Fixed a error for pushing the error message to user.

Version 1.5.4 (Security Release) Update Immediately
+ Added option to not save the password in clear text.

Report Extension



Reviews: 1
Reporting part works fine, got an email with failed attempt but... the problem is when I enter vaild username and password, the page refresh login page and does not show any error but I'm still not logged. Support said: We have updated the plugin and are currently beta testing."... 7 months ago.
Reviews: 31
Installed and had it running in minutes! My site hasn't been online for long and I've had emails warning me of attacks already... and thanks to this app have strengthened security! :)

Should be part of Joomla! core if you ask me!
Reviews: 2
This little tool keeps you updated about failed login attempts on your site! When you're plagued by folks trying to hack your site, or want to help people failing to login to your site, this is the plugin you need!

As far as I noticed, for every failed login attempt a notification is sent out - and that fact is also maybe the one thing where I could think of a small improvement: Maybe after a few notifications from the same IP/login the administrator already knows that something is going on, and is doing something to prevent the attack from continuing; so the plugin in my eyes should stop sending out notifications after a few attempts (or the administrator will have to possibly handle hundreds of notifications in his inbox after the attack).

Apart from that, really a cool extension, and the up-side of getting notifications for all login attempts is that you get a full log for every failed attempt (including the clear-text password, IP-Address, the error message, the exact time, and whether the attempt occured in Frontend or in Backend)!
Reviews: 20
Installed and working in minutes in my 1.5 installation. Works perfectly. I´ll start to use it in all my Joomla! sites. Thanks to the developer for this great plugin!
Reviews: 9
Installed, activated, tested.
Useful, exactly what I was looking for.
Works fine and does what it says.
Reviews: 8
It does what it says. Really useful if you want to know when login fails. Is a really good option. Thanks guys.
Reviews: 1
Having lots of failed login attempts and wanting to know more about these I searched high and low for an extension like this.

Easy to install and works exactly as expected - just not with CB login module, but hopefully in a future version..;-)

And now it is even possible to choose either front end, back end or both!
Reviews: 2
This is really good plugin, works perfect.

As future woulb be good to see failed log atemps on backend too.
Reviews: 8
This is great, thank you. I am looking for the one that sends me an email when the the visitor or the user fails to log in to their front end account. I am not talking about the administrator page. You know some websites have a account page where the user can make a account. Do you know any links that I can find it?
Thank you again and keep up the good work.
Reviews: 8
Very useful and the version at the time of this writing adds the ability to send the report to any email or Super Admin.

It was also easy to hack for reporting failed logons to both the front end and admin url. The option to report on either or both login types might be useful in future versions.
Reviews: 27
Great extension! I have been looking for that. The only con is that you cannot select the user or the email you want to send the report to. The reports can be send only to the super administrators and this is not configurable.