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Quick Logout Component

The Quick Logout component adds a new menu item type to Joomla 2.5 and 3.x that logs a registered user out without the confirmation step. In addition, you can specify the page to redirect the user to when logging out. When Joomla is configured to use a "guest" user group, you can set this menu item to show to "registered" users, and combine it with a "Login" menu item that is set to show only go "Guest" users. If these 2 menu items are next to each other on the menu, it appears to be a single menu item that switches from "Login" to "Logout" depending on the status of the user.

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Reviews: 2
A really helpful and simple extension to use. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 6
Simplest but effective extension used since I work on Joomla. I needed to let the user a quick logout solution and this works great!
Reviews: 1
Now THIS is how extensions should work... perfectly the first time! 30 seconds from download to success. Amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Reviews: 26
I had a client who didn't like the 'do you really want to log out' feature, this extension worked perfectly and saved having to use custom URL's etc.

Thanks :)
Reviews: 5
I was banging my head against the wallas to how to make a quick LOGOUT link. Joomla adds menu item id at the end of the menu item link making it bloody impossible. After finding this add on it took me 5 seconds! As said in the title, JUST PERFECT!
Reviews: 3
All Joomla Components and Plugins should be this easy, fast and intuitive to use!! Great Job!!!
Reviews: 17
Easily add your logout menu item and redirect to any page. I set it for registered members only and once the logout menu item is clicked the user is logged out and redirected to the page of my choice. download, install, and setup done in 20 seconds.
Reviews: 3
This extension makes really easy to create a menu item (clickable in a menu module, or acessed by URL) which just logout the user. I use it on every project that requires authentication features, a must have.
Reviews: 10
Great extension, does exactly what it says. I was surpised to find out that this isn't possible in Joomla core.

I'm glad I found this extension and didn't waste hours looking for other solution.

Would be even better if there wasn't menu item in component, which doesn't do nothing, besides take up space, but that's just my opinion.
Reviews: 37
Thanks for providing a much needed extension, which was missed in the core project team's assignment list.
Reviews: 1
Great and time saver extension, really works without any issue and what i want.
Reviews: 2
That should be part of com_user.

For security reasons a token should placed in a hidden field of a form. You only support a link.
Reviews: 9
did just what it advertised, and was free! All I wanted more was to be able to choose the log out redirect page, so I added the option, and sent it to the developer.

Thanks, simple and great!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your very useful enhancement to the component. The ability to specify a page to redirect to upon logout has been added to QuickLogout 1.8.0. Thanks again!

Reviews: 6
Did what I needed, easy to use. Perfect.
Reviews: 1
This extension provides functionality that should definitely be in the core. It couldn't be easier to use, and as a bonus the developer has kept the code looking clean with sufficient documentation.
Reviews: 2
Quick and easy log-out. Does what it says.
Reviews: 10
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! That's all I can say. The nightmare of creating multiple menus and dealing with access rights was a pain until I found this component.

This is a must have and should be included in the core immediately!
Reviews: 16
I was getting pretty frustrated, until I found this gem.
Works great as finishing touch, since I needed to build a new jomsocial toolbar.
Reviews: 70
Joomla's two-step logout procedure always annoyed me, and today a client insisted I try to find a way around it. I came across Quick Logout and it works perfectly :)
Reviews: 1
Worked exactly as described. Thank you for this great extension!
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