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Quick Logout Component

The Quick Logout component adds a new menu item type to Joomla 2.5 and 3.x that logs a registered user out without the confirmation step. In addition, you can specify the page to redirect the user to when logging out. When Joomla is configured to use a "guest" user group, you can set this menu item to show to "registered" users, and combine it with a "Login" menu item that is set to show only go "Guest" users. If these 2 menu items are next to each other on the menu, it appears to be a single menu item that switches from "Login" to "Logout" depending on the status of the user.

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Reviews: 11
Great component that should be part of the Joomla core!!
Reviews: 9
Should be core ;-)
Reviews: 40
Why something this simple and perfect is not part of the Joomla core is beyond me. Thanks, John, for providing a simple and elegant solution that makes the user experience SO much better!!!! Great work!
Reviews: 9
An essential add-on that probably should not be needed, as in this should be part of the Joomla core.

Anyway this is as simple as what the component is called, no settings required, just a simple case of install and then create your menu item - how simple is that :)

Thanks to the developer (John) for proving this to every one :)
Reviews: 2
It's rare for me to rate extensions, but this one was worthy of 5 stars! Thanks for the great work on this!
Reviews: 23
This works perfect, thanks to the dev :)
Reviews: 3
It does exactly what it says in a very simple manner. Added to my site, component linked from a user menu item it works very fine.
I do agree with all those ones suggesting this as a standard feature of Joomla
Reviews: 8
My whole j1.7 site is behind a login. No public access. So this component allowed for a simple menu item to logout to the site's home page.

One less thing for me to muck around with.

Reviews: 3
This plugin does just as it states and it works right out of the box. Perfect! Thank you for sharing this with the rest of us who lack the programmer gene.
Reviews: 2
Works great, thank you very much. As so many others stated already, this should be part of the standard installation.

Great job!
Reviews: 6
Quick, simple and effective. This should be part of Joomla! core.
Reviews: 3
Quick and simple. Reiterate what others have said: This should be part of Joomla Core.
Reviews: 1
I'm hesitant to install modules willy-nilly, but was looking for a good solution to 1.7 logout with a menu link. This was insanely easy to install and apply to a menu link. Outstanding. I will be incorporating this into all my websites. Thanks for taking the time to make this easy!
Reviews: 5
I had it included in my Important Tools list.
If I install Joomla, i.e. I also install a certain list of tools.

This is one of my favorite.
Thanks for the great work.
Reviews: 4
This is a nice and simple addition to J1.6/7.

I had a tweak running on J1.5 that changed a Login menu item to Logout 'Username' - similar to what you see on the Joomla forum menu bar.

Since 1.6/7, the core files have changed and the tweak sadly doesn't work any more.

However, if you use this component, you can almost achieve the same thing. The trick relies on two menu items next to each other - one says Login, the other says Logout. Only Guests can see the Login option, only Registered Users can see the Logout option, so effectively you can create a Login/Logout button that changes state according to the type of User - and you don't have to hack any Joomla core files!

All this component needs (to make it absolutely perfect), would be an option to include the Registered username after the Logout text.

For now though, it is the best solution for a dynamic login/logout button.

Thanks to the developer, keep up the good work!
Reviews: 3
This component is outstanding, does exactly what it says, and saved me many hours of programming.
Reviews: 4
Needed a quick log out button, this mod fixed that for 1.7. Nice work
Reviews: 1
For those who had a log out menu item in 1.6, this component does a great job doing the same thing - easily - for 1.7.
Reviews: 1
Simple and powerfull - best solution after Joomla! feature that logout needs token!
Reviews: 1
Great thanks for this invention John! That's exactly the solution I was looking for.

If anyone has problems to get it working, just ask John. He fixed my "bad" server configuration and now everything works just great. I really like this Button!
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