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Custom Member Homepage Plugin

Do you have the need to display a unique homepage to your logged in members? This plugin will do the trick. There are a lot of Joomla Extensions that will help to redirect a user after they log in to your site, however, this plugin is different. It is designed to redirect your logged in users to a unique homepage (that you choose in the parameter settings) for every link on your site designated as your home page.

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Reviews: 5
I installed this on a site where I wanted to introduce non-members to the site, sort of an unofficial "about" page. Once registered and logged in, members were able to see the latest stories, etc. Perfect for what I was wanting! To do this, all you have to do is assign a single article for homepage for non-registered members. Then set the page in this extension's configuration. It is simple to do, even a Joomla beginner can do it. I was thrilled to get it working.
Reviews: 1
Thanks for this extension. Worked Great for my Joomla version 2.5.16 website.
Reviews: 6
5-stars for being able to change to another homepage for ONE group of users.

would be nice to be able to do multiple homepages for 2 or more user groups...

but can't take away a star for that, it does what it's supposed to in a 5-star way.
Reviews: 3
The problem when you have a site with limited access to some visitors is the management of the default home page.

This extension is the answer. Simply define what the new homepage depending on the desired access level and it's done.

Thank you to the developer for this brilliant idea.

Reviews: 1
This is absolutely brilliant ideas! May your provide a option to download the older versions of extension? I think it will be handy for J.1.5's user. Thanks again!
Reviews: 1
Amazing simple, effective plugin and does exactly what it says. I struggled with another plugin that said it'd do the same thing, unfortunately it was buggy and broke my template, but this extension works like a charm. It also works when using Community Builder for user management! Thank you for this!
Reviews: 31
the concept is just great , i love the idea and its good to see some creative developers who are always on the run to develop & improve more Modules & Plugins, Components ,,nice idea,,,keep it up
Owner's reply

Thank you for the positive feedback. We strive to be innovative and think outside the box.