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Redirect on Login (pro) ComponentPlugin

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Redirect users on login per accesslevel / usersgroup / user / all users. Frontend and backend redirection.

+ option to redirect when user opens the site
+ option to block users to log in
+ works with Joomla's multi language menu association
+ dynamic redirects (on the fly calculation of redirect url in PHP)
+ create frontend menu items to dynamic redirects
+ option to ignore the set redirects when user logs in after trying to open a restricted page.

Redirect to specific urls, or the current page and much more. Handy for redirecting to submit an article. Or to portal-page per accesslevel/usergroup.

With this extension you can set all sorts of redirects on login and redirects on logout. Also redirects when opening the site.

You can use custom redirect scripts, in easy PHP syntax, with plenty of examples and support given. These can be used to set a dynamic redirect (login/logout/opening site) based on:
- user
- group/level
- country
- time of day
- device (phone, tablet, pc)
- anything from the database
- all combinations of the above and much more.

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Reviews: 1
I was having a few redirection issues on my new Joomla site and was going around in circles. This solved them all quickly. The extension is very easy to set-up and the questions I had were responded to very quickly. The extra flexibility of the paid version is worth it.
Reviews: 1
I was having major problems with other redirect extensions prior to trialing Redirect On Login with the free version. Once I installed all my problems were resolved. While the free version is fantastic, I would highly recommend to upgrade to the Pro version (as I have done) to obtain advantage of the other great tools in this extension.
Reviews: 19
Just like the first reviewer I've downloaded the free version as this offers all I need. Installs in seconds en is set up in just a few moments more.
Reviews: 3
I installed the Free version because this is all I need.

I have a menu item I want certain user groups to see and redirect to them, while I have a 2nd user group which I want them to go to another menu which neither can see.

Much harder than I thought it would be until I found this awesome redirect on login extension!

Thank you!