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Ninja Redirect Module

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The simplest and easiest way to keep visitors moving to where they should be!

Designing a good site which reacts to the status of a user is a tough task.

If you have a website which has differences in layout or menus between logged in and logged out users you may want to hide some pages from certain users without showing them ugly messages saying they can't view the page, or that they need to register instead of just sending them straight to the registration page or login page.

This sort of skipping around will cost you users as they come up against brick walls on your site. Or you may be the owner of a demo site and want a simple way to prevent users from registering or accessing off-limits pages.

Welcome to Ninja Redirect.
Just place this module in the page(s) you want to hide and then forward your visitors to your signup page or any other that you choose, on or off your site.
Keep a clean flow through your site instead of brick walls which cause visitors to leave.


* Can select users by standard Joomla user groups - guest, author etc.
* Can enter custom group id's
* Can also enter individual user id's for even finer grained control
* Select list of common redirection locations - e.g. hompage, register page
* Custom redirect url also possible, including external sites.

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