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Akeeba Backup Core is the successor to the now famous JoomlaPack component. In a nutshell, Akeeba Backup Core is an open-source backup component for the Joomla! CMS, quite a bit different than its competition. Its mission is simple: create a site backup that can be restored on any Joomla!-capable server. Its possibilities: endless. It creates a full backup of your site in a single archive. The archive contains all the files, a database snapshot and an installer similar in function to the standard Joomla! installer. The backup and restore process is AJAX powered to avoid server timeouts, even with huge sites. Alternatively, you can make a backup of only your database, or only your files. If you want a reliable, easy to use, open source backup solution for your Joomla! site, try it out.

Akeeba Backup has won the prestigious Administrator Only Extension J.O.S.C.A.R. Award at J and Beyond 2010. Download it for free to find out why.

Latest Joomla! 2.5/3.x only. We have older versions for past Joomla! 1.5/1.6/1.7/2.5/3.x versions on our site.


- It configures itself for optimal operation with your site. Just click on Configuration Wizard.
- One click backup.
- AJAX powered backup (site and database, database only, files only or incremental files only backup)
- The fastest native PHP backup engine.
- Choose between standard ZIP or highly efficient JPA archive format
- able to exclude specific files, folders
- able to exclude specific database tables or their contents
- Unattended backup mode (CRON job scheduling), fully compatible with
- Backup using any cellphone made after 2007 with a web browser using our exclusive "Lite Mode" (including the cheapest Nokia and Sony Ericsson models!)
- AJAX powered site restoration
- "Kickstart" restore: restore without unpacking backup
- Move your site between hosts without downloading/uploading anything (using the DirectFTP backup engine)
- Archives can be restored on any host. Useful for transferring your site between subdomains/hosts or even to/from your local testing server (XAMPP, WAMPServer, MAMP, Zend Server, etc).

and much much more!

Do not miss out the complimentary companion software (Akeeba Kickstart and Akeeba eXtract Wizard) which are available free of charge from our site. They make working with Akeeba Backup a breeze.

Note: The software is free of charge, its support is not. You need a valid subscription to request support. Its documentation, the troubleshooting wizard and searching the public tickets is free.


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Reviews: 2
Let me start by saying that for some this is probably a very good and useful extension, however it may not be in all cases.
I wanted a simple way to backup a Joomla site, and so I installed Akeeba. This was the free version. I have a dedicated server which I was replacing so having set up the new server I ftp'd all the files etc across , great it all worked. The site had also been backed up using Akeeba before the move just in case. The site worked all was good until a problem appeared. Not a problem as I had an backup from Akeeba prior to the move that i could just install so away I went.
I followed the manual, I got Kickstart I tried to use it, I got lots of error messages most about it couldn't create this file, I tred different chmods inc 777 which i hate as it can leave a system open and still errors, i even tried creating files maunally and assigning 777 just so I knew they were full read and writable. Still no joy, after ages looking at the manual and how to's forums and all manner of sites mentioning Akeeba, i finally had to admit defeat.
Akeeba does have another route to restore though so I thought ok lets use that. I did and I got an interface where it allowed an install of files and database. I used it I restored my site, except when trying to access the site after all i got was code 500 error messages, both front and backend. The site was unaccessable. I turned of this that and the other in the database and still nothing.
Since then I have found that the plugins part of the database had errors and that login details were also corrupted.
The problems have resulted in my slowly rebuilding the site, and once all features are reinstalled I will manually compare database table information and import information a bit at a time backing up along the way so i can reverse something if needed.
Akeeba did not work for me and the backup obviously had flaws as it was taken from a fully operational site. I am an experienced computer user and not a novice. In future the easiest route for me will be to upload and create the site then once created backup the files. As Joomla is driven by the database and it is the database that controls everything it is then just a matter of backing that up regularly on its own. I can then just simply restore the files and the most recent database, only time to backup the files would be after an update as if nothing changes they don't need to be touched.
Some tools can help, but if this experience has taught me anything, do not rely on them if it is mission critical, rely on yourself.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review, but I have to strongly disagree to each and every of its points because they are misinformed, misguided, unfounded allegations or just plain wrong. You didn't follow the documentation, despite your assurances to the cotrary, and you didn't ask for support. The tool did what you told it to do, which wasn't what you meant to do because you couldn't diagnose an unrelated problem with your database. Let me take your points one be one.

"I followed the manual […] I tred different chmods inc 777"
In other words you didn't follow the manual which tells you that you need to use Kickstart's FTP mode and NEVER give 0777 permissions! Please remember that I've written an article which is called "777: The number of the beast". If my documentation told you to give 777 permissions to files so that you can write to them I'd commit harakiri without a second thought. It does tell you that you may have to give a temporary directory 0777 permissions and delete it after the restoration is over, but you didn't try that.

"all i got was code 500 error messages, both front and backend. The site was unaccessable. I turned of this that and the other in the database and still nothing."
So you still didn't read the documentation. FYI, our post-restoration troubleshooting page: Furthermore, "turning off this that and the other" is not part of our instructions. These are –presumambly wrong and unrealted– things you tried, i.e. shotgun debugging to a problem you didn't care to frame adequately in order to solve. As becomes apparent further down the 500 errors were due to issues on your database which are unrelated to the backup and restoration.

"Since then I have found that the plugins part of the database had errors and that login details were also corrupted."
So far this doesn't sound like a problem related to my component. It sounds like you had a crashed table (the plugins table). Overwriting a crashed table is not possible. You have to repair the table first and then try to overwrite it, e.g. by doing a site restoration. Regarding the login details, you are asked for a new password when restoring your site. But of course you would have known HAD YOU READ THE DOCUMENTATION. OK, maybe you've read the documentation. But there's a huge difference between sifting thorugh a document and *reading* it. Sifting through it gives you the illusion that you know what you're doing. Reading it gets you to follow its instructions. Huge difference indeed.

"I am an experienced computer user and not a novice."
I am an experienced driver and not a novice. This doesn't mean I can drive a truck. Are you an experienced PHP developer who knows how Joomla! works? Did you ask for my support before concluding that something in my software "obviously had flaws"? For all I know, you had a corrupt database table and just couldn't diagnose it. Your random attempts seem to have included rebuilding the database, in which case you simply got over the problem because you got rid of the crashed table.

"As Joomla is driven by the database and it is the database that controls everything it is then just a matter of backing that up regularly on its own."
I could begin to comment in how many ways this statement is false, but I digress. Just don't state you personal opinion as a fact. It may be misleading to people reading this.

"Some tools can help, but if this experience has taught me anything, do not rely on them if it is mission critical, rely on yourself."
So yo got your free tool, you didn't do your due dilligence to test the backup before disaster stroke, you didn't follow the documentation (even though you falsely imply that you did and as a result you tried doing something as insecure as using 0777 permissions), you didn't read the troubleshooting guide, you didn't ask for support and somehow you decided that the tool is broken. Obviously the other 1160 users who gave it five star reviews are on my payroll. I rest my case.

People, we have a support service for a reason. For 7.79 Euros you could have asked for my support and I would, as with all similar cases, have provided support directly on your server. It would have saved you all the effort and dispel any doubts as to what was really going on. Think about it. 7.79 Euros versus God knows how many hours you wasted doing uncorrelated actions which ultimately lead you to rebuilding your site for absolutely no good reason.

Reviews: 1
Akeeba Backup made it simple and easy for me to do what i needed to do. The Best Joomla Extension i have ever used. Easy to install and run.

All for Free!
Reviews: 11
A week or so ago I wrote a poor review (still awaiting approval!), but since then I've been working on Akeeba - reading the documentation, etc. and I'm really pleased to say that I've got a successful backup which I've restored to my PC (under XAMPP) using Kickstart.
The main problem I've had is that Akeeba won't back up my jpg image files or mp4 video files, so I've had to create a mirror image of their folders on my PC (by downloading by ftp) and then copying to those folders under XAMPP. The localhost version of my web site now works well.
I would have classed this product as excellent if the backup had included the image and video folders.
If you're happy to work with this Backup Extension then it does what it claims.
Reviews: 3
Every site i install this great extension first. It's realy a 'must have' for each
Reviews: 9
Akeeba backup is the second extension I install on any site I build.
I lost a large (around 1000 articles) site a few years ago because I did not have a proper backup system in place. I am self taught and need an extension that is fairly simple to understand, configure and use.
Akeeba Backup fulfills all that and more. I have used it to migrate from host to host, restore after completley stuffing up migrations of joomla versions, after a site was hacked. Most of the sites I make are for non-profit clubs so I do noit get paid for my time and it is great to have access to such a brilliant extension for no cost.
Reviews: 4
Akeeba is obviously a highly popular component - it really is a fantastic product!

I've been using Akeeba for the last few years and it's never let me down.

Recently, I was looking into some advanced functions and needed the support of the Akeeba developers.

Quite simply they were amazing; very quick to respond and knew everything I needed.

Highly recommended!
Reviews: 2
Just downloaded and installed AKEEBA. Backed up my site, and was able to restore it (using AKEEBA Kickstart) in less than 10 minutes to a different server. Site and admin end are working 100% as if nothing ever happened. Thanks Nick for s GREAT job
Reviews: 3
With lots of website contributors in my workplace, a solid backup/restore extension was needed to move content between our development server and live web server.

Combined with the Akeeba Kickstart script, Akeeba Backup was perfect for this. As a beginner to Joomla, the support documentation was easy to understand and very professional.

Backups and restores are done in minutes rather then hours; which is highly appreciated when you are a support tech.

Anything less then five stars doesn't do this extension justice. Thanks to the developer for putting so much time and effort into this wonderful product.
Reviews: 1
Akeeba Backup works perfect and easy.
The interface and documentation are extremely easy to use. Cannot live without it.
Reviews: 1
This is the most outstaing extensions in the directory. Essential in every Joomla project. Gongrats!
Reviews: 2
Seriously - install Joomla, then install Akeeba Backup (and probably admin tools by the same developer).

Don't build without it. Moving from Localhost? Moving TO localhost? Cloning sites? Routine backups? CRON'd backups to your s3 storage?

You cannot beat this extension, this support and this quality.

There are 6 extensions that go into every single site I build. This is one of them. Client says "I have a backup system", I say "that's great" and install Akeeba. Its fast, effective, bundled restoration and just handles EVERYTHING.
Reviews: 2
Akeeba Backup has been one of the featured extensions on every joomla installation.
My last installation upgrade has broken the back up now button and it seems not to work. That is the only reason I am uninstalling such a great extension
Owner's reply

Assuming that the latest upgrade refers to Akeeba Backup Core 3.4.3, the Backup Now button is tested and working by yours truly on Joomla! 1.5.26 and 2.5.4 on PHP 5.2.11, 5.2.17, 5.3.10 and 5.4.0 on servers running on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux, using Google Chrome 18, Firefox 11 & 12 and IE 9 across the same mix of OS. If you have Joomla! 1.6/1.7 you need to upgrade to 2.5.4; the obsolete, insecure versions of Joomla! are no longer supported. If this is not the case and you still have a problem I would suggest taking a look at your plugins. There are several plugins which manage to screw up the Javascript in the backend and, in this case, Akeeba Backup will not work. Unfortunately, I can only vouch for my code and its proper use of Joomla! development best practices, not other developers' code. If you do file a bug report, however, I might be able to trace the issue for you and who knows, we might even find a viable workaround as we always do in such cases.

Reviews: 4
I only recently discover Akeeba Backup and it has saved me hours, instead of downloading a full copy of my site as a backup Akeeba does a complete, reliable backup in less than 5 mins.
The Kickstart component is absolutely brilliant it makes moving your site from one server to another a breeze.
Well done guys an abolutely brilliant extension.
Reviews: 3
This is the first time a middle-aged woman penetrating into IT space and everything is new to me. At my age, establishing a joomla site for my business purpose is considered too late, but I couldn't start it earlier. Anyway, I found this backup comp on web and installed it on my site. It just works brilliant! It was actually taking me slow progress to understand how it worked and how to install it on my site, however, I made it eventually and now I think my other sites (which I am going to extend my business) cannot live without this fabulous extension. I want to thank the developers team for their outstanding work.
Reviews: 4
Akeeba Backup works perfect and easy.
I have a test- and a productive site, it's really easy to make test changes and play them up into the productive system. At least once it saved my ass to have a backup, because I did something very bad - fiddled around in the database...
I am really convinced with Akeeba Backup and think it is a real goody for every Joomla!-Admin.
Thank you for this tool!
Reviews: 8
I just noticed I marked the best Joomla extension as favorite but never made a review!
All is said before but this tool should be core and therefore it is the only extension I ALWAYS install on every Joomla site I support or build.
Very easy to use for most but don't forget: Read the Fine Manual!
Reviews: 3
I have used Akeeba Backup for some time, but unfortunately it will no longer restore on my Mac with MAMP. I have read all of the trouble shooting documentation but unfortunately one of the suggestions solve the problem. I'm sure this is a bug.

Bugs are expected but the contact form on the akeeba website doesn't work and you have to pay for support (which I would be happy to do if it were a support issue, unfortunately I am absolutely sure my settings are correct).

So alas, I cant give 5 stars. I'm rating it as average because the backup does actually work, its in the reinstall that you may have trouble, but for archival purposes this should be fine.
Owner's reply

Given the fact that I am using MAMP myself to develop and test Akeeba Backup and its associated utilities on a MacBook Pro I would be very surprised if using MAMP was responsible for your restoration issues.

Receiving 5-7 unsolicited support requests over the Contact Us form every day pretty much ensures that the form does work. If you have submitted an unsolicited support request and not gotten a reply is because I never reply to unsolicited support requests sent through the Contact Us form, exactly as mentioned explicitly on the Contact Us form's page.

That said, if you actually pay for support and it turns out to be an unknown bug in my software I will give you a free AKEEBADELUXE subscription, exactly as I've done to a handful of bug reporters to this date. It's not like I have abandoned my software. I just don't enjoy working for free. Would you walk up to your car mechanic and demand that he fixes your car for free? If not, why would you ask a developer to provide you with free support?

Reviews: 9
An excellent and a must component for my every Joomla site.
I really want to congratulate and thanking the developer for continuing providing the support.
I already purchased the pro version and it really is amazing.
Reviews: 4
Congratulations, easy to use.
This extension is actually very easy to use. I've found the translation for pt-BR, which makes it even easier to use.
In a new site, is the first extension to be installed.
Before installing any, make up, if there is any mistake, go back to the restore point.
Reviews: 6
I use it for years on all my sites and it just works perfectely. Backup in 1 click and restaure in few clicks. We can even install the backup on another server.

A must have !
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