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Akeeba Backup Core is the successor to the now famous JoomlaPack component. In a nutshell, Akeeba Backup Core is an open-source backup component for the Joomla! CMS, quite a bit different than its competition. Its mission is simple: create a site backup that can be restored on any Joomla!-capable server. Its possibilities: endless. It creates a full backup of your site in a single archive. The archive contains all the files, a database snapshot and an installer similar in function to the standard Joomla! installer. The backup and restore process is AJAX powered to avoid server timeouts, even with huge sites. Alternatively, you can make a backup of only your database, or only your files. If you want a reliable, easy to use, open source backup solution for your Joomla! site, try it out.

Akeeba Backup has won the prestigious Administrator Only Extension J.O.S.C.A.R. Award at J and Beyond 2010. Download it for free to find out why.

Latest Joomla! 2.5/3.x only. We have older versions for past Joomla! 1.5/1.6/1.7/2.5/3.x versions on our site.


- It configures itself for optimal operation with your site. Just click on Configuration Wizard.
- One click backup.
- AJAX powered backup (site and database, database only, files only or incremental files only backup)
- The fastest native PHP backup engine.
- Choose between standard ZIP or highly efficient JPA archive format
- able to exclude specific files, folders
- able to exclude specific database tables or their contents
- Unattended backup mode (CRON job scheduling), fully compatible with
- Backup using any cellphone made after 2007 with a web browser using our exclusive "Lite Mode" (including the cheapest Nokia and Sony Ericsson models!)
- AJAX powered site restoration
- "Kickstart" restore: restore without unpacking backup
- Move your site between hosts without downloading/uploading anything (using the DirectFTP backup engine)
- Archives can be restored on any host. Useful for transferring your site between subdomains/hosts or even to/from your local testing server (XAMPP, WAMPServer, MAMP, Zend Server, etc).

and much much more!

Do not miss out the complimentary companion software (Akeeba Kickstart and Akeeba eXtract Wizard) which are available free of charge from our site. They make working with Akeeba Backup a breeze.

Note: The software is free of charge, its support is not. You need a valid subscription to request support. Its documentation, the troubleshooting wizard and searching the public tickets is free.


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Reviews: 1
The presentation is not correct.
It states it is free, but some of the listed features are only available in a paid version.

Unfortunately this has made it less usable for my needs. Sad.
Owner's reply

All of the advertised features are available in the free of charge version (Akeeba Backup Core) except for the send-to-email feature which I forgot to remove from this listing and I sincerely apologise for that. I will promptly remove it. Everything else listed above is in the free version. If you can't find it, please read the documentation which is available free of charge on our site, watch our video tutorials (free of charge, of course!!) or search for free of charge third party tutorials, in writing or video. That said, please note that we have a free of charge section on our forum dedicated to pre-sales questions and reporting issues, as well as a free of charge contact page. So, I don't really get why you downrated the software if the only feature not available is sending backups to email, a feature which was removed because it was impractical (backups over 1Mb –that is ALL backups!– not split in 1Mb segments as per the documentation instructions, which nobody read, would cause a timeout or memory exhaustion error).

Reviews: 4
Great tool to make backup of your site.
A litle work to make easier the restoration and it will be a "must have".
Reviews: 51
This software is great, it does a good solid backup, it can transfer software to a new site, it even has a site transfer wizard to help you out (though it's almost impossible to get it working).

Until version 3.3.5 it even had restoration points, so when an item was updated, you could roll back to a previous edition if it fails.

And therein lies the low grade I've given it. They have removed the restoration point thing without any warning in 3.3.5, and you can't even roll back to the 3.3.4, because they've removed the feature.

If this was informed previously, BEFORE the upgrade, you could make an informed decision on the upgrade, but by doing it this way, you can't.

The prosoftware is very expensive, and I can only fear for the future, when they remove this feature without warning, what will be next.
Owner's reply

First, we had discussed that on my forum ( where you wrote:

"You want me to pay 40€ PER YEAR for this software, never in a million years, just to get that feature back?????? This is a fringe product compared to the features on the site, and I pay less for them combined."

So, basically, here's what you told me:
- You consider backups to be a fringe feature of your site.
- You are OK paying for other people's software, but not for mine (gee, thanks)
- You consider me terrible (gee, thanks a bunch!)
- Yet, you think it's OK to complain very loudly about a feature which was removed, even though its functionality CAN be replicated with the existing features of the Core release (free as in "free beer") and I had the courtesy of telling you how without requesting payment for your support request.
- YOU failed to read the release announcement ( where it is CLEARLY stated what was removed and WHY (and I tweeted a link to it too), you didn't bother reading the CHANGELOG and somehow it's my problem that you are too lazy to visit the site, subscribe to the FeedBurner RSS-to-email gateway (which sends you a copy of the announcement to your mailbox before Akeeba Backup notifies you of the update) or read the tweet.

So, you say it's a fringe product you don't respect and you don't value, yet you consider the system restore points feature critical? Really?! You call my software "fringe", which to a developer who's giving something away for free it's like telling him to screw himself. You call me terrible. You make it perfectly clear that you will never, ever pay to get anything from me. You have never contributed anything to the free version, be it a translation, a suggestion, a bug report or a kind word. Nada. Nothing. Zilch. Yet you have the bloody nerve to make demands?! In the words of Liraz Siri, a TurnKey Linux co-developer, "Be nice. It's a fscking gift". (

Reviews: 1
Very easy to install and use.

I have only used for one restore onto a different server. Other than the need to create a database and user (which I don't think you would need restoring onto the same server), it worked great.

A few glitches when I brought it up but WAY easier than a full setup.
Reviews: 8
Does its job and evolves.
Keep going on.
Reviews: 10
I found Akeeba Backup three years ago but I never downloaded it because I didn't want any extension that could destroy my work. Now I realize I was missing a core part of Joomla!. Yesterday I had a big problem transferring my first Joomla 1.7 site to a live server using the usual manual method so I decided to give this extension a trial. Surprisingly, Akeeba Backup rescued me. It is just as wonderful as Joomla! itself. If you love Joomla!, you will love Akeeba Backup... Trust me
Reviews: 1
Component very easy to use and easy to upgrade
Reviews: 1
Easy to use, excellent support and documentation. Get this extension for every Joomla site you build.
Reviews: 18
This is the first component I install on every Joomla! website I create.

Nicholas is a great developer and supporter!

I backupd my website every day with this great component. Yes, I can sleep peacefully! ;-)
Reviews: 2
I use this extension for every site. It is essential if you ever move a site to another server. The capability -- new -- to backup sites remotely from any client and save the backup remotely anywhere is extremely convenient. I encountered a very obscure issue with windows task scheduler and received prompt, thorough, and accurate support assistance from Nicholas. Virtually alone among free extensions (not to mention paid ones) the documentation is phenomenal. Extremely thorough, detailed, and precise, with many examples. Not only that, even within the extension there are many links to the documentation, precisely at the point whjere your question arises. And although I recognize that the Joomla communittis very diverse and international, nonetheless it is very helpful for me personally to be able to converse with a developer whose English is perfect, especially as my Greek is non-existent!

I cannot recommend this extension highly enough.
Reviews: 3
If you just installed Joomla, this is the first extension to download. Absolutely essential. After that, install Akeeba Admin.

Thanks for a truly worthwhile extension
Reviews: 12
I have been used Akeeba for 3 years now...and you know how many problems did I have with Akeeba??? perfectly, smoothly and easy. Great for localhost work and after going live in minutes...THANKS FOR THIS GREAT EXTENTION!!! IMHO think is just one of the best Joomla! components ever!!
Reviews: 6
It works perfectly fine, a must have.
You can configure whether .zip or .jpa (own archive system).

I would have needed it before my website crash though ^^

Thanks for this extension.
Reviews: 4
This extension is Great free extension!!
Seven stars for this.
It's not only for backing up a website from online server to local computer server, but it's work also the other way around. I used to work and complete a website on my local computer first, before transferring it manually to online server trough ftp, it's took times and sometimes error happen resulted in fail. but when I got this extension no more problem :) is so easy, fast and no more error.
Thanks to Akkeba Team for this free extension...
Reviews: 1
One of the most utilitarian components ever!
I use it one every site that runs on Joomla! and it has ever failed me. Recently, I downloaded the latest version and was surprised of the new features.
Great Work!
Reviews: 5
I won't build a site without it. Simply one of the best tools available for Joomla! Intuitive, proactive and extremely useful. Install it today!
Reviews: 6
It is perfectly easy to use and well designed. I use it very often before any plugin installations and until now I did no need to restore - let's hope this will be true in the future :)
Reviews: 3
Perfect and a must have. We use it for all our sites. Two thumbs up.
Reviews: 12
I may have already reviewed this ... but it's worth a note that, combined with Admin Tools, this makes upgrading from Joomla 1.6.x to 1.7 totally painless. The whole process (including a before/after backup) took less than 10 minutes .. with absolutely no issues.

This has to be welcome news for all of us that are all too familiar with the Joomla upgrade "dance".

Congratulations to the Akeeba team .. they deserve Joomla Oscars!
Reviews: 12
Just moved a 1.5.17 (don't ask) to 1.7 on a different host with minimal effort, using this software. Thank you!
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