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Akeeba Backup Core is the successor to the now famous JoomlaPack component. In a nutshell, Akeeba Backup Core is an open-source backup component for the Joomla! CMS, quite a bit different than its competition. Its mission is simple: create a site backup that can be restored on any Joomla!-capable server. Its possibilities: endless. It creates a full backup of your site in a single archive. The archive contains all the files, a database snapshot and an installer similar in function to the standard Joomla! installer. The backup and restore process is AJAX powered to avoid server timeouts, even with huge sites. Alternatively, you can make a backup of only your database, or only your files. If you want a reliable, easy to use, open source backup solution for your Joomla! site, try it out.

Akeeba Backup has won the prestigious Administrator Only Extension J.O.S.C.A.R. Award at J and Beyond 2010. Download it for free to find out why.

Latest Joomla! 2.5/3.x only. We have older versions for past Joomla! 1.5/1.6/1.7/2.5/3.x versions on our site.


- It configures itself for optimal operation with your site. Just click on Configuration Wizard.
- One click backup.
- AJAX powered backup (site and database, database only, files only or incremental files only backup)
- The fastest native PHP backup engine.
- Choose between standard ZIP or highly efficient JPA archive format
- able to exclude specific files, folders
- able to exclude specific database tables or their contents
- Unattended backup mode (CRON job scheduling), fully compatible with
- Backup using any cellphone made after 2007 with a web browser using our exclusive "Lite Mode" (including the cheapest Nokia and Sony Ericsson models!)
- AJAX powered site restoration
- "Kickstart" restore: restore without unpacking backup
- Move your site between hosts without downloading/uploading anything (using the DirectFTP backup engine)
- Archives can be restored on any host. Useful for transferring your site between subdomains/hosts or even to/from your local testing server (XAMPP, WAMPServer, MAMP, Zend Server, etc).

and much much more!

Do not miss out the complimentary companion software (Akeeba Kickstart and Akeeba eXtract Wizard) which are available free of charge from our site. They make working with Akeeba Backup a breeze.

Note: The software is free of charge, its support is not. You need a valid subscription to request support. Its documentation, the troubleshooting wizard and searching the public tickets is free.


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Reviews: 6
This is a complete, well thought out must have. If anyone has any Enterprise level view of an organization, business contiunity is Huge. This closes that Gap by providing assurance regarding the site any site> Large or Small. Well worth Donating in my opinion because i'm sure valuable time was taken to bring this to life. Well Done.
Reviews: 2
This is a very excellent product. hard to believe it is for free. this is a must have for everyone who is creating sites for customers.
if this component would be commercial, i would pay for it.
Reviews: 1
I am new to joomla and this product saved me lot of works more than you can imagine. specialy if you use KICKSTART to restore your site.
Reviews: 3
To experience joomlapack with kickstart is to experience perfection. I'm ... happy :)
Reviews: 1
I'm not sure how many hours this has saved, but it's lots! This is simply amazing tool! I've used it in many different sites and server configurations. No problems whatsoever. Thank you, you really made my day!
Reviews: 1
This is one of the easiest ways I have ever been able to duplicate my sites! I had my entire site mirrored in less than 10 minutes. The instructions are extremely easy to follow and it does exactly what its supposed to do. Each archive is one simple zip file, that you keep right on your computer for the backup.

Anyone with a website with root access needs this extension!
Reviews: 1
Outstanding Extension! It's difficult to make a comparison with other Extensions, but JoomlaPack is for me, by far, the most useful and timesaving.

And not that I'm properly qualified to judge, but it seems elegant in it's approach and you guys have actually thought about the user, the process and light-weight code. Hence my request that you takeover Microsoft...the world would be a better place (and a bluddy lot faster!).

Thanks buckets...
Reviews: 1
This is a great extension. Easy to install and configure. I use it for several websites. Had some problems running it on one website, but received good and fast support which quickly solved that.
Very useful tool for full back-up or wanting to install a website in a new domain.
Reviews: 5
Why everybody keeps talking about backups, I do not know. It is recovery that is important.
And if you want to be able to have a quick recovery of your site, then this is what you are looking for.

Recovery is as simple as eating a Double Whopper Hamburger. It only takes time, but in that time you have a great taste. If you want a special Burger, with extra mayonaise on it, or clone your site to a different host, well then you need to take care of two or three details like preventing dripping on your penguin-shirt (database name and db password and stuff like that).

And with this extension, there is excellent documentation.

Could not find anything wrong with this extension but the lack of scheduled, automated backups.
Reviews: 2
This is a really useful extension! Heard about it at Joomla Day UK 2009, and it really is fantastic.

It enables web administrators to package the contents of a website and shift it to another server. This is great if you want to develop a site off-line, or test new extensions for compatibility, or whatever, and then load it all up to the live server.

The only thing is that the PDF manual is really long, so if you're teaching yourself how to use it in isolation, it takes quite a lot of brainwork to work out what you need to do to get it to work.
Reviews: 5
This is an amazing extension. I have seen the progress from previous versions and think they have made a really good job. No problem installing neither recovering my sites (specially using the last version). Keep doing it!
Reviews: 41
Just brilliant. It not only does what it says, but it also solved a problem I was having when phpMyAdmin was not importing databases correctly (it was truncating when it reached special characters).

I donated - so should you!
Reviews: 9
For a fairly new Joomla user, I had next to no problems getting this up, running and my site backed up within 30 minutes. While I am not in control of my version of PHP that I use, the extension worked fine with PHP4 after some configuration. I am definitely impressed!
Reviews: 5
This is absolutly a must have in any Joomla installation.
Easy to use, understand and install.
Just backup, download backup file, upload to new or same location, run kickstart and your site is up and running in just minutes.
Reviews: 1
I absolutely love this component. I strongly recommend every web designer, developer and administrator to use this software.
It has saved mylife on countless occassions. I take entire websites with me and show case it to clients as different ideas.
I wish I had found this earlier when I missed a big one.
Reviews: 2
Superior tool, superior documentation. Impossible not to do a donation !
Reviews: 3
From install to mission accomplished this extension is Solid, Intuitive, and Done without fuss or muss (excepting one helpful and needed precautionary warning about tmp directories and zipfiles). Using defaults right from install, a couple of clicks a wait shorter than download of the backup, which is simply another click and EVERYTHING (files, directories, SQL database, etc.) is backed up for manual or automatic re-install (automatic using the kickstart program - one of the other downloads mentioned in reviews here)to the original site or a new one. A well-done user-guide is also included . . . definitely a must have and a should make a support donation add-on for every Joomla site.
Reviews: 2
I won't repeat all of the praise from the other reviewers (although JoomlaPack deserves it all). I will add that I am not a very experienced Joomla user or a programmer and yet I was able to create a site on a test domain, transfer it to the actual domain, and then transfer it yet again after we changed hosting companies... all without a hitch! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
Reviews: 5
Is easy and quick.

I rate 5 stars....but i think MUST BE add CronJOB feature for auto-back-ups on multiply profiles.

Thanks for sharing this component.The best in his category.
Reviews: 1
at first when i used it on my free site it didn't work at all and i start to doubt it.but when i try on my cheap site it works like magic..i can't thankyou enough..but i will said it anyway,10.000 thankyou for ure kindess guy's ^___^ v
someday if my site is start receving money from advertismen i will pay for ure profesional hard-working (i hope u understand my chaos english >.
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