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Akeeba Backup Core is the successor to the now famous JoomlaPack component. In a nutshell, Akeeba Backup Core is an open-source backup component for the Joomla! CMS, quite a bit different than its competition. Its mission is simple: create a site backup that can be restored on any Joomla!-capable server. Its possibilities: endless. It creates a full backup of your site in a single archive. The archive contains all the files, a database snapshot and an installer similar in function to the standard Joomla! installer. The backup and restore process is AJAX powered to avoid server timeouts, even with huge sites. Alternatively, you can make a backup of only your database, or only your files. If you want a reliable, easy to use, open source backup solution for your Joomla! site, try it out.

Akeeba Backup has won the prestigious Administrator Only Extension J.O.S.C.A.R. Award at J and Beyond 2010. Download it for free to find out why.

Latest Joomla! 2.5/3.x only. We have older versions for past Joomla! 1.5/1.6/1.7/2.5/3.x versions on our site.


- It configures itself for optimal operation with your site. Just click on Configuration Wizard.
- One click backup.
- AJAX powered backup (site and database, database only, files only or incremental files only backup)
- The fastest native PHP backup engine.
- Choose between standard ZIP or highly efficient JPA archive format
- able to exclude specific files, folders
- able to exclude specific database tables or their contents
- Unattended backup mode (CRON job scheduling), fully compatible with
- Backup using any cellphone made after 2007 with a web browser using our exclusive "Lite Mode" (including the cheapest Nokia and Sony Ericsson models!)
- AJAX powered site restoration
- "Kickstart" restore: restore without unpacking backup
- Move your site between hosts without downloading/uploading anything (using the DirectFTP backup engine)
- Archives can be restored on any host. Useful for transferring your site between subdomains/hosts or even to/from your local testing server (XAMPP, WAMPServer, MAMP, Zend Server, etc).

and much much more!

Do not miss out the complimentary companion software (Akeeba Kickstart and Akeeba eXtract Wizard) which are available free of charge from our site. They make working with Akeeba Backup a breeze.

Note: The software is free of charge, its support is not. You need a valid subscription to request support. Its documentation, the troubleshooting wizard and searching the public tickets is free.


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Reviews: 1
Easy and does exactly what is promised.

Documentation is thorough, and may seem complicated at first glance...not so.

I feel completely confident to build Joomla sites locally and in less than 10 minutes upload the entire site to my server!

Reviews: 2
What more can i say.. These guys are amazing at what they do. Definitely a leader in the joomla community.

There customer support is instantaneous.

The product and people behind this genius component are perfect.
Reviews: 3
This is a MUST. Installation: click, click. Just worked fine. Then a few click to look what was in the config panel. Then pressed the backup button. That's all.
Can be used to make croned backup. Really cool.
Reviews: 2
This is a can't live without component. Extremely easy to use, works out the box what more could you want. Great if you move sites around or make base templates easy installs using the kick start. Took me a total of 5 minutes to move my site to a new host.

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!
Reviews: 2
Brilliant pluginA The developers of this plugin are a credit to the Joomla community! I haven't needed to restore a backup yet, but it sure is nice knowing everything is safe!
Reviews: 1
Hassle free installation and migrating from a server to another is a piece of cake with this wonderful component. The backup sequence is quiet fast as long as your site is not huge but in all... great job guys!
Reviews: 4
Great component. This is a good demonstration of how all software should be, not just open source. In fact, calling this free doesn't do it justice as it is extremely well thought out and functional.

Anyway, thank you for making my Joomla life easier, and not charging for it. Very deserving of a donation.
Reviews: 19
All I can say is WOW!!!
I have been building a new community site for about two months now, I do most of my testing on the same server using a sub-domain. I installed a forum bridge and was playing around with it when all of a sudden I had no access to either the front end nor the admin end of my test site. I almost blew my top but then I remembered that that I had installed joomla pack on the main site and made a backup of both the site and the data bank. So I gave JoomlaPack a go. I installed my main site to my test site and was up and running in just under 30 minutes!!! This is now my favorite Joomla extension. Hats off to the developers.
Reviews: 4
This is awesome... if only ALL joomla! extensions worked as easily as this one. Click -- boom -- done... backed up and sleeping well at night. This is the first extension that has motivated me to actually donate to the joomla project... because I already know how much time (and therefore money) it's going to save me. Thanks, thanks, thanks!!
Reviews: 2
This is by far the best addition to joomla websites I've come across. If I start building a new site, this is added straight away. It doesn't matter what goes wrong, with this component, used regularly, you will always a simple to install version of your website ready at your finger tips. Great for developers who build offline (like me). Build it, back it up, upload the zip, extract and install - your site is live. I love this extension.
Reviews: 1
As we say in the UK, "It does exactly as it says on the tin!" This is great! Very easy to install and backup is just one click. This is the easiest backup I've seen or used. So far, there are no glitches - all is working well. Thanks to everyone in the development team!!
Reviews: 3
This is a brilliant bit of kit!

Not only does Joomlapack make backing up a cinch but it also makes the previously incredibly laborious task of updating to the latest version a walk in the park... Just put the zipped up updater in the root folder, upload kickstart, navigate to kickstart and sit back! Happy days!
Reviews: 3
I installed this on Joomla! 1.5 and had no trouble in using it immediately. The complete site backup, including database dump, took about 1 minute and created a file that only took about 3 minutes to download to a local server (for security). Highly recommended.
Reviews: 3
This is one of the best extensions for Joomla I have seen or used. Its well documented, clean code, simple to install and use and on top of all that its free. After using this program and backing up and moving a half dozen joomla sites I was more then happy to donate to the developers and you will too.

What can i say about this extension? IT WORKS!! smoothly WOW
I moved an entire Joomla site, settings, content, mods, comp, and database to a completely different server under a different domain name, in about 10 mins. NO LIE!! Most of that 10 mins was downloading and uploading the site back up files..

Thanks guys for so much hard work! I will be pushing this hard are the next meeting for Joomla User Group Tampa!
Reviews: 3
Great component. Saves a lot of time (compared to putty!)and a lot of work (in case of problems!).
Thanks a lot
Reviews: 1
Easy install & config, one-click backup of your site - doesn't get better than this! Thanks for the outstanding utility. Awesome!
Reviews: 9
This stuff is really helpful. The newer version is more fast backup and the documentation (help files) like commercial one!! Great stuff and support!! :)
Reviews: 9
Very clean interface, very funcional and the best of all... It does what they claim it will do... a full backup of site and database. The manual is also great and informative (including the website forum, etc.).

To make this product a "Joomla Complete Winner" will be to just adding a Scheduled Backup / FTP upload from the back end and it will be a JoomlaCloner killer for free!
Reviews: 1
This is an excellent extension. Backs up your website in minutes. I host and manage several dozen Joomla! sites. This component is has become a pivotal part of performing routine backups. It is easy to install, intuitive and includes PDF documentation. One feature that would make it perfect would be the ability to schedule automatic backups. Or documentation on how to schedule a chron job to execute the JoomlaPack backups. Currently I need to visit each site to manually execute the backups. Perhaps this will be realized in the next release. I hope, i hope. :)
Reviews: 1
This extension is an absolute life-saver. I was unable to access the FTP account on my site and needed to make a backup urgently. Not only did it download all the Joomla files but also downloaded all the other extra files that were present on my server. Kudos to the dev team. You ROCK guys!
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