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DataSafe PRO ComponentPlugin

DataSafe Pro is professional database backup.

It generates a snapshot of your full Joomla database, which allows you to quickly revert your content, whenever you want.

It's ideal for creating a quick backup before you start any changes to your website.

And to restore your Joomla database from a backup it's easy. Either select a DataSafe backup stored online, or upload a backup stored on your local computer using the DataSafe Pro interface.

A DataSafe Pro backup contains all your database information, so if your system goes down, you make a mistake in configuration, or you want to roll back your system to an earlier time, just select a backup and restore it using the DataSafe Pro interface. If you can't access your Joomla administrator panel, you can also restore your DataSafe backup using PHPMyAdmin (or similar) which is installed on every server. Just use a DataSafe Pro backup stored on your local computer, or if your administrator area is unavailable, use FTP to download a backup stored online.

Each DataSafe Pro backup is compressed using gzip; your database is automatically repaired and optimized during backup to maintain perfect performance, and every backup is instantly emailed to you so you have an offline copy. Each backup is also stored securely online, ready for you to restore whenever you like.

And if you'd like to automate the process to create a backup every hour, day or week - it's easy, with the purchase of an optional license that allows you to automate backups across all your Joomla systems for one single low price.

Try DataSafe Pro backup for yourself today, and get database backups you can depend on.

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Reviews: 2
great extension. It does is job as best as possible. Thanks
Reviews: 10
I run a highly populated forum style site with a very active member base, if I couldn't do hourly backups I would panic every time someone posted! I simply did not hesitate in buying this based solely on the existing reviews. I suffered a serious database failure after installing a badly coded plugin. Within 3 minutes I recovered everything!

Reviews: 4
I cannot say enough good things about this extension or the support I received from the developer!

About a year ago, I installed this extension on a website that collects registrations. I wanted something that would do automatic backups everyday so we wouldn't lose registration information if I ever needed to restore the site. Since then, I have installed it on several sites. It is very easy to install and setup.

Recently, I installed an upgrade and had a little problem getting it to function as it should. The problem ended up being with my server, not the extension. The support from the developer was WAY above and beyond. I would never have been able to find the issue but he was able to go right to it and modify code to work around the problem.

The backup function and peace of mind this extension provides is worth every penny! I will continue to install it on all my websites!
Reviews: 1
I have installed a former Version 03.January 2013. This Version made a daily backup on my server automatically.

At this time it was my favourite, automatic, easy to configure and easy to use.

I have noticed that all former backups are shown in the list, but trying the download-link, the older backups are deleted, as set in the configuration.

Therefore I have been happy to read, that an update is available yet, but after updating I have noticed, that automating the backups is not free anymore.

As I try some extensions to have a comparison, I prefer free extensions.

When I have to pay I prefer to pay once without having running cost.

So all in all I think the program is still easy to use but for automated backups I will rather use an other extension. For site owners with fewer knowledge who do not need automatic backups I think the core version is a good thing but for simple automatic backups there I prefer other free extensions now.
Reviews: 4
If you want to do automatic backups you need to pay.
Not free as described.
Owner's reply

Hi there,
Thank you for your comments.
DataSafe PRO is completely 100% FREE to download and use - and includes free semi-automated backups. You literally just need to click a button, and a backup will be generated.
To fully automate the process, with scheduled backups on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis, it's a small charge of just £2 per month to go fully automatic - and a single license can be used across all your Joomla systems.
I do apologise if this wasn't completely clear - we will review the component description immediately.
Barnaby Dixon

Reviews: 1
When i use this component for joomla1.5, for joomla article it works fine but for k2 (latest version) it adds rn or rnnr or rnnnnr etc.
Owner's reply

Hi Nabin,

Thank you for reporting this issue. It has been fixed as of the latest version (2.0.2).

Barnaby Dixon
PHP Web Design

Reviews: 1
Creating a site for someone else to manage, I wanted a backup that was easy enough for my customer to actually use. In particular, I wanted them to be able to restore their site if they stuffed up during editing key articles. DataSafe Pro seems to fit this well. Appreciated Pros and Cons in TMakro's review.
Reviews: 3
Generally I find Joomla very stable but the day after I installed DataSafe I managed to take my site offline for the first time. With great anxiety I used a backup I made with this software and was delighted to see it restored immediately (I had to redo some menu changes I'd made but this only proved to me it was indeed 'yesterday's backup' of the site.
I've since used it again, having gotten into a tangle trying to install GCalendar and it worked as efficiently as the first time. This is a great tool for someone new to Joomla, like me, and also for people who want an easy-to-use, reliable backup program.
Reviews: 3
This is a great extension. Simple & easy to use. Saved me this morning too, I was able to restore to this mornings backup - too easy. This is perfect for any user but in particular for beginners like me. I can't imagine it gets any easier than this...except if you had someone to do it for you. Barnaby was also responsive, professional, and helpful with my questions prior to purchasing. I don't hesitate in recommending this great extension. Great work!!!
Reviews: 9
Worked first time after installation on a Joomla 2.5.4 installation. Simple to use. Easy and intuitive control panel.
The only problem is that I now need to go install this on every one of my sites!
Compelents to the developer for an excellent piece of work.
Reviews: 15
A good backup tool is a must have when you let customers change theyre own website.
After install and backup i got an error it could not optimize database.
I contacted support just to be sure, and the response was within an hour...really awesome.
I tested it out a bit and it works great.
Remember that joomla caches your site so you might wonna turn that off after you restore from a backup.
I really like the automail function, that's just automation made easy :)
Cheers for this good tool for 5 pounds, great price.
Reviews: 1
I Am Using The Pro Version And I Must Say That This Component Is A Life Saving Component.

Just Install And Enjoy This Beautiful Component.

It Will Help To Restore The Whole Site Within Few Clicks.

Really Appreciate The Work Done For This Great Component.

This Component Is A Must Use Component For News and Those Website With Daily Updates.

Regular Backup With Email Support Makes This Component A Life Saving Component.

Thanks For The Efforts.
Reviews: 10
This is a nice and simple database backup and restore utility.

No bugs encountered
Nice and simple, very little config. required
Automatic scheduled backups
Backups are kept locally on the server, as well as e-mailed (optional).

Only the entire DB is processed. It's not possible to select particular tables for backup/restore. However, it uses a simple .SQL file, so with some manual editing, this can be achieved.
More advanced backup/restore functionality is available on most web/DB servers, using PhpMyAdmin.
Reviews: 20
Simply the best component especially if your site has important data
very very usefull
thank you very much
Reviews: 1
eays to use tool with excelent support.
Did use other tool before but with Joomla 2.5 run in to problems and althougt people told me is should run on 2.5 I encouter problems.

Switched over and till today not regred the switch made. Even support on eastern 2012.

Do recommend this extention.
Reviews: 12
This is an extremely easy product to use. Created a backup in an instant with a one button click. Couldn't be simpler.

Config is kept to the essentials so again, very easy to use even for beginners. Option to email backups automatically rather than having to go into admin and download is very welcome, as is the option to choose how often to backup.

All in all this is an excellent 5-star extension.

Thanks again and keep up the great work.

Reviews: 2
Very simple and useful, easy to install (don't forget to publish plugin in 1.5).
Easy to configure and powerful interface.
good work.
Reviews: 1
Hats off to these guys. This thing installs clean its sleek professional requires absolutely no configuration for the most part and it does what it says on the can! It auto magically takes the first snap on install set the frequency and forget it. Your good! It finds the config file via defines parameters so no matter where it is the thing connects to your data base and gets busy. Love it! Look for more from these guys.