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jBackup System Plugin

jBackup System Plugin
This plugin backup the database of Joomla!1.5 site.


* Sending backup file with mail
* Can save the backup file of sql or your selected archive to server
* Can select daily backup or interval of time
* Sending warning message

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Reviews: 3
I used this plugin in a multilingual commercial website (J!1.5.26, Joomfish, UTF8 encoding).
- Based on a good Idea
- Very Useful.
- very Simple.
- BUT backup does not include encoding (CHARSET) in backup scripts and so is not usable in my case.
So restoration results only in a bunch of question marks instead of any character in contents!
Reviews: 9
I had been using this for some time. Every day my backup file would arrive in the email and I felt smug and secure about how clever I was in doing regular backups. Each file was about 5M so I thought it would be right.

I never tested the file, of course. And you know what's coming next, right?

My site crashed the DB and I went to restore it. SO I unpacked the last "good" archive. The 5M packed filed extracted to a 908 byte text file!!!

No back up. Checked the previous backups, but all the same.

I'll accept some of the blame because I seldom read instructions, unless everything else has failed.

All in all, I came away wiser but still disappointed. My warning to you is check that the backup file is actually a backup file!
Reviews: 15
Thank you for excellent plugin, its works like a charm. After installing and enabling the plugin
got email with 5MB backup of database.

How this plugin saved me time read below: When i was trying to take backup using phpmyadmin it was giving time out error. Then i tried connecting using Navicat. Navicat is not open source and also the learning curve is not that short. Then i tried to search on extension directory and found this plugin. The worked out of box and save me lot of time.
I was not able to find documentation. And some options in plugin need more description or documentation. Keep up the good work.

Amit Patekar
Reviews: 9
Great component only a couple of issues I came across first I couldn't download this form the site so ended up getting a German version! second the time interval is to short for me I only want weekly backups for most of my sites so I edited the file jbackup.xml in plugins/system and add a line 168:00 below 23:00 and then set the plugin to time as interval and then I get weekly backups.
Reviews: 1
Very useful and well done extension.
I just wish the backup frequency selection was clearer than that.

But great work anyway. Thanks for that!
Reviews: 1
JBackup is really cool, now I need not to worry to take backup for all my Joomla websites. And the plus point is easy to used.
Reviews: 15
I installed it, set the backup frequency, entered my email address, and this morning the compressed files was in my email box. I guess I could ask for more, but I don't know what it would be.
Reviews: 3
Probably a good extension. I don't know as I can't understand the parameters. There is no way to know which ones have to be set, or how to find the information required. I must be thick as other reviewers seem to think it's easy. The hover text is no use and there is no English documentation.
Reviews: 2
WOW excellent plugin a must have!
Reviews: 2
Like a previous poster I am surprised by the low rating. After installing and testing all the backup extensions in this category this is superior in every way. It has more functionality, the code is much more extensible allowing me to adjust it to my needs and actually uses the Joomla API instead of using 3rd Party classes and additional database connections to backup the database. This plugin operates in a beautifully designed secure cron system.

It would be hard to beat this effective plugin
Reviews: 4
First of all: WORKST JUST AS EXPECTED!!!!!

I would like to be able to add &d &m &y or such to the 'Subject' field. Would be a lot easier to keep track of back-ups under MAIL on my MAC.
Reviews: 7
It's easy for setup and use. Thanks
Reviews: 1
I don't know why this plugin is not more popular. By far the best way to backup your MySQL database. It has more options and is much more flexible than the other similar plugins. I suppose the larger amount of options might discourage some people because it isn't as simple. But the flexibility and power of this plugin is excellent. The only thing better is if you start writing your own mysqldump shell scripts.
Reviews: 1
easy setup and powerfull . thansk for share
Reviews: 1
Does what it says. Easy to set up.