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XCloner-Backup and Restore Popular Component

Full Backup and Restore extension for Joomla and not only.

XCloner is a Backup and Restore component designed for Joomla! The purpose is to give users possibility to clone their Joomla installation and move it over the internet on any location!

XCloner 3.0 is a Joomla native extension as well as a standalone backup application!

XCloner can also be used as a standalone backup utility for any PHP/MYSQL site, so it can backup other sites running on Wordpress, Drupal and so on.


- Create full or partial backups based on your input
- Create simple or compressed backups based on your configuration input
- Possibility to create incremental backups, so you avoid the time limit problems on php script executions
- Possibility to exclude directory and files from the backup, manually or through cron settings(AJAX powered)
- Create backups based on a cron task, created backups can be stored on the local server, remotely through ftp or emailed to a custom email account
- Possibility to run multiple cronjobs, based on different configuration files
- Ability to manage existing backups, rename/delete/move, publish to user frontend for sharing
- Possibility to clone any backup to another location, it can be done automatically by using the server ftp function or manually
- Send Backups to the Amazon S3 service
- Configuration area lets you choose on how to generate backups based on your server possibilities
- You can choose to create backups by using only PHP, or by also using some server utilities to speed things up
- Backup split option for systems with file size limitations
- Incremental database backups for large databases
- Send backup to the cloud, Amazon S3 supported

Restore Features:

- The generated clone of XCloner can be restored on a totally different server, with new server and mysql details
- Restore both simple and compressed archives
- Restore script is independent from the main component and Joomla and can be run on any host
- Full restore of a clone made with XCloner
- Ability to restore the original files and directories permissions
- Automatic re-write of the new host settings to the configuration file
- Ability to import the clone using either a ftp simulated sessions, or direct restore through php
- Possibility to exclude database from importing
- Ability to restore multiple clones to different locations, and also restore multiple database backups from the same clone

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Reviews: 1
Just installed and used this extension for the first time. Amazing. Install worked perfect. Interface is clean and easy to use, but offers a comprehensive view of the config and options. Use is simple, complete and just plain works.
This extension is crazy good.
Thanks for the excellent software.
Reviews: 12
I'm a site builder and I use this extension on all of my sites.
Reviews: 5
Xcloner-Backup and restore does exactly what it says, without errors. I downloaded it, installed it and within about 3 minutes I had an entire backup of my website. The console is very neatly displayed and it shows just the right amount of technical information needed to understand its processes. Apparently, someone really thought this through. I recommend this particular extension as a staple item for any Joomla site webmaster!
Reviews: 1
Perfect, Awesome, Working, a dream come true, no problems! Realy no words to say absolutly perfect work. First time i write an review and extra registered on! The best bachup, restore and clone component ever! only dont work with Xampp 1.7.4, but its not the components problem, problem ist because of Xampp and Joomla! Ohhh I love this component and would also kiss the programmers feet for this!!!
Reviews: 5
I'm a volunteer for a community service organization. I don't have a lot of web development experience. In fact, I screw things up more often than not. That's why I use XCloner. What a life-saver. I first used it to clone my development site into production. Now I use it to backup and restore my development site. Who wants to take a chance learning how to install and use a new module on a production site? Eek. I'll never do that again.

Xcloner was a little intimidating at the start, because I didn't have a frame of reference and didn't know what a lot of the jargon meant. Heck, I'd never really even messed with the Cpanel before. But Ovidiu was very helpful and patient with me. Now that I get it, it's just a snap. Scheduled automatic backups and the restore is a snap. Some of my volunteer peers in other states have been so impressed with my site's design that they want to copy it. With XCloner I can get them the structure they need and they can fill in the content. Cloning my site took all of 15 minutes. Thanks for a near perfect extension.
Reviews: 8
Hi i have been trying others recently, but I have noticed that XCloner has IT ALL! There is a version for Joomla! and a version for Wordpress, making it a breeze. The best thing is that you can actually exclude items from the backups, which is so excellent for many people like myself. Thank you for developing this and thank you for sharing it with us!
Reviews: 1
Perfect product,
Does exactly what it's advertised to do. Easy to install and use.
Support on the small problems I had (Had to do more with GoDaddy settings than the product itself) was quick and very helpful.

I can't praise the team enough.
Reviews: 6
This is simply an amazing Component and makes transferring development sites to their proper servers a dream, it's amazingly fast, intuitive, well explained and just does what it says it gonna do without any hassle. Greta job from the development team!!!
Reviews: 1
This component and Ovidiu saved my day (and deadline). Great support and it is really easy to understand. Worth every dollar!
Reviews: 2
This is just another one of those must-have components that we install on every Joomla site we do.
In fact, we maintain an updated Joomla installation with all our settings and installed components and then to deploy it we simply use Xcloner to send it to our live environment.

Highly recommended!
Reviews: 3
I have been using XCloner for cloning the site I am managing on a test environment for a couple of months without any particular problem even if I am using a site in Italian language with specific characters (accented).
This has made me saving a lot of time.....
Reviews: 1
I took me a while to figure out how it works but that was my fault, not XCloner's. Ovidiu (at XCloner Free Support Forum) provided outstanding service by explaining each step patiently and guided me. Since I had a hosted Joomla installation I was trying to clone to an alrady existing Joomla site. Ovidiu explained that XCloner doesn;t require Joomla to be installed and I should create a new blank database. It worked like a charm. I just had to copy the configuraion.php file separately and changed its permission. All in all I am very happy to recommend this extention to anyone.
Reviews: 2
Xcloner is very easy to install and to use. The interface is clear and concise. However, I had some troubles getting Xcloner to backup a website larger than 2GB in size. It's probably something with my configuration, being IIS on Windows can be one reason for this.

However, I headed over to the Xcloner forum and posted there. A few moments later e response was given with some great advice, very nice support! We kept almost a real time conversation on the forum, with tips and suggestions for me to try.

I'm very impressed with the support, although I had to use a workaround for my problems, I would highly recommend the products to anyone, seeing how great the support can be. And that was the free support! Highly recommended!
Reviews: 3
I try other backup and restore component but it can not completely restore my 10 GB site but this component can do it with premium support from Ovidiu. I pay only 9.95 EUR and he solve my problem less than 1 hour. Thanks for superb support and for the good component.
Reviews: 16
I was moving from a subdirectory Joomla installation to the main directory of a site that already existed. I was very nervous about how the move would go once I had my Joomla site configured how I wanted it.

I downloaded XCloner and ran a backup. I downloaded the .tar file and kept it on my desktop "just in case." Then I attempted to migrate the subfolder into the main folder via FTP and all hell broke loose. Both sites were broken and half of the files didn't transfer. I'm sure I would have been in for a terrible time of putting things back together without XCloner.

All I did was install Joomla 1.5 on the root, then install XCloner and restore the backup from my desktop. It took a little while, but it did the job absolutely perfectly. Every article, every module, every component, every plugin, every setting was identical to the sandbox site when I backed it up.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief!

Thank you XCloner for a perfect product that works VERY well!
Reviews: 3
An Excellent Component. I am a newbie and I had a hard time getting a backup for our website.
I downloaded and installed this component and with the help of the excellent simple documentation a backup for The Alpha Website was created and downloaded to my desktop.
Well Done and God Bless.
The Alpha
Reviews: 1
İt is time saver.. Very cool... :)
Reviews: 1
Not only does this product say what it does on the tin - the support is second to none - high class product and a high class team behind it! Ovidiu is world class at being helpful!
I bought the Wordpress backup as well - it takes all the headache and time out of figuring this stuff out for your self and leaves more VDT (Valuable Drinking Time)
Reviews: 2
Hi I used this component to clone a joomla site and I was amazed how easy it makes all the process, unfortunately the database was not imported as expected, when I went to the website (new) some texts were missing, I had to go manually to PHP admin, export from the first page, then import on the other and everything worked fine.
Owner's reply

Make sure when restoring that you use an empty database before you start the restore process, otherwise, if you created the backup without the "Add DROP Syntax", you will run firstly into import errors and then incomplete restores Team

Reviews: 1
This program is a LIFESAVER. I have been attempting to "go live" now for 8 days with no success until I finally BOUGHT IT. And I am online with Ovidiu who is the absolute BEST and it is 8 pm and we will make this work FINALLY
Owner's reply

Just to add a clarification, XCloner is the native Joomla 1.5 upgrade of JoomlaCloner, and are both included when purchasing

Thank you again for supporting us!

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