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XCloner-Backup and Restore Popular Component

Full Backup and Restore extension for Joomla and not only.

XCloner is a Backup and Restore component designed for Joomla! The purpose is to give users possibility to clone their Joomla installation and move it over the internet on any location!

XCloner 3.0 is a Joomla native extension as well as a standalone backup application!

XCloner can also be used as a standalone backup utility for any PHP/MYSQL site, so it can backup other sites running on Wordpress, Drupal and so on.


- Create full or partial backups based on your input
- Create simple or compressed backups based on your configuration input
- Possibility to create incremental backups, so you avoid the time limit problems on php script executions
- Possibility to exclude directory and files from the backup, manually or through cron settings(AJAX powered)
- Create backups based on a cron task, created backups can be stored on the local server, remotely through ftp or emailed to a custom email account
- Possibility to run multiple cronjobs, based on different configuration files
- Ability to manage existing backups, rename/delete/move, publish to user frontend for sharing
- Possibility to clone any backup to another location, it can be done automatically by using the server ftp function or manually
- Send Backups to the Amazon S3 service
- Configuration area lets you choose on how to generate backups based on your server possibilities
- You can choose to create backups by using only PHP, or by also using some server utilities to speed things up
- Backup split option for systems with file size limitations
- Incremental database backups for large databases
- Send backup to the cloud, Amazon S3 supported

Restore Features:

- The generated clone of XCloner can be restored on a totally different server, with new server and mysql details
- Restore both simple and compressed archives
- Restore script is independent from the main component and Joomla and can be run on any host
- Full restore of a clone made with XCloner
- Ability to restore the original files and directories permissions
- Automatic re-write of the new host settings to the configuration file
- Ability to import the clone using either a ftp simulated sessions, or direct restore through php
- Possibility to exclude database from importing
- Ability to restore multiple clones to different locations, and also restore multiple database backups from the same clone

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Reviews: 3
I Spent a whole week trying to move my Joomla files and the database and i kept getting a lot of errors, so i kept downloading and uploading again and again and again, It didnt work.

So i started to look for a possible Component which could help me and save my time if i wanted to do this in the future!

I took a look at XCloner (which is what it is called now), and since i really needed anything to try to get done with this problem, i decided to buy it, because itis cheap and it won't do any harm if it doesnt work.

I was SHOCKED, it's the first time i actully get full use that fast of something i just bought.

I was able to copy my whole Joomla folders + the Database in minutes, I was able to have the new website up and runing in less than 15mn (Not Kidding).

I cant belive that it even changed the links in my mainmenu to the new domain by itself.

GET THIS Component if you want to:
1)Backup your Database and/or files dialy or weekly.
2)Want to move your site to another host.
3)Want to have the ability to clone Joomla sites for new customers without having to worry about uploading files and going with the install process again.

Really great work JoomlaPlug! I love you
Reviews: 4
I can only say it works and ovidiu gave me a super fantastic and extremely quick support. I had problems using the component to transfer the site I had been creating to a live server. I had such a fast support than in a few hours I was able to overcome my problems, which were not clear to me just with the help of the manual. There was the need for a fine tune in this case of transfer from pc to live site, but with that zooming help I could finally get the whole thing well defined and running ok. As a Joomla newbie I just wish everybody is so helpful in this super comunity! And as an experienced computer user I became a safety freak, so now I can relax and sleep well, knowing I can easily recover from disaster in a few clicks.
Reviews: 1
I don't normally write reviews, but the service provided by Ovidiu is so helpful, fast and effective that I had to break tradition in this case.

This is a great component. I had some trouble (due to my inexperience) and Ovidiu sorted things out for me in no time, at all hours of the weekend, and was very patient with me.

Highly recommended!
Reviews: 2
i was in 2 minds whether to buy this component or use a free one, but these reviews made my mind up (the praise for the excellent support).

i didn't bother with the trial - i just bought it... and it's a fantastic component!

i struggled with the restore because i hadn't read the simple notes properly (and because i'm new at this :)

i raised a ticket and within minutes Ovidiu was there, offering me help all the way, way beyond what is deemed as great support!!!

2 posts later and i was cloning and transferring 2 joomla sites across hosts.

seriously... these posts raving about the unreal support are spot on! this product is worth every penny (cent) WITHOUT the support, but the absolute commitment by the developer(s) to get you up and running is unparalleled!!!!

i highly recommend this company and this component: if you buy anything for your joomla, make it this diamond!

Reviews: 25
I had very little time to get a clone completed as my client wanted his site by the next Monday so I had my work cut out. I was looking for a tool that would help me perform the transfer so I downloaded this hoping it speed up the transfer time. It was able to transfer files, but it was unable to transfer the database and the error message it generated was of no use to me in debugging the problem. As it was very late I had no recourse to on-line assistance so instead I used myPHPadmin to export/import and then a lot of configuring of Joomla to get Joomla working on the live site. In this case Joomla Cloner was of no use to me.

I have used a lot of 'packagers' in my role as tech support and I feel Joomla Cloner is just not up to the job yet. It needs to be more intuitive, give some support on it's various functions and make some of the field descriptions a little more helpful too. Anyhow, I bought it without the trial and I now regret it. The support bloke will not give a refund even though I told him I have no intention of using it again.

Joomla Cloner was only needed to speed up the process. It didn't work and won't without some support therefore it is of no use to me. The chap wasn't as understanding as I would have liked so he's not getting any more of my money.
Owner's reply

The lack of properly reading the documentation or asking for support does not mean JoomlaCloner doesn't work!

While we try to make JoomlaCloner as intuitive as possible, there are some technical glitches that are independent of it, this is why we provide full support to get the client understand and pass them! When importing, you need to make sure you are using an empty database first!

While we regret the clients bad experience, the fact that he doesn't request support although we provide it all the time for all situations related to JoomlaCloner, leaves him with the full responsibility on using and understanding the component!

Reviews: 2
very good extension and support!
I recommend.
Reviews: 1
Definitively a must have !...
JoomlaPlug Cloner offers a smooth and user-friendly interface to backup your whole site (flat files and databases) in a few clicks and to restore it at any moment.
The resulting image can even be restored to another place (local or remote website) and the clone is immediatly up and running without any manual customization.
Since I have bought JoomlaPlug Cloner, I saved a lot of time and do not have to worry about data loss.
Great job, Ovidius.
Reviews: 8
It's simple: If you run a serious Joomla based site, you need a serious Joomla backup. This is the *only* backup solution which covers just that.

When I ran into issues whilst using this component all it took was an email to it's support team, who responded with such speed and efficiency that they sorted the problems (which at the time were seemingly impossible) and offered support above and beyond their product.

I have used every single backup product available so far but this is the only one I will recommend to every Joomla user.
Reviews: 1
We have just finished out first use of the JoomlaCloner. I know most people have probably tried it for making a backup and restore for their site or something along those lines. What we did was create a backup of our website, on the server where it was being hosted. Then we got ourselves a better, faster, more space host and used the clone function to move the entire site, database, etc. to the new host and server.

We actually did this a couple of times, trying out different functions, such as the manual restore, then delete the site and use the clone function, etc., and it worked like a charm.

Though we would like to see better documentation for this item, as that is the only shortfall that we have found, there is some information on the forums that will help. We are looking at expanding the documentation that has already been created and hopefully and make it even easier to use.

Our non-profit is very please with the extension, compared to any other that we have used. Its wonderful to know that we can now move our site from one server to another or even from one host to another without have to rebuild the site from scratch.

The support provided from the site is next to none. They truly do care about helping you work with their product. It was even nice to have them check into whether our site showed up when using the url's with www. and without, since we could not access the site unless we included the www. here locally, until the dns caches and servers refreshed themselves after the transfer/clone.

These guys are on top of their game. Looking forward to see what else these guys come up with.
Reviews: 15
awkward and doesn't work well. finally did get it working several months and upgrades after i first bought it. too bad it doesn't meet the simplicity and quality standards of the free component, JoomlaPack.
Reviews: 1
Very good, easy to do component..
but the system-requirements are terrible

Safe Mode off (hm.. I have turned it ON - is safer)
Open-Basedir: no value (not good)
for zip/tar server utilities you need to allow the exec()-function
Reviews: 1
This component is amazing. I use it all the time for a number of my sites. Initially I had some queries that Ovidu answered in a jiffy! Now I am able to use this to my full satisfaction. Thanks a lot for this wonderful component and Ovidu for his unbelievably prompt support.
Reviews: 4
After spending 48 hours losing hair that I could not afford to lose using free software... I found this.

If you want to backup your site... and have the freedom of moving it to anywhere... and have instant support... this is the best out there.

Pay for it, you get what you pay for... the service is excellent. If in doubt, just ask them.
Reviews: 1
Ovidiu was so fast to help me I almost got a heartattack. in 20 mins he helped me fix everything...

Just amazing! Thank you so much
Reviews: 4
This is a must have extension with a fantastic support. It was a life saver for me in more than one occasions. Best money I ever spent!
Reviews: 1
While this component did (eventually) clone my site to a new server, it still has some glitches and bugs to be worked out. A novice might not have been successful with this tool. I was able to trouble-shoot my way through the bugs, but only because of my years of knowledge about servers, mysql, and PHP. I am not hopeful for less experienced users.

The good news:
With that said, this product is poised to become one of the most useful joomla tools ever. With some software updates, JoomlaCloner can be a great product.

I'll be watching, and waiting.
Reviews: 2
A superb program for which I gladly paid $100, just on the strength of the product description alone. It works fine. What you get for $100 is hand-holding support. And this too is top-rate. Can't imagine anyone investing countless hrs in site development without first having a solid backup and migrating utility like this.

before purchase, I did a few hrs research into other backup solutions. Nothing else looked comparable.

If you use this, the first time you do a clone (i.e. to move an entire site to a new host), you will want to prepare a checklist of items needed, like host setup parameters, directory structures, permissions, mysql info. Variables among hosting setups make the clone process less than 'automatic.' Support is solid, so no worry.
Reviews: 1
Nice utility that easily moved my websites from their servers to a local WAMP install for backup and as a local development area.

A couple of gotchas which maybe documented. 1. Beware if you have relocated configuration.php as per security recommendations - this file may not be backed up and the new site will not work, but it is easily copied over. 2. If your site uses .htaccess, php.ini and any of the SEFs then you might have to edit these files on your local WAMP install. Not a bug in JoomlaCloner, but make sure site does fully work in the cloned area. Otherwise, well worth the investment.
Reviews: 1
The component is wonderful and the technical service too. Not only does it provide me real security but it also helps me to save a lot of hours of work for each portal.

It is highly recommended.
Reviews: 2
As an almost total newbie in the Joomla world, I had this up & running in a matter of minutes. My hosting provider's limitations presented some challenges - and every one has been dealt with unbelievably quickly by the friendly support team. Brilliant, and more than worth the investment.
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