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EasyCalcCheck PLUS Popular Plugin

Protects Joomla! core forms and 3rd party extensions through the integration of anti-spam services and adds an arithmetic problem, a question, a hidden field and a time lock.

Supported 3rd Party Extensions in the Joomla! 2.5 version: aiContactSafe, AlfContact, Community Builder, DFContact, Easybook Reloaded, Fox Contact, Flexi Contact, Flexi Contact Plus, JomSocial, Kunena Forum, Phoca Guestbook and Virtuemart

With the powerful custom call feature every form can be protected in Joomla! with a special syntax.

Integrated external antispam services: Google ReCaptcha, Akismet, Honeypot Project, StopForumSpam, Mollom, Bot-Trap, Botscout

Protects the backend via a token. Only with the right token, the administrator login site can be opened!

Also included: SQL Injection and Local file Inclusion protection.

Have fun and NO spam! :-)


Joomla! 3 -

Joomla! 2.5 -


The extension is completely free, but you need a subscription for support:

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Reviews: 3
I've just installed this and all seems to be working really well. Thank you so much for developing this plugin! Much appreciated.
Owner's reply

You are welcome. Thank you for your review!

Reviews: 1
This plugin is excellent! It does what it says 1000%!!!
Owner's reply

Thank you!

Reviews: 3
EasyCalcCheck PLUS is a super simple plugin which does exactly what is supposed to - stop spam. Many thanks to the developer for making this wonderful extension.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback!

Reviews: 1
Having it up and running was unexpectedly easy and fast. I also like the fact that it's very simple and unimposing on the front end. No unnecessary flourishes which clutter up the page.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!

Reviews: 10
Thank you for a great extension!
Easy to install and configure. I will use it initially to defend Virtuemart forms, but I see it can do so much more.
Worth a donation - cheers!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much!

Reviews: 1
Having had a problem with spam through the Virtuemart "Ask a Question" page, I looked around at the various captcha plug-ins. This one seemed to have good reviews and support for Joomla 1.5 and Virtuemart so I tried it out.
It installed with no problems and worked straight out the box after enabling it.
Thank you!
Owner's reply

I am pleased that the plugin helps you. Have fun, no spam!

Reviews: 6
Wow Wow Wow and thanks. I can't fault this at all. This is the only captcha system that works properly with Joomla 1.6. It is child's play to install and configure. Wish all plug-ins where as intuitive as this one.
Owner's reply


Thank you!

Reviews: 5
I used to spend much time trying to integrate captchas. That's over now.

I installed the plugin on Joomla 1.6, moved to the configuration view, changed some well explained setting options ... and it worked in my user profile form without need of any other action. Thank you for your work.
Owner's reply

You are welcome, thank you too!

Reviews: 1
It is very easy to use. Excellent plugin. Hats off to the developer.
I was just wondering if you could add a "Terms of Service" with an Agree checkbox as an additional option to this plugin since Joomla 1.6 doesn't have a good solution on this with "User Registration". Check out the tracker item [#24498] Terms of Service can't be created.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review and the suggestion. I'll take a look at it.

Reviews: 3
Easy to use and configure. The only issue I encountered was using it in a Joomla 1.6 site. With encryption active, the form would not accept any information as correct and would error out on user registration. Regardless (especially for Joomla 1.6) it's still an excellent plugin.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. The problem was fixed in version 1.6-2!

Reviews: 3
I tried to activate the ECC+ plugin and from then on everything went blank (the homepage and admin), so I could get to it anymore to 'deactivate it'. The reason why had nothing to do with the plugin, but with my PHP version (I chould have checked). But, I was very positively surprised by the support I got and how on the forum I was 'guided' (I am anything but a joomla and website specialist) into the SQL database via filemanager on the hosting website... so I could solve the issue and assure within hours my website to be online again. I would like to express my gratitude and let all users of this plugin know ... the help is fast and accurate... even if you do something stupid and make a mess out of it like I did. Thanks again.
Owner's reply

Hello Clement,

thank you for your review!

Reviews: 5
this is a great little plugin that does the job. the developer is also very responsive. I will definetely use this plugin for all my joomla powered sites.

Owner's reply

Thank you too for your review!

Reviews: 5
I have installed hundreds of Joomla sites.
I have Community Builder installed in many.
Community Builder wants you to pay a large sum of money for what this script does for free.
I do not mind paying, but fall short on funds this week.. but needed this. I was getting 200 form submissions, registration on one of my sites a day. I installed this, configured it in 2 minutes or less and BAM ZERO SPAM, ZERO!
I only use it for Registration From on my site. Not logging in.
Thank you. Thank you so much for this script.
Owner's reply

You are welcome. Thank you for the review!

Reviews: 2
For some odd reason, it knocks off the tinyMCE functionality. Simply whatever you enter is crunched together and all tags removed except one p at the beginning and one /p at the end. This is a serious flaw. I had to rebuild the site from scratch to see where the problem is suspecting all sorts of plugins, modules and components, but once I turned off ECC+, voila! The tinyMCE worked as it should (mode regardless, this applies to all three tinyMCE modes). It is a shame, the plugin is marvelous, I like the math captcha more than image ones and the tokenization of the admin URL is a nice touch too. But I need to update articles frequently, and turning ECC+ off when editing and back on when done is not really a solution.

I am not sure if you, ECC+ developer are aware of this problem. So here it is. The version I am using is 1.5-13, installed in Joomla v.1.5.22.
I hope you can fix this.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review, but...

... why you don't first ask or look into the support forum?

Reviews: 23
I have tried most of the addons on the JED and this is by far the best.

Thank you :)
Owner's reply

Thank you!

Reviews: 3
I needed a captcha for community builder registration - Had a quick look at the options in the plugin manager and configured it and up and running in no time.
Great work - thank you.
Owner's reply

Thank you too for the review!

Reviews: 1
As a newbie Joomla user (1 month) this product was very easy to install. Download zip, install and enable. No hacks or other technical knowledge required. The way extensions should be.

I required it for Kunena guest post and registration forms.

The range of configuration and spam blocking options is very extensive. These can be applied to all the places where you could need it in Joomla as well as other extensions and modules.

I had a minor issue with the calc check. Contacted Viktor in support and he answered with a resolution within 24 hours. Great service and support that would put commercial software houses to shame.

After trying (and discarding) 3 other captcha extensions, this product is fantastic and I simply wouldn't look any further.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the nice review!

Reviews: 3
Had 20++ spam registrations per week, now 0. Excellent peace of software.Thanks!
Owner's reply

You are welcome!

Reviews: 1
Installation and setup was very easy. It worked quite well right from the start, except that I had a little problem because i was using a custom register template. So i asked for help in the creator's forum, not really expecting something from it because most of those support forums are really just fake and spam.
But not in this case - i got help the same day and everything could be worked out and it works like a charm!

I think it's a way more user-friendly captcha than those indecipherable image captchas, and it has enough tweaking functions to set it up like you wanna.

Excellent plugin - Congrats to the author and keep up your good work and support!
Owner's reply

Hello Hoodi,

thank you for your review!

Reviews: 1
I use the plugin for several extensions, which were previously always flooded with spam.

With EasyCalcCheck Plus I have not a single spam entry!

I thank the developers!
Owner's reply

Thank you for the feedback!

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