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Ever been to a site where you had to register and the registration form required that you type in the same phrase that is found in a hard-to-read image? Joomla! has now this possibility thanks to my component com_securityimages. It will protect You against most spammers attempt...

Joomla! 1.6.X - Use Securityimages 6.X

* Native Joomla! 1.6 plugin, not a component anymore!
* Use Joomla! buildin extensions manager for easy update
* Support best online captcha services: Recapctha, KeyCaptcha and NuCaptcha
* Protect all JForm Field of all Joomla! extensions without ANY patches to Joomla! core or extensions

Joomla! 1.5.X - Use Securityimages 5.X
* Components + FTP Joomla! 1.5 core patches
* 5 famillies of highly configurable captchas.
* Used by many others extensions: akobook, akocomment, Joomla! contact, login and registration, simpleboard forum,
* Joomla! core patches for protecting: Contact, Login, register, lost password, lost user account, Akobook, Akocomment, virtuemart

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Reviews: 1
I too had problems installing the extension. The way to get it to work in Joomla 1.5.x is:
1. Get "SecurityImages 5.0 0RC1 for Joomla! 1.5" from the 1.5 downloads page for the extension (possibly

2. Get plugin_system_securityimages5.0.0RC1 from the downloads page

3. Get Joomla_1.5.x-Stable-Full_PackageForSecurityImages5.0.0

4. Install 1 and 2, then apply the patch(3).
Reviews: 6
I wanted this component mainly to use with the PerForms forms component. I questioned it due to the reviews about having to hack core Joomla files. However, I discovered that those hacks are not required. They are only needed if you want to add CAPTCHA to core components such as com_contact, com_register and com_login. Anything outside of that requires no core hacks.

I also discovered that you need to set the security image component directories to 755 instead of 777 for it to work in PHP5. Now, it works just fine. Thanks!
Reviews: 98
SecurityImages is a good component, the author must had put much more efforts in the development. But it requires hacks to the Joomla! core files and other 3rd party extensions which want to use this CAPTCHA engine. I think these hacks will creat difficulties for later updates. This is just like cut foot to fit the boot.

Maybe a better solution is to add CAPTCHA engine to the Joomla! core. I mean, let Joomla! has its own CAPTCHA component and plugin and API. Then any 3rd party extension can call and show security code if it was coded to use this API.

Thanks for your efforts, hope Joomla! team will add this feature soon.
Reviews: 3
Security images provides easy installation, detailed integration info for developers, and multiple captcha options in one solution. I Look forward to seeing the integration of re-captcha, which will make this component rock!

Great job and thanks for sharing!
Reviews: 1
Being highly irritated by the robot registrations this was just the extension i needed.
Installing was easy. Install the extension, backup the site, overwrite files with the correct patch and voila....i've got captcha security. Thanks for building this!
Reviews: 1
My team has tried for hours to get this component working, with no luck. The component is installed, however, the captcha images are not showing up. We have followed all the instructions that we could find from peer postings, to no avail. Documentation for this product is very poor, and it is unacceptable for this component not to work out of the box.
Reviews: 1
I downloaded and installed the latest version of this extension along with the required patched files and it works great with many configuration options. For the n00bs, heres how you install it:

1) Go to this page:,com_docman/task,cat_view/gid,291/Itemid,64/

2)Download and install the "com_securityimages" file using the Joomla Component Installer

3)From the same page, download the correct patch version for your version of Joomla (e.g. 1.0.14).

4) Backup your Joomla installation

5) Copy over the files from the patch archive into your root Joomla directory

6) You're ready to rumble! Lots of it comes default configured, and you can get a wide array of additional options through the "Security Images" component control panel.

This worked great for me, and its the best one I've tested because you don't need to add an additional module, you patch the existing one which makes it much easier because the ones that come in separate modules, you have to go through and manually change some of the links to the Log in and register pages!
Reviews: 5
I think they must have updated the component since many of these reviews were written. As the componenet download page says, I downloaded and installed the com_securityimages component and then this component, set up a manu link to the component and it was shining like Neil Diamond. I edited the configuration to hide some of the fields I didn't care to have and that was about it. A "good to know" comes from another review here that in the configuration, "Duty" means the same as "Required." The layout isn't all that attractive so if you don't go cross-eyed looking at php that might be something you want to do. All in all a very good alternative to the lackluster default contact com. Also notable is the ability to use UTF-8 compatible foreign language characters which the default com doesn't recognize.
Reviews: 4
I had installed the Captcha engine and the installation was with no problem. Seamless upload of the ZIP file.

After spending some time on my test environment (using Joomla 1.0.13), it still would not work and I had to hack the mess out of to *try* to make the images appear. They still wouldn't show up even after the php files were edited.

For a stand-alone Joomla installation, this wouldn't be a problem; however, for a web development client, it is unacceptable to have to go through such modification and issues that would be better handled through a one-time installation.

Don't get me wrong, I think this is a very good tool; however, the efficiency of its setup leaves much to be desired.
Reviews: 1
After trying out alot of CAPTCHA-extensions i finally settled for Security Images. Earlier i held off because of what many had written about it.

It has come a long way. All you now need to do is, install, configure, replace the components you want to use (for example, replace the standad com_register with the patched ones) and then you are set to go.
Reviews: 2
I have installed, patched, removed, re-installed, re-patched - tried in-house test servers etc. and although I can get the captcha to display, the module always reports that the wrong characters have been entered. There were some tips on the site to try and fix this but I gave up in the end - it seems to be hit and miss whether this works.
Reviews: 5
Installation of version 4.2.0 (beta) is a breeze. But you'll see nothing happen if you don't patch some joomla files or your own...
You can either patch you joomla files by hand as is clearly indicated, OR you can use the provided patched (different download) files and overwrite the ones on your server. After that you simply have to select the kind of protection you want. Here a dropdown or similar would have been welcome, but nothing serious here.
Securing your website like this is a breeze! Thanks Walter!
Reviews: 1
This is a great component. I am fairly new to Joomla, and I was able to get it up and going with no problems. He even provides the API for developers to start implementing it into their work. However, if you really want to customize this bad boy, you have to spend some time. I have downloaded this component for the first time 2 hours ago and just finished customizing it the way I wanted. It works beautifully. In my opinion, this is still a young component, with a developer that is doing his best at providing free software to the general community. As this component progresses, I'm sure there will be less errors, improved API, and more/easier/simpler customizations.
Reviews: 5
I installed this on my live site to protect my user registration from unwanted solicitation. At least I can use this to my login and contact module. Not sure if this extension is still under development or not. If yes, hopefully in the next version (not sure when) the sound feature could be implemented plus the flexibility to be able to be put in any form-related modules. If not, then I gotta put my own PHP captcha program on other Joomla forms. Thanks for sharing this. Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
Does what it claims. The install is not for somebody with only a few minutes on their hands though. The actual act of having to patch joomla file by file is tedious and with the changes all over the directory structure, easily pooched if you're not careful. A few oddities I had that might be of help to others:

First, someone back in the review lists said they could never get their images to come up, no matter what they did. Initially I thought this was going to be the case for me as well. Turned out though that the general settings, hncaptcha v1.0 is set, and this simply didn't work (maybe that engine isn't installed by default, who knows, I didn't look into that). Changing that setting to the first choice, core v.1.1 made things work perfectly.

More disturbing to me was the fact that after the intial install, php errors were being generated on unsuccessful captcha entries and during configuration. Both of these situations were generating errors relating to mosConfig_lang being undefined, even though the joomla configuration file defines it. This required commenting out the if statements that checked to see if you had some other language choice set. A second error on an unsuccessful captcha related to another undefined variable, this one specific to this component, "securityImagesLet3rdpartyOverideChoosenPlugin" in SecurityImageChecker.php. I wasnt sure if that was a misspelling of "chosen", or some other error, but it was just a simple if condition commenting out that (and the first branch) got rid of this.

Now having said all that, I've been using joomla for all of a week and a half, and the install (other than being careful to back up the files that the patch required replacing and the other tedious elements like making sure ownership was a ppropriate on the replaced files and whatnot) still took less than an hour to get things up and functional. It's a component well worth having.
Reviews: 1
This is one sweet component! This is a very nice add on for those that may be looking for that little extra protection from spammers! Like the review from evolvingtech, this component is almost perfect! If you’re working with the latest Joomla (1.0.12), you are going to have to work the patch in manually. My experience was less involved than evolvingtech due to the fact I was able to replace the Joomla files with the modified file that came in the patch for 1.0.12 via FTP. It was still more involved than I would recommend for someone new to Joomla and new to the replacing of core files via FTP. If the developer would take the time to tweek this component so that the patch was easer to install, it would be prefect!
Reviews: 2
This item works well and is a great addition to my site, after following the directions I had the CAPTCHA engine installed and up and running in under five minutes. Keep up the great work!!
Reviews: 1
had a few attempts to install & get this working. Main component installed no problems, but had to install the patch files manually.
Then had the problem a few other people have had with the CAPTCHA image not showing up. Turns out my server (Ubuntu 6.1 LAMP server) did not have support for the GD image manipulation library. Installed using apt-get install php5-gd, & restart Apache.

Now it works like a dream.
Reviews: 1
Sure the documentation is a bit light as I have seen some reviewers say, but the configuration is pretty self-explanatory. I have used this 3x and each time had it up and running in 5 minutes and I am still a joomla novice. The thing I don't like (and correct be if I am wrong) is there seems to be no way of making the captcha image not hot linked to the developer's website. I would prefer to pay to have that link removed than leave it as is. Also, since the "reload" button (for the captcha image in the event the user can not read it) is right next to the captcha image, the user can easily miss the reload button and click the captcha image, thus ending up at the developer's website. That is unsettling to user and site owner alike, since the user was obviously in the middle of doing something that required captcha image safe guards, like signing in, registering, using a contact form, etc.
Reviews: 1
I was looking for such a module, and this it it!

Installing and running joomla 1.0.12, Virtuemart 1.0.9, Windoze dev box (yeah I know, severs are linux, and PHP 5.1.2.

I read all the info I could and followed the instructions. The initial result was that the image was not being shown at all. First problem was not having the "GD" installed (which is a library called gif draw, see http:/ for info & downloads). After editing my php.ini file to enable the GD section, it was producing an image source stream, but not displaying.

I downloaded the core patches, which enable the CAPTCHA in the Joomla default functions. Oh, I recommend not enabling the administrator login part until you have the normal site working (or you are locked out).

After this still wasn't generating the image. I read a post about turning off debug mode to make it work, but that didn't do it.

I finally had to edit the code because the error output (seen by pasting the URL of the image into a new browser page) was complaining about cant rewrite headers. I had to change the source hn_captcha.class.php, commenting out line 660 which tries to set a header content type.

After that one line fix it worked perfectly, in both IE 7 and Firefox 2.0.

Again, great module!
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