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Core Design Captcha Plugin

Guard your forms against annoying spam and stay focused on your business everyday.
Be first to say goodbye to spam.

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Reviews: 2 concept and super best captcha plug-in...thanks for making it for free...
Reviews: 5
Outstanding plugin and works smoothly. I recommend this plugin if you dont like spambots (other ReCaptcha's might get lots of spambots while spambots can't slide/click for now and i hope they can't in the future as well) so this will be the best captcha ever, 5++ stars
Reviews: 1
Everything works great but too bad it has no support for JComment, so I had to use another captcha. I hope soon there will be support for JComment so I could switch back.
Reviews: 4
nice and intelligent idea, and work superb, excellent job (thumb up).

if it would be possible to support JComments, it will be outstanding captcha.

and for others .. don't miss it.
Reviews: 9
Works great on my Joomla 2.5.3 site. Issue with commercial template contact form has been resolved in very short time (paid membership). Excellent support.
Reviews: 2
This is the perfect Captcha system for our noobish users! :)
I could also customize it to perfectly integrate into my template!

Just one question:

Any chance to get it work for JComments as well?

That's the only part of my website that couldn't match with it, and I don't want to use another captcha thing that will give my users the feeling of a random copy/paste website! :(
Owner's reply

Hi, I'm working on implementation for JComments too.

Reviews: 4
If I could I would give this plugin -10 rating. I installed it (joomla 2.5), it didn't work. It also broke the built-in joomla captcha. I uninstalled the plugin, the built-in captcha was still broken (not showing at all). I restored the database (luckily I had backed it up) and the built-in captcha is still broken. Just wonderful. *stressed*
Owner's reply

Captcha plugin does not affect your database or other 3d party installed extensions. Please take an advantage of our support first. Thank you.

Reviews: 5
this is a good add on and works without a problem on the joomla forms, but anything generated by Artisteer doesn't display correctly.
Owner's reply

Hi, templates by Aristeer are not compatible with Captcha plugin. These templates require a code modification to get it work properly. In case you need more assistance, please use our forum.
Thank you.

Reviews: 11
Though it looks promising, after installing the first plugin and discovering the need for a second, things were OK. Then, the first plugin would not recognize that the second was now installed and enabled. I'm sure the solution is a simple one that the designer will give us (here) but this does no one any good when we are trying to set this up. And I am certain that the average Joomla user will be lost. Give this extension some time before jumping in unless you have the time and patience to deal with surprises.
Reviews: 3
Best idea for a captcha but there are still 2 big problems:
1. The captcha is not visible on the page if the Community Builder Login option is enabled.
2. In some templates the captcha is only visible 20px of the length in the user registration section.
Reviews: 1
JQuery does not exists error showing. Pity as I really wanted it to work.
Reviews: 15
Installed scriptgator and then this plugin. Selected to work with kunena and voila!

Lifesaver, thank you!
Reviews: 4
A really neat tool to defeat the spam and not annoy your visitors. Well done guys.
Reviews: 5
I use it for virtuemart in registration page, itìs perfect!!

But non run fine with ZOO 2.3.1

Reviews: 1
Tried a number of other captcha plugins before but the letter and number ones are impossible to read and the picture ones are infantile, this is a small, easy to understand, no bs, well working, easy to install little plugin. Took me all of 3 minutes to download and install the two extensions needed. Had a small glitch with an error message but posted online and got a response from the developer within 5 minutes, all fixed.

Couldn't be more pleased, good work!
Reviews: 4
i love this extensions and some other extensions from this developer.. here it says already updated to version 1.0.1 but when i wanted to download it, it is downloading the version 1.0.0.. fix this issue, thanks ;)
Owner's reply

Hi, update for Captcha plugin is available for Membership users at first, then a few weeks later for public.

Reviews: 1
This plugin is very fast to install and to use. I found only a problem..for me a very big problem. If i enable the plugin my login form don't works. I tried also to use the standard login form but i receive the message invalid captcha, why if i disable the plugin... If this problem will be reapired this plugin rules!

Reviews: 2
Today i discovered this new captcha plugin. This is a really great idea starting a captcha revolution.

One big drawback is its weight of additional javascript (especially jQuery). Without gzip compression a standard joomla installation with demo content loads 157KB in total from the server, 74KB of it is javascript. After installing the captcha plugin + Scriptegrator (needed for plugin) and only activating the necessary parts the site weights 480KB (355KB javascript!!!). This is an increase by a factor of 3. Even with gzip compression this factor is about 2.5 (154KB vs 61 KB)

But is it really necessary to require such a heavy javascript framework for such a simple but genious plugin?
Since most Joomla installations the mootools framework is already integrated, using mootools for the sliding effect and hiding the captcha after sliding would be much more user friendly and traffic saving, especially for people using only this extension by or having slow internet connection.

Furthermore all text seems to be hardcoded. Using language files should be a better way, especially for multilangual sites.

One last functional comment: this sliding bar reminds me of the iphone locking mechanism. But this plugin has only 2 steps: left or right. For a better wow-effect it should be possible to continuously slide the bar from left to right ;-)
Owner's reply

Hi, jQuery is necessary library to run this extension and usually is compressed by your browser for a next usage. jQuery has 70,4 kB and jQuery UI (for effects like slider) contains 202 kB. Even Joomla! chose Mootools we're staying with jQuery.

Translation is stored in custom file, en-GB.plg_system_cdcaptcha.ini - there is no hard code and you can use this file for multilanguage sites.

About the slide steps we had to change this movement to right-left direction. Some users reported the difficulties with movement on the right side (for example on touch mobile devices).


Reviews: 97
We don't need to recoganize distorted letters, just drag the slide and you pass the CAPTCHA test. Great idea!

Hope it will support more and more 3rd party extensions!
Reviews: 3
Only after installation when the plugin doesn't activate do I find out that I need a 2nd plugin. There are too many obscure options to tell how to configure the basic captcha plugin, and after spending lots of time trying different combinations all I can get is the captcha display but the slider doesn't work.

Altogether too hard.
Owner's reply

Plugin requires Core Design Scriptegrator with jQuery script.
That's all you need to run this Captcha.

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