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Joo ReCaptcha Plugin

Joo ReCaptcha Plugin add a free ReCaptcha form on your joomla webpage for prevent abuse from non human visitors.

Our Plugin is Joomla! 1.5, 1.6/1.7 & 2.5 native, is easy to setup and does not alterate original Joomla CMS code.

With only few clicks you can secure your Joomla! website forms.

• ReCaptcha for User Registration page
• ReCaptcha for Contact pages
• ReCaptcha for Forgot Username
• ReCaptcha for Forgot Password
• Iframe/Ajax display mode
• Auto Language Detection
• Auto SSL
• Basic Templates (Red, Black, White, Clean)
• Custom error message on fail
• Keep all forms data on fail

v.1.5 & 1.6

• Add ReCaptcha to User Registration page
• Add ReCaptcha to all Contact pages
• Add ReCaptcha to Submit Link page
• Support Ajax Mode
• Keep all forms data on fail
• **Request ReCaptcha API Keys

Joo ReCaptcha 1.6.x is compatible with Jooma! 1.7


• Remember field values for contact form

• Fix registration for issue

V.1.5.5 - V1.5.7
• Fix SEO/SEF issues

• Fix conflicts with other captcha plugins
• FIx conflict with PRO version

• Fix Contact Form security
• Add Language file

• Fix all library conflicts
• Fix Ajax instance security
• Fix Iframe instance security
• Add ReCaptcha for Login (no module)
• Add ReCaptcha for Forgot Username
• Add ReCaptcha for Forgot Password


• Fix nonAjax (iframe) Instance
• Add Templates. Red, White, Blackglass and clear.

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Reviews: 2
So far so good. 5 minute easy install (upload, enter private and public recaptcha keys and publish!) and testing worked OK. Now to see if spam is kept at bay!!
Reviews: 3
I have tried to use this plugin and other recaptchas.

Bots are still registered and send email to me thru contact-forms.
Reviews: 7
This is so easy and it will be safe for mail form. Thank you for making this plug in. Fantastic!
Reviews: 9
The installation very simple and it does that it says.

thanks for the extension!
Reviews: 8
I never thought that plugin for Joomla 1.5 still exist and works. but this little plugin does it excellent. Been looking for a plugin like this to stop spam for my Joomla 1.5 and I found out that installing it was a breeze.
Reviews: 12
This is the best and easiest captcha plugin so far. Just install and pick where you want it to show up.
Thank you for supporting all the versions incuding 1.5 ;)
Nicely done.
Reviews: 4
Thanks for the simple Captcha plugin for my 1.5 client's site. Very easy and just what was needed. Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 18
Easy to install, to configure, and very valuable, I really appreciate your work!
Reviews: 10
Thank you for a great extension. I have sites running in 1.5 still and I'm so glad I've found a good captcha/recaptcha solution that still supports this version. A million thank you's!!
Reviews: 8
It helped me with a picky client of mine who was in need of Re-Captcha. Works well. Thanks guys. Keep up the good work, wood have been great if you could develop something to work along with component properties. I'd would be the first who will enjoy but I'm sure there will be a lot of people appreciating your effort. I would even pay for that. Thanks anyways.
Reviews: 10
easy to install and gives the protectin i need to allow only hymans (not bots) to fill out registration forms :)

Reviews: 12
I'd give a better rating if I was able to disable the captcha for the logout process. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I was unable to find a means to remove captcha without changing code in the extension.

At any rate it's a moot problem at best. Everything else with this extension is quite easy to manage, it allows enable/disable of captcha on the 5 biggest points.
Reviews: 6
Easy to install and works fine. You just need two keys you have to ask here:
I just regret that some captcha are too difficult to read, but this seems to depend on google, not on this plugin.
Reviews: 2
This is the best and easiest captcha plugin so far. Just install and pick where you want it to show up.
Nicely done.
Reviews: 1
I needed a captcha for our football club-website in Germany to protect the registration page. We are using Joomla 1.5.26. Installation and configuration were done in minutes. Language detection works perfectly. Thank you very much!
Reviews: 9
Download, install, enable and bob's your uncle.
Thanks for a very useful and necessary plugin.
Reviews: 2
That was the functionality I have been looking for months. Great job!
Reviews: 7
Instal it. Enable it. Use it. So easy. And it works!
Reviews: 1
Just installed joo ReCaptcha on my https site.
Easy to set up, copied my keys from last captcha which broke site security
and enabled yours.
set the default captcha on template to joo ReCaptcha and all my SSL is
intact. no IE errors and works a treat. I have searched for hours for a
solution with google API changes etc. for code change edits.
Thank you for an out of the tin solution and for the download.
awsome work :-)

Reviews: 1
In the span of about 2 weeks, I tested out every single 'captcha' plugin worth its salt and every one of them failed - finally I stumbled on to this one. Everything elsed worked well on all other forms except the default login form. This is the only one that worked here.
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