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Joo ReCaptcha Plugin

Joo ReCaptcha Plugin add a free ReCaptcha form on your joomla webpage for prevent abuse from non human visitors.

Our Plugin is Joomla! 1.5, 1.6/1.7 & 2.5 native, is easy to setup and does not alterate original Joomla CMS code.

With only few clicks you can secure your Joomla! website forms.

• ReCaptcha for User Registration page
• ReCaptcha for Contact pages
• ReCaptcha for Forgot Username
• ReCaptcha for Forgot Password
• Iframe/Ajax display mode
• Auto Language Detection
• Auto SSL
• Basic Templates (Red, Black, White, Clean)
• Custom error message on fail
• Keep all forms data on fail

v.1.5 & 1.6

• Add ReCaptcha to User Registration page
• Add ReCaptcha to all Contact pages
• Add ReCaptcha to Submit Link page
• Support Ajax Mode
• Keep all forms data on fail
• **Request ReCaptcha API Keys

Joo ReCaptcha 1.6.x is compatible with Jooma! 1.7


• Remember field values for contact form

• Fix registration for issue

V.1.5.5 - V1.5.7
• Fix SEO/SEF issues

• Fix conflicts with other captcha plugins
• FIx conflict with PRO version

• Fix Contact Form security
• Add Language file

• Fix all library conflicts
• Fix Ajax instance security
• Fix Iframe instance security
• Add ReCaptcha for Login (no module)
• Add ReCaptcha for Forgot Username
• Add ReCaptcha for Forgot Password


• Fix nonAjax (iframe) Instance
• Add Templates. Red, White, Blackglass and clear.

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Reviews: 10
Work nicely on joomla 1.5 core forms...
Reviews: 1
Great job!
Reviews: 19
Thanks very much for this very nice extension. It's free, doesn't install hidden backlinks, and sets up in minutes.

I appreciate your work, and thank you for the non-commercial version.
Reviews: 2
Installing was easy and the parameter input is simple to do.
Add your recaptcha keys.
Tick which forms you want to use it with and it just works, Well almost.

I couldent get it to work with the default login module which appears on the left of my website but creating a separate login link to a login page displays the recaptcha just fine.

In my case this was acceptable as the default login module was so far down the screen due to the number of menus I have displayed that a separate login page was more desirable.

I've given it a top rating as one couldn't expect anything less from someone who's taken the time to offer this free to the community.

Well done and thank you
Reviews: 8
10 minutes to get key from reCAPTCHA and 10 minutes to doawload and install Joo ReCaptcha. Works first time straight out the box. Simple perfection, thank you.
Reviews: 10
I am using this plugin for my several joomla project. Its simple, easy and works as I imagine.

But something just happen that maybe not expected by the developer. I set my site to offline to test some configuration. And when I tried to login (from frontend), the error message appears.
"ReCAPTCHA Text Error"
Whereas no reCapthca form there. So I had to disable this plugin that time.

Thank you
Owner's reply

You have right, we didnt expect to that situation
Offline front login is also a login form and part of com_user
We will add recaptcha form to offline login and I expect any other sugestion on our forum.

Lot of thanks for all reviews!

Reviews: 5
Honestly, this is the best recaptcha plugin so far. I tried other plugins and even the one recommended by Recaptcha itself to my frustation. This one works and it works well. Just install it and watch the fun.
Reviews: 4
I'm really impressed it did work without too many settings, compared to other captcha plugins displayed on top of JED.

It would be really nice if it could protect other non-standard forms as well, even if that involves some manual code editing (ie. the registration and login module rewritten in a template).

Reviews: 2
For a free plugin, this almost does everything I need it to do. I'll buy the Pro version later as my website evolves, but for the moment, this is excellent!
It worked first time.
Many thanks.
Reviews: 12
Getting beaten down by spam emails and so far no captcha works on custom templates. This one is by far the simplest but only seems to display on the default templates.

Wish it worked elsewhere.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review

We know about some issues on templates with rounded forms submit button and working for fix that
Please use our forum ( ), open a new topic and provide more details about your problem (Plugin version 1.5.x or 1.6.x, template name and website url)

Reviews: 3
Did protect my contact page.

Reviews: 9
Perfect working within 5 minutes including getting the API Keys.

Does exactly as described, very easy to install, Highly Recommended especially for newbies like me.


Reviews: 1
it's easy to setup, easy to use and does everything I expected :)
Reviews: 8
Great - does exactly what I needed - doesn't pretend to do anything it can't.
well done guys
Reviews: 13
works fine on version 1.6 and is not disabled as others I have good time with everything right and hopefully if you upgrade to the 1.7 is not affected if it fails I will inform you but so far okay
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review.
We have made few tests on Joomla 1.7 and all works fine. Joo ReCaptcha 1.6.x is 100% compatible with Joomla 1.7
If you find any issue please open a topic on our support forum ( )

Reviews: 1
Works great anywhere anytime on my site so I can only recommend it and send great thanks to developer :-)
Reviews: 1
An easy installation and works perfect.

Nice job.
Reviews: 8
Installation was easy.

Authors responced on their Support forum quickly.

ReCaptcha is displaying but I still getting many bots registrations.

Using the Firebug I just deleted the ReCaptcha HTML code from my form - and Volia: form can be submitted without any checkings.

I think spammers use this method as well.
Reviews: 2
This plugin installs easy but the when installed on the contact page it overlaps other divs and looks bed as well as very confusing to use. This should of bug should be fixed. oh well I guess that's why you call it open source.
Owner's reply

I did not have this type of report from now, I really dont understand too much. Please use our form for give us more details about this problem (template u use, browser, printscreen).

I can assure you if there is any layout problem we will fix it.


Reviews: 54
You know I just couldn't be happier. This worked straight out of the box. Very easy, does exactly what it says's.

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