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PlayThru Captcha Plugin

Let your users play minigames, instead of trying to guess twisted and distorced words!

This plugin brings to Joomla! the power of PlayThru captcha, created by AreYouAHuman.

Now this plugin has become "official"!:
AreYouHuman has just announced it on their blog (, so you can find it on the installation portal:

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Reviews: 1
I have found that most captchas are difficult to read, hear or understand. Playthru Captcha has changed that! This product is great and fun! Whatever your Joomla skill level is, this product is easy to install and deploy. I did have a little glitch with the captcha displaying on my websites just after installing, however, I contacted support and within 24 hours problem was resolved. Super customer service & product! Thank You!
Reviews: 6

Please check it at the latest Joomla , or its not the joomla ?! Hmm dont know! I cant send you also email from your contact form in your site because also its not showing there.
Reviews: 10
I was tired of the Google type Captcha, reloading several times until I found something I can read.
Nightmare for some of my older users.
This Captcha same my life!
Reviews: 1
I hate reading the ugly words and they don't always work. This was easy to use and fun to test. Great job!
Reviews: 16
Our site was being attacked by extra intelligent bots that had gotten by Google's ReCaptcha. This game styled captcha is fun, yet stops the bots because you have to think to solve the fun games. Thanks for a site saving extension.
Reviews: 1
I realized that after upgrading to 2.5.14, the native inbuilt captcha just stopped working on my site. I couldn't fix it no matter what, so I gave up and removed the whole thing. But the idea of all that spam was not appealing to I looked around and stumbled upon PlayThru.

It took all in all less than 5 minutes to download, install and configure Playthru. The instructions are very straightforward and simple, so that even a blonde like me can understand them :-D. Poof, all my troubles were gone just like that.

Thank you so much for this fun alternative! I can imagine that my clients will prefer shuffling sheep and lemons around much more than trying to decipher illegible scribblings. Great plug-in!
Reviews: 2
I generally despise captcha because they annoy clients and are often impossible to read. Not only is this on FUN, but I have clients that have asked if they can fill out the form again just to play the captcha!

After using this plugin for over a year I can say it performs flawlessly and makes adding PlayThru captcha to a joomla site a breeze.

WISH: I wish all of the FORMS software would allow us to use built in J! captcha so we could use this on ALL of our forms!
Reviews: 2
I just lost three hours to the task of getting the native Captcha working on J2.5.14. I simply couldn't get it to display the Captcha image. I even have sites that were displaying the Captcha image that no longer do after upgrading to 2.5.14.

So I gave up.

Then I decided to install this module instead. It took five minutes to download it, upload it, and configure it. It works flawlessly on my site -- and is a much better solution than native Captcha.

Bravo to the developers and community at Are You A Human -- and in particular Fabbrica.
Reviews: 4
Install this plugin today on register page...

Already got four facebook messages with issues from my visitors... captcha not loading (three times), and one user can't understand what need to do :(

uninstall it now...
Owner's reply

I'm sorry if it's not loading for you, but, as you can image, it's not a plugin fault if the service behind it is down..

Reviews: 1
I totally love this! Couldn't find resolution for suddenly missing captcha recaptcha letters and text box for our contact forms and I stumbled onto this extension. The mini-game users play to prove they are human are fun and nicely done. Setup was fast; the instructions were very clear. Thank you for building this - it's great!
Reviews: 2
Still having trouble with the built-in captcha/recaptcha in Joomla 3 ... this took care of my problem. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
Great for Joomla logins. A must have. I was not able to stop the auto bot logins and spam posted to my Forum with any other Captcha program.
Here is one the Auto Bots have not figured out and it works with very little problems installing.
Thanks for a great way to Stop The Spammers.
Reviews: 2
Was having trouble with bots filling the forms on my site so I needed a captcha and I didn't want the old boring hard to read one - I think it turns people off. So I tried this extension worked first time - had it up and running in less than 5 minutes - AND I JUST LOVE IT! You will too!
Reviews: 1
Something a bit different for what can sometimes frustrate users - what you especially don't want as a barrier when they are trying to get in contact with you!

Simple installation after having signed up with the service provider.

Note that you may need to clear your site's cache to give the plugin a test immediately after installation.
Reviews: 1
This plugin is easily configurable and simply works.
The captcha service provider "Are You a Human" (not the developer!) provides english localization for free, but if you need other languages, they require a paid subscription ($19/month at the time of this writing).
Reviews: 5
Thank you for this extension. Simple and fun to use a vast improvement on the traditional captcha!
Reviews: 12
This re-invents the Captcha! It's fantastic! I'm more concerned my users will want to sign up again and again I'm already addicted! Works from installation, activation and signup for the publisher and scoring key. A real relief for community and fun sites to get rid of those over-complex frustrating Captcha's we loose sign-ups on! Thanks for this fantastic plugin!!
Reviews: 6
Thanks to the developer for bringing us such a nice captcha solution. It makes a pretty boring procedure an enjoyable one for users.
I hope this captcha will also be available in other languages.
Owner's reply

hi, we have just contacted AreYouHuman asking for a translation API. We have started a poll on our site to know which language they should prioritize.

We hope this helps!

Reviews: 1
Was very easy to setup and install. I needed something that was easy for non-computer people who might have vision problems that would make a normal recaptcha solution not viable. This is a great solution!