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n3t Seznam Captcha Plugin

Simple text CAPTCHA with optional audio form, spelled in Czech language. It includes selectable theme and inline audio player with fallback download link.

This plugin wraps the Captcha API.

Additional protection by checking online spam databases and blacklists could be activated in the configuration. Currently StopForumSpam, SpamBusted, BotScout, SpamHaus, Sorbs, SpamCop and project HoneyPot are supported. There is also possibility to manually enter IP blacklist and/or whitelist.

Since version 1.2.0, there is option to disable visual CAPTCHA control, and use just additional protection.

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Reviews: 1
I have separate page with registration form, but n3t Seznam Captcha doesn't appear on this page.
Owner's reply

n3t Seznam Captcha is standard Joomla Captcha plugin. It means, first you have to enable the plugin, second tell Joomla to use this plugin. This can be done either in Global Configuration (Default Captcha), or in component itself (for example in users component configuration field Captcha).

Captcha has to be supported in component you use for registration. Standard Joomla registration support this, however if you use another component, some of them doesn't need to support standard Joomla Captcha plugins.

And finally, it has to be supported by template also, if nothing from above works, try to switch to one of default templates.

Reviews: 2
Thanks for the plugin - works fine. The only thing - if you don't know why it's not showing up - go to the "Extensions Manager" - "Management" and enable it.
Reviews: 2
I used built-in reCaptcha and had a lot of registrations spammers on my site. I immediately forgot about spam registrations, once installed this plugin.
Thank a lot!
Reviews: 1
Excellent plugin. But the audio challenge needs to be in English (not Czech). Might seem like a small point, but I serve an English-speaking audience and Accessibility compliance is a big consideration for me. Please give us this! Cheers.
Owner's reply


CAPTCHA solution is hosted by Czech service provider, this plugin only wrapps its functionality in Joomla. So the english audio chalenge is something what cannot be influenced by me. If provider will support english audio in the future, surely this plugin will provided also.

Reviews: 2
I am using this captcha as an alternative to the Re-Captcha plugin, which sometimes is a imposition to the user concerning readability. This captcha plugin is easy to read, integrates reasonably into page and looks very nice.

When i installed it, i noticed the plugin to not force the required class to be validated by the form validator class. So i sent suggestions to the author and got immediate response combined with a prompt help offer and the plugin was also immediately udpated overnight.

I can hightly recommend this extension and its developer.

Thanks a bunch again to the author.
Reviews: 1
Represents all i need....
Lightweight, Clean, Simple, Perfect & Fantastic!!

Thanks a lot
Reviews: 3
I have tried almost all the CAPTCHA plugin-ins at JED and this is the simple and best tool.

Other plugins are either difficult or buggy but this one rocks!