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JProiCaptcha Plugin

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JProiCaptcha is a user friendly secure Captcha plugin for Joomla! 3. It's Joomla! R3ADY!

JProiCaptcha, allows you to protect your Joomla! 3+ forms from spammers and bots. When enabled, it renders automatically on all Joomla! system forms - user registration, password reminder, password reset, and contact forms.

With just a few lines of code, it can be set to work on any form and avoid spamming and bots to submit your website forms undesirably.

JProiCaptcha is a unique and proprietary JPro Extensions system plugin, initially developed to work with the JProEasyContact module, and now available to be used site wide and the new 3.0.5 version allows non bootstrapped templates to also use JProiCaptcha on Joomla! 3.

JProiCaptcha is packed with several options that can be set on your Joomla! 3 back-end and with extra security layers for validation, to allow safe contacts to be sent.

Now also compatible with Joomla! 3 templates that don't load the bootstrap framework and customizable buttons and with almost all configurations possible.

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Reviews: 10
As far as installation and usage is concerned I can say the plugging is fantastic. It looks simple and I wonder if it is efficient or not? Never mind, re-captcha is too confusing, I had to reload several times until I find a combinaison I can read. Not to speak complaint of elders!
This one is straight forward and worth to be tried.
I look at several other Captchas. I liked also another one, but prefers jproi one.
Reviews: 1
One feature of this plugin is that it must "call home" for updates before it can be configured. As a result, it cannot be configured on my LAMP localhost site development server.

The developer answered my emails promptly, courteously and truthfully when contacted via email. The concept (text-image association) seems valid. If it didn't require configuration on a live site, I would probably use it and give a much higher rating.

Since this plugin is not free, potential buyers should know of this feature when deciding whether to use it or not.
Reviews: 1
Not valid if you use only bootstrap and query.
It depends on the validate js that depend on mootool, so you need to load all the libraries to make it working.
Owner's reply

Unfortunately your evaluation does not correspond to the truth. It depends on Bootstrap - of corse and it is clearly stated on the plugin page and documentation and uses jQuery. There is no dependencies on Mootools or validate.js. You're mixing the JProiCaptcha dependencies with your forms dependencies which are two separate things. Your forms or template might depend on those libraries, not JProiCaptcha.

Reviews: 34
very fresh and powerfull captcha
pleasant to use for my users
thank you
Reviews: 42
A simple to use and set up captcha plugin that has loads of customization & security level settings that is easy and pleasant to use for the end user. Using it on several sites without any issues though the support from these guys is first class, friendly and effective. Thanks!