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tinCaptcha Plugin

Another simple captcha for Joomla. It has been integrated with Joomla contact and Virtuemart registration.
The component is created for easier integrating and languages installing. Captcha settings could be found in Plugin page.
Please read the tutorial and feedback in:
For latest version, please go to the plugin homepage:

Recent changes:
v2.0 (All credit goes to Sylvain Philip)
- Now, the plugin don't need a component to work
- The plugin is compatible with Joomla 2.5

Available languages:
English / Vietnamese
Czech / Spanish (by jagular)
Catalan (by bernat casero)

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Reviews: 4
Excellent work guys for this joomla extension. I'm using it on more than 20 real websites. Very easy for site users, and enough security aginst robots. There isn't problem with it in Joomla 2.5.

Thank you very much guys!

Ilcho Vuchkov
Reviews: 5
Got integrated with JEA Properties withought any fuss. Customisable fonts that lets you have a much more user-friendly image than captcha and specially re-captcha. I don't know if it would create a higher spam risk, but my users are surely more happy than recaptcha users. Regretfully I couldn't get it to work with the contact_details contact form, but I couldn't get any other Captcha to work with that form either. I suppose that's a challenge for Joomla developers.
Reviews: 4
As the guy before me said - the instructions are outdated didn't work at all.
Reviews: 2
could not get it working with virtuemart after using instructions in tincaptcha-v0.1.txt :(
instructions are out-of-date i think because some of the code it tells you to replace doesn't exist.
Reviews: 1
Hi, i'm from a spanish talk country, cause this i've already download the spanis language .ini file but i can't make it work!! i don't know where i got to put it, if i got to pu it into the com_tincaptcha or in the plg_tincaptcha or in the com_contact itself.
Reviews: 2
This seemed like a great project but the default steps did not work, so I have updated the instructions in the default text file to work with Joomla 1.5.15 & VirtueMart 1.1.4

Also added Joomla 1.5.15 Registration steps and added caching options for both Joomla Registration & Contact form.

See the form post

Let me know if anyone has issues
Reviews: 1
It is the best way to add captcha protection to your custom modules. TinCaptcha is very easy in use and allows to place image wherever you want.
Reviews: 1
I don't understand what's going on with this component. I installed it, made the changes as directed but it seems to make no difference to my contact form whatsoever, other than to put a pretty but non-functioning captcha form at the bottom of it. My form only allows you to submit when all fields are filled in, including the captcha form input. However with the rest of the form filled in it makes no difference if you put in an incorrect version of the captcha image or even just 1 letter or number - the form submits regardless and says 'Thank you for your email'. Seems that the captcha is entirely superfluous and dosn't do what it's supposed to. Maybe I'm missing something but there's no trobleshooting guide for this problem and the author's website no longer exists.
Reviews: 97
The author did not make it clear that this CAPTCHA engine requires modification to Joomla core files to be applied to the default contact form.

Finally, after the email exchange with the author, I found out how to modify those code. I think the author should include that link to the forum post in the extension description.

Though this is a good extension, I think modifying core files is not good.
Reviews: 2
Installed and applied to the default contact form without any problems, the best part unlike some other capthca solutions the edited forms were already available. Avoiding the need to insert code yourself and easy to find where the chagnes had been made.
Reviews: 2
I don't like to start out with criticism, but there isn't much to complain about with this component/plugin, so I'll get it over with so I can talk about the good parts.
Con: Be comfortable with editing the core code - download, edit and upload files. But that is the only drawback to this great resource!
The install went fine - it was a little troubling to install a component then not see it in the component menu. **I should have really read the forum postings linked to in the description before I installed it.
I tested the form entering the correct captcha, then the wrong captcha. When you put in the wrong values, it sends you to a page stating that it was not entered correctly and on paging back, all my info was still stored in the form - yay! I also tested the captcha refresh and it worked fine. The only thing I haven't tried yet is to change the fonts and used it on a VirtueMart form. Tomorrow maybe!
So, with a few manual edits supplied by the creator, this worked great for me.