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ObfuscateMe Plugin

Updated for Joomla 1.7 & 2.5.


ObfuscateMe is a Joomla! 1.5, 1.7 & 2.5 extension that hides part of (or whole) pages into JavaScript code in order to prevent (primarily) spambots to gather e-mail addresses from your published content. But it also prevents the content to be seen by web crawlers (like Google's, Yahoo!'s) who don't execute the JavaScript code in the pages they visit.

It hides anything, be it plain text or HTML, except for JavaScript code you want to be executed on the client side (which it hides from bots, but will not be executed).

Its use is as simple as putting the content you want to hide from bots inside {obfuscate}{/obfuscate} tags (or another tag you define in the Plugin Manager).

For clients who don't have JavaScript enabled, it displays a customizable fall-back message.

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Reviews: 1
Overall the plugin works well for its intended purpose. Unlike Joomla core email cloaking, it does not fail when you include ?subject=Something... in your email link.

Joomla core email cloaking plugin can easily be disabled on a per article basis by including the code {emailcloak=off} anywhere in the article before using ObfuscateMe tags.

I did have one wrinkle when including images in the obfuscated code. Obfuscated images showed up fine on the home page, but disappeared when viewing the same article through a menu link (in it's assigned category). The work around is to make the src= link to the image Absolute and save the article with a code only content editor so the absolute url doesn't get "fixed" (Joomla Content Editor turned off).
Reviews: 33
I love this plugin... Granted, I only have to use it on rare occasions when other plugins force me to disable Joomla's native email cloaking feature, but without Obfuscate some of my sites would have some serious spam issues!

I love how simple it is. Just install, insert the shortcode, and done! Thanks for the great plugin. :)
Reviews: 1
Having got some users of a website who insisted in putting their phone numbers into articles, I thought that the least I could do was to "obfuscate" the phone number to prevent harvesting.

I located this plug-in which was fast to download by searching for extensions containing "obfuscate". It installed without issues and worked immediately (after enabling the plug-in). To use it I edited the the article in the article manager (with tiny-mce), then surrounded the phone number with {obfuscate} and {/obfuscate} and saved the result. Worked immediately. Great.

A few things to note:
1) You have to enable the plugin after installing it in plugin manager to make it work - it's called "Content - ObfuscateMe"

2) I did not try the user defined parameters "Alternative tag" or "Alternative message"

3) Don't use this around text containing email addresses if you also have Joomla's email obfuscation plug in enabled (Content - Email Cloaking).