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Unless you use SSL, a user logs into Joomla sending his password in plain text across the network. A malicious user could take advantage of this vulnerability and can have access to the back-end.
This plugin is an alternative to SSL. It uses RSA to encrypt passwords or any other data you want in your component.
It is necessary to have the bcmath extension

Works with Signal Login, JTP Horizontal Login, PWC Login, Inline Login and vtj login modules.

For other Joomla extensions, like Alpha Registration, Community Builder, Core Design Login Module, Yoo Login, YJ Pop Login Module you can find plugins at

No need to set up. Just install it and install the required plugins.

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Reviews: 1
When summer sets in and you want to work on joomla sites using wifi while sitting inthe sun, this is the component that keeps out sniffers that want to get at your login data.
Reviews: 1
I was often shocked how many providers do not offer encrypted connections - or at a much too steep price! With this extension, at least the Password is encrypted (or even more?). Thank you.
Even though this is no support forum, I might have a guess at why @rockett had troubles uninstalling: Uninstall the component, not the plugin! (plugin is uninstalled automatically) That should perhaps be mentioned more prominently after installation.
Reviews: 3
the good apps , I established for acquaintance.
but with removal there were problems - many files and it is a headache.
it would be possible to make the uninstall button also
Reviews: 6
Since I do not have a SSL certificate loaded for my site, I always logged on with in my mind: Password goes unencrypted over the network. And look what I found: An alternatieve encryption method. Using this, I finally after all these years made my login process quite a bit safer.
Thanks for this easy to install and easy to use extension. This one should everybody install who doesn't have SSL! Really!
Reviews: 14
Does what it says its author, without complications.

Very effective. recommended

Owner's reply

Hi, gnumax.
Thanks for the review and also for the article at webempresa.
It was you I guess.

Reviews: 20
Work with native Joomla forms and with many external login modules. You can try to make encrypted any form if fact, just check out docs.

Unfortunately does not support BT Login extension yet.

But anyway great way to protect passwords and SSL alternative.
Owner's reply

Hi, metaflow.
I still have integration with BT Login in my todo list.

Reviews: 3
This one is a must for every site. It works nicely in the background and hopefully avoids any attacks via the passwords. One more barrier against the jokers on the net who are intent on destroying your work. Thanks very much.
Reviews: 6
Great SSL alternative,really easy to use! I use it for my site for over a year now and it really helped keep my website secure! I am very thankful for this great free extension and can recommend it to anyone looking to top up security on their joomla site.
Reviews: 5
Perfect solution for our needs. We are now running this on every website we have. Thank you so much for your hard work on this extension!
Reviews: 11
Thank you developer may God bless you :)Thank u developer may God bless you :)
Reviews: 1
This extension is great and the support for it superb. I used it because I was getting reports of clear text passwords being visible in the html code being returned from the server. As a newbie I wasn't sure where to start but I wanted to ensure that passwords were encrypted so that security was not compromised even if other user details were returned.

My initial results were disappointing as I was using the extension with a combination of registration and login options including JomSocial. When I reported the problems they were addressed quickly. Passwords are now secure from the browser all the way through the system.

The root cause of the underlying problem (other user details returned)turned out to be the system-cache plugin and the original problem went away once that was disabled. But I will continue to use this encryption extension to provide an added level of security - increasingly important with the growth in wireless based connections.
Reviews: 32
Using Encrypt configuration in Joomla 2.5 and 1.5 since version 1.7 (August 2011).
Advantages: easy to install and configure, integration with Community Builder
Disadvantages: in contrast to the SSL certificate can not authenticate domain.
This expansion - a free alternative to SSL certificate. It can be installed on any hosting, in contrast to the SSL certificate. Easy to configure. It's a pity that I have not found a way to check on how much he efektiven.
Using it to protect the administrative area of the site and registration form of Community Builder.
Engaged in web technologies since March 2007. Use Joomla since December 2009.
Reviews: 14
Thanks for this essential security extension. It's among the first things that should be installed on any Joomla site. A true must!
Reviews: 1
Great component! I'm using it on all Joomla sites I make.
Reviews: 5
Very easy to install!
Reviews: 1
This component seems to do what is promises. Sending passwords over plain text is simply insecure which makes additional security a must. This effective component easily solves the problem.
Reviews: 5
Great plugin I've been using for a while now.
Reviews: 5
Like others here I did not want to spend the money installing an SSL and just needed to encrypt my login information.

Downloaded the Jomsocial plugin and the component and within 5 minutes was up and running.

Great component and thanks for your contribution to the community.
Reviews: 6
Really useful extension, and must have for any site. Provides free and secure alternative to SSL communication (which sometimes require additional costs), protecting logins and password. Also has a number of options.
Reviews: 7
Not very often I will review an extension unless I am extremely impressed. Which I am with this extension, thank you very much, good job..
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