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What is kareebu Secure ?
kareebu Secure is a Plugin that adds an extra layer of protection to your website. By default anyone can access the /administrator folder and see that you are running Joomla!.

With kareebu Secure enabled you can protect the /administrator folder with an extra password.

This is a fork of jSecure. What's different ?
kareebu Secure has two ways in which he can operate: HTTP Authentication and (old) Compatibility mode. Both modes have been tested and work without bugs.

kareebu Secure is FREE SOFTWARE released under GNU/GPL.

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Reviews: 6
This extension works perfectly, installation and configuration is a piece of cake, thanks a lot!
Reviews: 5
I first used this in 2012 and have been using it ever since for any Joomla! installation I have. It's fast, simple and to the point. The only small adjustment is that it should start off w/ a wizard upon installation, or at least provide you a link to point directly to the disabled plugin with instructions to: 1) Enable the feature; 2) Choose a url passcode; and 3) Enable the actual plugin. However it's very straightforward and reliable, saving me countless hours of hack attempts. Great plugin!
Reviews: 38
Very useful must have plugin.
I use it on all my sites with other mandatory plugins, such as "admin bar unlocker" and "cache cleaner".
Thank you!
Reviews: 4
I have built a huge number of sites to date. Remarkably the ones which had this plugin installed, never got hacked!!! All the other ones were a complete disaster. Please people do your selves a favor and simply use the plugin! A huge "thank you" to the developer!
Reviews: 2
Works with Compatibility mode, I got problems with the HTTP Authentication mode. I use joomla 3.1.5 Also I had problems with the password (most likely a character conflict as explained on the site of Ksecure.) Beside of this all it's a great plugin for security issues. Recommended !
Reviews: 2
I always use this extension witout problems, I recommend it!
Reviews: 5
Thank you to the author of this extension. This is a great plugin that does just what it says and makes joomla feel more secure.
Reviews: 5
i recommend this extension to everyone if you want to protect the admin folder and backend better. very light, easy, simple, and done in seconds. Use it and see it. 5+
Reviews: 18
Helps a lot for a very fast, simple solution. Makes a site a little more secure within seconds. Should be an core feature.
Reviews: 1
Easy to use, very usefull, very light. A great tool for us, the Admins.
Reviews: 1
This is the first extension I've tried of this type. Easy to setup. Nice additional layer of security.
Reviews: 1
Thank you! . Great plugin that increases site security
Reviews: 1
Great work kareebu -:@

From last few we are trying to improve the security for my news portal website.

Goggled for most optimized solution to provide security to "/administrator" folder.

I tried almost all solutions, found "kSecure" is the best solution and available in as simple plugin.

Immediately we installed in all our joomla websites.

I re-activated my joomla account to review this plugin.
Reviews: 2
At least this will add another security level before any one reach the admin dir. thank you
Reviews: 4
Dear All,

I strongly recommend this plugin for teh security of Jadministration area. Now in Joomla 2.5+ too.

I'm using it 3+ years on 20+ web sites and I can say only "Thank you, Guys!". It is working perfect, without issues.
Reviews: 2
Goood, very easy to use. But breaks using HTTP Authentication.

So I had to rename the ksecure.php with an ftp program file and change the compatibility to Auth.
Reviews: 7
This plugin is excellent! I will donate you to continue the development for joomla 1.7 .

When are you going to release a new version for 1.7¿

A hug
Owner's reply

The 1.7/2.5 version is available for download. Cheers :-)

Reviews: 2
The Plug in took 5 minutes to get it running it will be a must for all my websites...
High five on this one
Reviews: 1
Great extension. Before, I was using JSecure for the same purposes, but now you have to pay for it. kSecure is non-commercial and does the job perfectly.
Reviews: 1
this is the best free solution to masking your /administrator path to your admin backend access. Face it now your making joomla sites and ya wanna know who's using the same stuff...well this plugin will keep them guessing. I tried every non commercial admin protection on joomla and this is the best hands down!!! Let me not take any credit away from other developers, they work hard and just like this developer needs the respect when due.
Thank you
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